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Re: Characters

Character Information

Name: Soren Nightroad

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Race: Half Human and Half Ayakashi

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: White Long Hair

Eyes: Black with a slight dark purple hue

Faction: Good

Rank: Sergeant in the Emergency Off-World Neutralization Squad (EONS)

Specialty: Hand to Hand Combat and A rank pilot

Formal Training: Hwa Rang Do, Daggers, Pistols, and Piloting

Informal Training: Energy Manipulation

Power Level: 75 but with Mech it is 115

Personality: Serious, Deadly, Loyal, Believes in chain of command

Likes and Dislikes: Likes Daggers, Guns, Martial Arts, and Orchestrating Battle Strategies. Dislikes Bunnies.

Markings, Piercings, Tattoo’s, or Scars: None

Weapons: Darkness Within (Daggers) and Modified Luger P08

Combat Type: Hand to Hand Combat, Close Range Fighting, Elemental Usage, and Reality Distortion

Martial Arts: Oh Dan in Hwa Rang DO

Special Moves/Powers: Reality Distortion

Elemental Nature 1: Black Fire
Elemental Nature 2: Dark Energy

1: The Calm (10%)
2: Awakening (20%)
3: Thirst (40%)
4: Rage (60%)
5: Blood Lust (80%)
6: True Ayakashi (100%)

Universe of Origin: Earth

Life Till Now: Soren's origin is dark in nature. His mother was walking late at night, approximately 23 years ago, when she was assaulted by a fugitive from another dimension who had managed to elude the Earth Security Task Force. Shortly after her rape, the Ayakashi was found and killed by Earth Security Forces. Lina Nightroad chose to keep the child, but died while giving birth. Soren Nightroad was raised by his grandfather Alcaster Nightroad, a former member of the Death Adders and a master of martial arts.

While growing up, Soren did not fit in with other kids. He was to serious to get along with them and his affinity for violence made him a threat. For this reason, Alcaster home schooled Soren and trained him in Hwa Rang Do. By age 15, Soren was extremely skilled in martial arts and began participating in tournaments. It was during the United Earth Federation World Martial Arts Youth Tournament, that Soren caught the eye of the head of EONS. The ruthless, yet efficient, manner in which Soren dispatched his opponents was the exact blend of ability and control EONS was looking for in new recruits. After repeated requests by EONS, Alcaster allowed Soren to join at age 16.

After basic training, Soren was assigned to EONS Shell 4. Three months after Soren was assigned to The Shells, Shell 4 was dispatched for an emergency multiple portal breach. Most members of Shell 4 were on vacation, however, due to the number of infiltrators, multiple Shells were being called in. The mission rank was A5, far above the rank Soren was allowed to respond to. Shell 4 was dispatched with only 3 members, two rookies (Alice and Soren) and one Colonel (Nykoren). The infiltrator that Shell 4 was assigned to capture was an Ayakashi named Wraith.

Nykoren led Shell 4 after Wraith. Unfortunately, Wraith got the drop on them and almost beat Nykoren and Alice to death. They would have died if Soren had not gotten Wraith's attention by stepping out of his mech unit. Wraith could smell that Soren was part Ayakashi and tried to get Soren on his side. Soren did not know his mother was raped and did not know he was part Ayakashi. Soren attacked Wraith to no avail. Wraith then lost patience and decide to kill Soren slowly. He started by breaking Soren's legs and crushing his ribcage. All the while Soren tried to crawl away to keep Wraith from the rest of Shell 4. In desperation, Soren pointed and yelled at Wraith. At that moment translucent blue rectangular prism appeared around Wraith. Wraith laughed as he had seen this power once before. It was the same technique Soren's father was able to use. However, Soren was not as powerful as his father and had never used this technique before. Wraith was easily able to break out of the prism. However, before he could kill Soren, Shell 1 arrived as backup and quickly killed Wraith.

Once EONS found out Soren was part Ayakashi, many of the upper council wanted him thrown out of The Shells and placed in the Ascended. However, all the members of Shell 4 and Shell 1 supported Soren because he was willing to sacrifice himself to save his comrades. In the end, the Head of EONS decided that Soren was a hero and allowed him to stay in The Shells.

