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Re: omega and shinryuu

I've beaten both of them. They are two really nasty bosses but if you are patient you will defeat them. For omega you should cast float on your characters before you begin the battle. Equip your characters with weapons and armour that protect against fire and increase your magic defense stats plus weapons that increase the strength of your magic stats you also need to equip everyone with the reflect ring (refect ring obtained by mugging the monsters in the phoenix tower). This is not a battle where physical strength is needed as its about magic. omega doesn't attack with physical attacks only magic. There is a weapon in the sealed castle that increases the strength of elemental spells. I think it might be called the magus rod. The strategy is as follows. You need everyone on mime plus you need the item ability for your characters. Have at least one character with time mage abilities. At least one with black mage abilities and blue mage and white mage abilties. Any spare ability slots should be used for beneficial effects for your characters. You cant directly attack omega with spells as he is on permant reflect. You cant dispel it either. Omegas main weakness is lightning so thats what you reflect at him. Summon magic is useless as it heals omega even the lightning summons do aswell. This is a battle about patience. omegas main weapon is its soul cannon which does around 2000 hp each time so you have to endure it then heal your characters by the whitewind spell then have everyone keep miming it till omega unleashes his next spell which will probably be another cannon spell, these spells put your characters hp on a countdown so if your hp is very low you need to act fast and heal yourself or your dead. Hitting omega with magic or physical attacks makes him counterattack with four different spells some bad to the really bad (worst case scenario is he uses the encircle spell which removes a character from battle permanently up to two times) Repeat healing yourself with whitewind and miming it but not attacking him and eventually he will try to use the target spell on one of your characters. The reflect ring will bounce his target spell onto him which will cause him to attack himself with his own spells for a few turns. This is when you unleash a reflected bolt3 onto him (choose reflect bolt3 on all your characters and it will do the damage of 4 spells) and have everyone mime it once, only once as he will soon recover from this and resume his normal attack pattern. When his target spell is on him when he counterattacks your spells with his they all hit him rather than you but after a few reflected bolt3s he recovers and goes back to his normal attack pattern. Repeat the pattern I mentioned earlier and wait for him to again try to use the target spell on your party. About half an hour later you will eventually defeat him. Note during the healing process you may have to or want to slip in the odd elixir or bounce the haste spell off him or too so be quick and resume the whitewind and mime strategy asap. You will get an omega badge for defeating him. This will unlock a secret movie scene after the game credits have ended when you defeat Neo x death
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