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Re: How does XII rank w/the rest of the FFs?

i wasnt very pleased with XII. i found the story was ok, but the characters were weak. i felt as though i couldnt really connect with any of them, mostly due to the fact that the game was focused on the graphics and new battle system. without a connection to the characters, i found that i wasnt sucked into this game like i was the others. it had no special moments, like say for example when cloud witnessed aeris' death, or yuna falling through tidus.

my favourite is definetly VII, all because the plot was exellent, and the characters had so much built around them (mostly cloud). i also like the old random battles and what not. and materia was awsum, how u have to find/buy it, then level it up to master it.

XII was supposed to steer away from turn based combat, but when were u able to actually dodge an opponents was hit for hit, jus in a different style, and i didnt like that style
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