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Re: RPG The Story of Palis

hey, again

havent seen u in a while

i used to think that palis was a forum member but i might take a looksee at it when i get the time.

good point about the unfinished stories thought, i read only one in here that REALLY intrested me but narly made me kick the pc out the window when i found out that it only made it til the end of its first chapter, darn shame too!

let's see;
good music, would've prefered it MUCH better it there wasnt any vocals, tends to make it more emotionaly rich

great text effects, i get the feeling the characters are bit too many, but they all ar equally intresting to me

it's no secret u've put alot of work into this and i applaud u for it

u should post that link in the FFnet bar to triple ur potential viewers and ratings
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