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Re: FFXI Discussion

I am a 75 DRK and level 38 in all other jobs aside from NIN which is 40/WHM which is 48/and WAR which is 44. I am thinking of taking WHM to 75 but that is all the 75 level jobs I will have since I am trying to become a really good DRK. I want to get all the gears for my character. Yes paladins are good with swrds and shields, but one thing you should not do is do a tanking party with /nin as a pld. You will love meriting yourself since there are new abilities and a new update for paladins now. They have become more role played in their jobs. Most people beleive that NIN's can tank better, it all really depends on the person, but for an overall tanker I beleive PLD's are better since they can keep more hate than most jobs. I go DRK/NIN a lot and use Axes to spam my Special weapon skill which you have to fight a WSNM for. Absorb TP is so helpful, you can use TP moves 2 in about 3 seconds ^^b.

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