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Mega Flare
11-18-2006, 10:58 AM
Here are the answers to the questions that the rag time mouse asks you all are random execpt for question 16 which is always asked last.

1. The 15th lindblum war started in 1600: False

2. Chocobo forest is located between lindblum and south gate: True

3. The theatre ship Prima vista was built in artaina ship yards: False

4. I want to be your canary was written by lord afon: False

5. Some mus are friendly and don't attack: True

6. Lindblums air cabs operate around the clock: True

7. Lindblum castle is larger than alexandria castle: True

8. Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects alexandria castle and treno: False

9. Theatre ship Prima vista uses mist as its source of energy: True

10. Berkmea cable cars have been running for 8 years: True

11. Conde petie is a village of goblins: False

12. Bobo bird is a bird that brings good fortune: False

13. Treno's cafe card Carta is members only: True

14. Prima vista means love at first sight: False

15. Only one desert exists in the entire world: False

16. You can defeat the ragtime mouse: True