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Belial's hand sparked as he put it on Malice's shoulder. "To understand the destruction you cause, you must always know why you do it."

Malice ground his teeth. "Don't your kind thrive on pain and suffering?"

"No. No we don't. We do what we know. We suffer constantly. Our world is a long, lonely walk of rejection, repression, and isolation." Belial's eye shed a single, silver tear. "Any thing of beauty you hold shall turn to ash, they say. You do things for people, you hand them gifts to achieve their ends, and invariably, they abuse it. And rather than admit that perhaps they are evil inside, or that they were too weak to hold that gift, they say we corrupted them. That we took their souls..."

Malice stopped. "Wait, you don't?"

"I have never, NEVER, in all my existance, given a gift with a string like that attached. I would not instill evil in a creature. I have given each one praying for my salvation."

"You sound like you work hard to do good. Then howcome you can't hurt a sleeper?" Malice wondered outloud.

"Because... because when you have to suffer this much, your emotions become unstable. I hate to admit it... I don't want... I never... I HATED IT!" Belial fell to his knees, gripping his head. "BUT THEY PUSH YOU! WE SHOULDN'T HAVE FEELINGS!"

Malice looked in horror as black flames circled Belial. "I never asked for it..." Belial whispered. "But they kept on screaming..."

Malice tried to pick Belial to his feet. Instead, he shared the hallucination. A city burning in the black fires Belial was known to create. Belial was crying in the center of a crossroads, as all around him, ashes rose high into the sky. Implanted in his ribs was a holy claymore.

Malice fell over backwards. Belial rose again. He lifted Malice back up, steadying him. Malice was shaking from the anguish he felt that Belial carried. "You know, not all of us become damned. Some of us were sadly born that way."

And then, Belial was flung thirty feet away. Standing there, inches from Malice was a fourteen foot tall abberation. Its aura was completely visable, almost masking the creature in darkness. But it was there. Its massive arms and legs were strained, as if not attacking was an effort it could barely maintain.

OOG: I'm going to mention that the specifics of it are a mish-mash of your innerfears.]

Belial kicked up from the ground. "You!" He shouted. He thrust his hands out forward and a horrific gout of flames slammed into the Sleeper.

It ignored them, charging forward and pinning Belial to the ground. Its fist came down into Belial's chest again and again.

Malice blinked. He rushed forward, jumping on its back. "BACK TO HELL WITH YOU!" he roared, stabbing the back of its neck again and again.

Belial put both feet into its chest, throwing it off. His wings shot out as he rose up like the last tide upon a flaming shore. "Now, you will see... true demonic combat..." he growled.

Sure, you had to have goodness in your heart to hurt a sleeper. But when two demons battle, they can always hurt one another.

The area around Belial, Malice and Zera Shaal began to darken. Malice backflipped off of the sleep, landing behind Belial. Belial spun, planting his palm right in the middle of Malice's chest.

He fell, twitching, coughing up a mouthfull of blood. Belial began a series of gestures. Zera Shaal charged forward, and met a wall of un-reality. He stopped before hitting it. A host of black shadowed demons poured from the rift, swarming Zera Shaal.

Malice suddenly felt... diffrent. His limbs felt a little loose. He went to stand, and was nearly thrown off balance by the new speed he had.

"What have you done?" he gasped. He easily cleared Belial, the rift, and Zera-Shaal in one leap. He unleashed a flurry of kicks and punches onto the Sleeper.

Zera-Shaal roared, flinging the shade demons from his form. He swung both his arms outward, dispelling the rift. Belial formed a square with his fingers infront of him, and a bolt of nothingness careened towards the demon.

Malice ran up the demon's back, kicking Zera Shaal as he lept straight up. The bolt passed cleanly through the sleeper, who dropped to his knees. The wound began to close rapidly, however.

Belial raised his hands over his head. Suddenly, two pillars of ice appeared behind him. The whole scene shifted to the middle of a bustling city. People ran screaming. Belial looked around, terrified at the change. Zera-Shaal started to advance. Malice lept off of buildings on either side, slamming into Zera-Shaal. The sleeper was pounded down against the ground again and again.

Malice suddenly fell limp, going through a window. He panted and coughed. He felt weak as a newborn kitten.

And very, very thirsty...

Belial spun, drawing his cane. The pillars of ice dissapeared. "COWARDS!" he screamed. Zera-Shaal was regaining his balance.

Belial thrust his arms outward. "For what I must do... I am truely sorry..."

He pointed at Malice. The weakened warrior disapeared.

Zera-Shaal began to charge. HIs speed was gaining. Belial crossed his arms in an X infront of his face.

"Please... let them all die in the change..."

He thrust his arms outward again. Zera-Shaal was inches from him as a giant wave of nothing flew outward.

Belial disapeared.


Belial landed from the sky right next to Malice. Masuto calmly walked over to them. "What in the name of..."

Belial just lay there, shivering. His wings retracted. Malice slowly and shakily got to his feet. "Wa... water..."

Belial thrust his hand out. "Stay back..."

Even Masuto felt the evil that Belial had just done. Over half a city, winked out of existance. And he knew, deep inside, that the sleeper would most likely return. After all, he could be recreated. All they needed was matierals.

Belial was wretching and spasming. Silver blood was escaping his lips. He heaved and rolled, finally just twitching, sprawled on the ground.

"So... much... matter... to... consume..." Belial whispered...

Masuto sighed. "You ARE a demon of unmakeing." he shook his head. "Lucky bastard."

Malice drained a bottle, slowly crawling to another.

Magus propped Belial up. "What's an unmaker?"

Masuto looked solem. "They can make things cease to exist. True destruction. But doing so takes not only tremendous effort, it also requires the Demon to take some of it into himself. And how many souls did you just unmake?"

Belial closed his eyes. "Uncountable."

He looked like someone who drank far too much. Paler, shaking, he used his cane to get to his feet. "Its like an overdose..."

He turned, placing his hand on Malice's head. Malice felt rejuvenated, and still a little loose. "I had to help you, kiddo." Belial whispered. "I thought you could use a limited removal. YOu can push your speed without limit, saving how much energy you have."

Malice just stared at the sky. Belial sat down. "I suppose we must do something soon?"


OOG: Yep. Unmaking. To clarify, having just decimated that city, a good couple punches will truck Belial into a coma for a little while. He'll be normal again in a few hours. Malice's gift stays till Belial removes it.
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