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wizardpuke 08-14-2006 06:52 PM

:eek: :o :o :o KIMAHRI ROCKS :) :mad: :p :D :( ;) :confused: :o :rolleyes: :cool: :( :mad: :) :p ;) :confused: :o :eek: :cool: :confused: :o :rolleyes: ;)

Avathar 08-14-2006 07:04 PM

Re: Kimahri
...right. xD That's a way of saying it.

Kat 08-14-2006 07:12 PM

Re: Kimahri
this thread should be in the spamtastic forum instead of the ffx one.
it really has no meaning,but yes Kimahri is a kewl character;)

Phoenix Flame 08-14-2006 07:14 PM

Re: Kimahri
...He does?!?!?!

Funny,..didn't notice before.

Well, I did notice he had integrity - I mean, staying w/Yuna when she told hime "Don't go. Don't go."

Avathar 08-14-2006 07:17 PM

Re: Kimahri
Well, I didn't think much of him as a character, but when it comes to battle-wise, he's definetly underrated by many.

Phoenix Flame 08-14-2006 07:57 PM

Re: Kimahri
See, I thought the exact opposite. He basically doesn't have his own portion of the sphere grid, and his overdrives I found pretty weak. Even Nova doesn't do that much damage (max 99k, but only one hit.) But I liked his character and performance in the game.

'You have angered Kimarhi - the spirits of the Ronso will guide Kimarhi's spear!' - Kick ass! :0)>

darkshadow2247 08-14-2006 11:06 PM

Re: Kimahri
Agreed. I didn't like him on the SG. But then again, I really don't favor the Blue Mage class either. He does have sizeable stats if you use him, but the thought of him tagging along behing someone else on the SG just didn't fit me.

Hydra 08-14-2006 11:15 PM

Re: Kimahri
You could also turn him into most anything, from his place on the grid. A black mage, a white mage, a frontal attack, along with his Lancet and gaining ablities, he's certainly customizable. Which makes him good for about anything. Once you complete your grid with your three main characters though, he really won't matter much though.

Zeromus_X 08-14-2006 11:24 PM

Re: Kimahri
Kimahri is versatile, like Hydra said, which is why many people don't care for him (they don't understand how to use him). He starts near the center of the Sphere Grid, allowing many options.

Wakka's grid...<3

Hydra 08-14-2006 11:26 PM

Re: Kimahri
Cross Tidus's and Aurons grids together with each of them, and they'll have enough strength with ultimate weapons to kill most anything in the story wise battles also. :D

Phoenix Flame 08-15-2006 11:20 AM

Re: Kimahri
I've said my piece...

But don't get me wrong, I like being able to make him into almost anything. I used the 'gang of theives' walkthrough this play through and made him a theif - seemed to work very well. The first time through I made him a black mage (I believe) and didn't like him nearly as I guess it depends on which path you take him - just like the path to enlightenment and nipple hair Hydra. =D

Hydra 08-15-2006 12:04 PM

Re: Kimahri

Kimahri try to smile in hairy situation. xD

Lol, I made Kimahri a frontal attack my first time. And he died. Alot. So I never used him much.

Kat 08-15-2006 02:58 PM

Re: Kimahri
i use my Kimarhri alot he is a strong as Auron ilike him ^^

wizardpuke 08-16-2006 06:36 AM

Re: Kimahri
kimahri rocks more in battle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hydra 08-16-2006 12:20 PM

Re: Kimahri
Depends on what you build him up to be. ^-^

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