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Re: Level-up your life!

Hmmm...I find this theory of yours to be a farly good one. If people thought about their lives the same way as if they were working hard enough to level up in a game, then the real world would be full of much more intelligent people, capable of leading the human race to a better future. I mean, if you worked hard while you wre still in school in order to raise your 'level', then by the time you gradutaed only high school, you could probably be a level 40. No kidding. Teenagers ARE perfectly good enough to get that far just through high school. And could you just imagine those same people after they graduate from college? It would be insane.

If we all worked hard enough, we'd all be geniuses, pretty much. Of course, the world can't be a perfect place. So life as in 'levels' is an interesting thought, but it' something that may be unachieveable.

Right now, in my short, short life-span, mentally-wise, I'm probably around level 25. At least, i would like to think so. >_> I don't know what it would take for me to leel up, exactly, though...I level up just by learining lessons about life, I suppose. I have, too, so it all works out. @@
'All games contain the idea of death.'
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