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Nichi rode with a newfound confidence. He looked high to the sky, as if he could never see and had just acquired the talent for the first time in his life. Magus and Malice looked at him with unease. This Masuto character was having more of an affect on Nichi then he was willing to admit. Nichi rode higher in his mount. He seemed physically taller. Though that was the only physical trait so far they'd seen, the mental tolls had hit him hard. He rode wearing a newfound confidence in his abilities, but that had come with a price. He also rode with a newfound cockyness, which he constantly mocked Magus for. While Malice felt uneasy still, he looked at Belial and saw him actually smile for the first time since the two had had the "priveledge" of meeting. the smile looked more ominous then joyful, but Malice could sense that the demon was up to something yet again.

"Haha don't worry Magus, one day when you obtain skills like me, I'll teach yea how to use him?"" Nichi taunted, seemingly playful.

Magus winced as if hit by an arrow, then he shook his head. "Malice, when will we be at the next town?"

Before Malice could answer, Belial spoke up. "The next town is Frevola. It's a large town, so do not expect your search to be over as quickly as in the other village. We should be there by dusk."

It was already midafternoon, and Malice figured he could bear the ride. Their seemingly perfect team wasn't turning out to be what it should, and Malice blamed Belial. Malice had a suspicion that the demon had awoken the Masuto demon for a reason, maybe to sway Nichi into helping him kill his demon. Either way, Malice only smelled more trouble and turmoil in the group in the future. The four rode in silence.

As dusk hit the travellers noticed a tall city on the plains. Lit by torch, it almost seemed magical. The sun began setting behind them, creating darkness faster in the distance. As they came closer to the city, they heard a scream, and noticed a single figure run from the gate.

"Hya," Nichi urged, and pressed his carnosaur forward. The others happily obliged and did the same.

Three carnosaur exploded from the gate, travelling at inhuman speed, even so for a carnosaur. They could barely be seen through the darkness, and they appeared as little beacons of light from the torches their riders carried. The scream, now noted as a mans scream, came again and the man continued to run towards Malice and the party. Nichi, still in the lead, broke forward from the group, and grabbed the man as he ploughed through. Nichi reared his mount and it came to a stop in front of the pursuing riders. They skid to a stop and leapt off their carnosaur.

"Give ussss the man, he is wanted in our kingdom," they said in an inhuman hiss with a hint of rage.

Nichi immediately noticed something wrong, and spoke. "What has this poor man done to you? He does not look to me like a common criminal."

The lead exploded, "GIVE HIM TO US NOW." And he raised his poleaxe in response, pointing it at Nichi.

Magus looked up. "I think they're infected guys."

Malice agreed. "Yeah, and what's to say the whole village isn't the same. A chase such as this would not go unnoticed between the guards. I think the village must be infested."

"In that case, lets crush 'em," Nichi said, and drew his sword. "Sorry guys, but he's ours. Ensayne, look after this man, we'll need to talk after."

Ensayne looked at him with a look of disgust on her face. She looked to Belial, who just laughed.

The three villagers attacked, and Malice knocked his fists together. Magus drew his scythe and readied himself. They waited for an attack. Nichi, on the other hand, didn't wait, but attacked. He swung his sword, blocking the blow of the lead's poleaxe and snapping the weapon in two. He swung his leg around and connected with the outside of his foot, his leg still bent at a V. There was a distinct cracking sound as the lead's jaw broke. He crumpled to the gruond. The other two attacked him in a rage. Nichi sidestepped the blow, and the villager stumbled forward. He parried the second blow and with a sweep of his legs, the villager lay on the ground. Nichi spun his sword so it rested downward in his hand, and stabbed the villager on the ground. The second villager regained his balance and attacked him. With his awkward grip, he blocked the blow, swinging his arm forward, pushing the sword back. With a quick pull back, he ran the villager through the heart.

Nichi quickly dealt with the lead villager, who lay on the ground, blood erupting from his mouth. He turned to the man, who lay shaking on the ground watching the fight. "Now," Nichi said. "What has happened to your village?"
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