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This game..

So i downloaded this game the other day, am about to go to the southern continent and average level 16-17. Finding the game hard at some places, but right now im powerleveling to keep myself ahead....well, leveling up so im probably above what i should be by a little.

One thing i do not like about this game is that i cannot escape from a battle. Dont get me wrong, i never run away from them, but if i happen to stumble across a place i shouldnt be yet and get mauled, i cant escape and save myself, i have to die. Or when in the town of the thieves (forgot the name...where you get the first espers) There is an enemy there that casts vanish on itself, and then uses another move and when it tries to un vanish itself, it doesnt have the MP for it. So i then have to give it a tincture (Expensive!!) to have it unvanish itself. I could just run away, but oh wait...i cant.

Anyway, i was wondering if i am over powered for where i am at the moment...?
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