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Belial shrugged. Some time, he'd have to deal with it. When it came up, reality could be torn to accomodate such a termination.

He adjusted his glasses. Every once in a while, Belial had a tendency to subconciously throw a wrench in the works. This may have been the worst one to date.

Naturally, as they rode, he contemplated this as a pattern. That was his other hobby. Spotting potential proofs to either fate or choice, long term routes that proved consistant over the eternity he was given.

And, naturally, as sprites are wont to do, Ensayne rode on top of Nichi's head, singing "Jeepers Creepers," for a good couple hours. Every time some one swatted at her, she dodged in that way that only annoying pixies can.

Belial sighed finally and said "I gave them to him."

Ensayne nodded. "Cool then."

He went back to his thoughts. There was no such thing, he belived, as fate, although you had to admit then that luck had to exist. But things happened too convienently. He could be realitivly sure that giving Nichi those eyes was going to end up either saving or condeming the world, or at least a small part thereof. But, then again, Belial was the only one who could heal them, realistically, whether or not he improved on the original design didn't really matter.

If Fate existed, Nichi was no better nor worse off than before. If choice existed, that Nichi would suffer only because it was Belial's fault, then it could be said that he'd be screwed, because no one can ignore a guilt trip quite like a demon.

As of the present time, he'd never seen Nichi that alert. Belial liked to think that these three had a 55% chance of being the ones to save the world, or at least, bail him out to the point where he could put his finger on the scales.

Many a kingdom owed their survival or downfall to a wellplaced action from the demon. Belial looked at his companions, not without a touch of compassion. "You of course realize, no matter what happens, that you all will go down in history as having sold your souls to achieve whatever end we reach."

Magus looked over annoyed. "Excuse me?"

"You have associated with me. I hate to say this, but many people will say you gave your souls to me to achieve the powers that you will need to slay these intruders. Sorry. Them's the brakes." Belial sighed. "You'd figure that perhaps I give these boons out of foolish sentiment, but nope. Everyone thinks that you have to give your soul to a demon for it."

He gestured at Nichi. "Sometimes, you're just a happy mistake. Others..."

Belial shuddered to think of some of the abominations he'd created. He wouldn't be surprised if any of them were still alive.
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