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Magus and Masuto drifted fast into sleep that night under the rocky outcrop they'd chosen as their makeshift camp. Their snores echoed across the plains. Malice had his own agenda though. He feigned sleep, listening to Belial whistle across the fire. The tune was hypnotic. It sang of a burden, the burden of destruction and of sorrow that Belial carried. Malice listened as Belials tune told him the story of a great war of the past, and more preticularily of its loss. Though the whistling didn't sound morbid, it was produced with a great weight, as if Belial was carrying the world on his shoulders.

Though Malice had never heard the song before, he felt drawn to it. He listened intently, and the notes formed in his head. He silently followed along, singing himself the tune. He swore he'd never heard it, and yet something about it felt so close to his heart. He tried to think back to his childhood, but he could not recollect any instance of that song. As Belial stopped the tune and put out the fire, Malice hummed to himself, entranced.

When he was sure that Belial was sound asleep, he slowly got up and gathered his things. He prodded Magus, and he slowly rolled over, sleeping soundly. Good, he would need them to be asleep. Malice windwalked up onto the rock quickly, and hid his pack amoungst the grass. He marked the spot; he'd return for it later. By that time, the group would be looking for him elsewhere, and he could windwalk back in and collect his stuff.

He was regretful to leave them, but with the current situation, he felt safer by himself. The elders had told him to collect strong willed warriors. Magus could become a Theirian mage. His kind could enhance his magical abilities, molding Magus into a powerful warrior. Once, Malice thought the same of Nichi, but with his newfound demon, he wasn't so sure. Belial was neglecting to tell them something about Masuto, and Malice could hear the tenseness in Masuto's voice. His happy demeanor seemed too forced. He was safe for now, but how long before his companions put him in harms way?

Malice windwalked down, realizing just how little he knew of the elders plans for the warriors. Malice was completely in the dark, and it was a feeling that made him useasy. He knew the elders weren't playing him, but it felt that they too were hiding something from him. With all his friends hiding their secrets from him, he was better of alone. He looked back as he left, and frowned into the dark. He'd conquer the town alone, without raising a ruckus and then he'd move west, instead of the intended east, towards the village of Falgoh. From there, he'd have a better shot through the mountains towards his destination. Silently he turned to leave.

"Leavin' without us? And yea didn't even say goodbye? How your friends would pain over your loss."

Malice spun around to find Belial leaning against a tree, widdling a stick. His face and body were basked in moonlight, and he gave off an otherworldly glow.

"Demon, it's none of your business, but I must leave," Malice said unswayed by the demon's taunts.

"It's because you can't trust me isn't it? You fear your own life, and our humble group is slowing you down?" The demon replied as-a-matter-of-factly.

"That's... not it. I won't discuss it with you demon. You have ruined my friends life, and I will not forgive you for what you have done."

By this point, Malice was furious. But Belial simply smiled, and calmly said,

"I believe you take your friends for granted, young one. I know more about life and death than you think, and the wisdom I could bestow upon you is endless."

"And at what price would this come? My eyes? My body? My soul?"

"You have me wrong boy. My past is... long and troublesome. The worlds largest library could not hold the knowledge I possess from years of unrelenting torment. But it is behind me, and I long to create a new existance, one less scarring." He paused and pointed. "Tell me Malice, do you intend on vanquishing the whole town? I warn you now it is a task far out of your reach. There lies a troubled soul, and I don't like you would be able to come to terms with it."

Malice almost exploded, but then lowered his voice. "You will not keep me from accomplishing my goal, and it lies in that town. That is where I will head. Please do not try and stop me."

"I will not stop you. Instead, I will join you. I have become frail in my years, or moreso then one thousand years ago, and my body could use the exercise."

Belial put his arm on Malice's shoulder, and they began to walk towards the city.

"Plus, we have some talking to do."

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