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Relaxing the double post rule for stories.

I don't want to disturb and break up the story in the Vincen's Chapter 1 The Assault thread so I'll answer something Andrew Scaves said in the opening post here instead .

Originally Posted by Andrew Scaves
Okay it's new chapter time and I'll give you all Vincen's Chapter1 The Assault. If you haven't read Nick's Chapter1 It's okay, you didn't miss anything you can always go back, since you all don't like double posting I'm going to wait for Lyde to post the chapter.
(bolding mine)

In these sort of story threads, and only in this forum (Original Fan Fiction Art), the double posting rule will not apply. You can't tell a story properly if you can't double post. I understand and accept that without any complaints .

Go ahead and post your stories and don't worry about getting into any trouble for breaking the double posting rule. As long as the posts are continuing the story and not just comments ect, there will be no problems.
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