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Re: Your favorite Job.

Dragoon sucks >.> compared to the other jobs. I would go MNK out of the ones chosen,if it were my fav. that'd be DRK.
Reason why MNK over DRG is because DRGs at endgame do not get that great of a selection over gear and they really don't spike do well on DMG >.>. MNKs DoT a lot, think of it like this:

black belt
byakko's haidate
fhyuma sun-ate

24% haste already, not to mention MNKs base double atks., /war and you get double attack trait which grants 4 attacks in sequence, at level 51 you get kick attack that stacks on double attack which means 8 attacks at any given time. , take out the sunate for dune boots, which leaves you with 21% haste gives you kick attack enhance (30+ DMg to all kick atks also) meaning a stack of 8 atks, with 21% haste means constant atks, don't lag yourself out of the game because of this =P.

DRKs because, Homam set gives you 12% haste, wear a turban for 16%, speed belt for 21%. Not to mention, wearing homam body gives triple atk trait, brtual earring gives double atk, that's 3 atks, and 2 atks that can stack on eachother, giving a chance of 6 consecutive atks together. With a scythe btw. so 21% haste on a scythe, with 6 atks possible, or seperate 2 or 3 atks. and they have dread spikes now, with drain II >.>b means ftw. Go /sam and become a TP whore.

I would mention all other jobs but >.> too lazy to type i'll post my picts later iwth my gear

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