Soren is now 22 years old and a Sergeant in Shell 4. He has done a lot of special training to understand his hidden abilities and is now an Oh Dan in Hwa Rang Do.

Background of The Ayakashi

Physical Description: All Ayakashi Look Different (they tend to look humanoid beasts, so think werewolves, rakshasas, lizardmen, minotaurs, etc.)

Details About the Race: Zlyphila, the True God Mother of the Kekkai dimension was angered about the system of worlds she had been given to rule. There were no advanced sentient organisms, such as humans, to worship her and pay tribute to her splendor. Zlyphila decided to create a powerful race of beings to exact retribution upon the domains of the True Gods that had insulted her, by giving her such a pathetic domain. Using advanced genetic tools and retroviruses, Zlyphila created the Ayakashi, a humanoid race created from the indigenous species of planets under her domain.

The Ayakashi were granted the ability to use dark energy, a special technique created by Zlyphila. This technique makes even the weakest Ayakashi an A rank fighter (Power Level 90). The Ayakashi were given long lifespans so that they could carryout the bidding of their God, as it would be a long war to capture the worlds of the other True Gods. However, because of the genetic manipulation, the female Ayakashi were sterile. This means that as the war waged on fewer and fewer Ayakashi would be left to fight.

Realizing this, Zlyphila made two major changes to the Ayakashi. First of all, she made the DNA of the Ayakashi infectious. The blood of an Ayakashi can turn a non-Ayakashi into a half breed. The more a half Ayakashi uses dark energy, the more they transform until they finally become True Ayakashi. Zlyphila also gave the Ayakashi the power of regeneration. Not only does this allow them to heal quickly in battle, but after 1000 years they can choose to go into stasis which will undo the aging process while keeping power level attained during their active state in tact. Thus, Ayakashi have unlimited potential.

Age of Race: 10000 years

Population: Unknown (only about 100,000 active since the vast majority is currently in stasis)

Average Life Span: 1000 years+

Powers: Dark Energy, Regeneration (Constant use of this ability makes the Ayakashi age faster. This causes the Ayakashi to be active for a shorter period of time until they have to go into stasis), and Stasis

Average Power Level: Varies (weakest Ayakashi has a power level of 90)

Transformation: None

Universe of Origin/Information: Kekkai

Number of Advanced Planets: 50

Description: The Kekkai universe was given to the True God Zlyphila to rule. Zlyphila took the 10 planets that had sentient life and created a race known as the Ayakashi out of the 5 largest, strongest, and fastest animals on each planet. Each type of animal was group into a clan. Once they became Ayakashi, each clan was given a homeworld. This is why there are 50 populated planets in the Kekkai universe despite the fact only 10 planets originally had sentient life. The clans that inhabit the 10 original worlds (also known as Homeworld Primes), are significantly more powerful than the clans that inhabit the other 40 planets.

Unique Powers: Abilities Vary (Since the Ayakashi were created from animals, the retroviruses and genetic manipulation have different effects on the different species. The different species are part of different clans. The clans usually have the same evolutionary changes overtime though the degree may vary. For this reason, individual clans have different skill sets beyond the gifts Zlyphila bestowed upon them.)

Character Weapons Information

Weapon Name: Darkness Within

Weapons Type: Dual Daggers

Weapon Description: The daggers are said to be the fangs of a black fire dragon, the most powerful beasts on Ayakashi home world. The daggers are initially white and have no unique characteristics. However, when Ayakashi powers are used the blades change from white to black and have the ability to channel black fire. As more Ayakashi power is released a red hexagon grid pattern appears and begins to radiate. The blades become sharper and the user can pull out more latent power from the daggers.

Special Abilities: Black Fire (a living fire that hurts the user as well as the opponent), Dragon's Fang (at high level it can be used to summon black flame dragons), Incarnation of Eternal Flame (Those who attain mastery of the daggers achieve the ability to use and perfectly control black flame without injury to themselves, hence becoming an incarnation of flame.)

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