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Re: Global Warming

Originally Posted by Spiff
We're coming out of an ice age, and now the sun is heating up. Gosh, I don't know what else to say...well sweet and short.
Thats weird. I read the opposite. That we've been out of the last ice age for many thousands of years and aren't that far away from the next one. Some scientists have speculated that we're overdue for it and its only thanks to humans suffing up the atmosphere that this planet is heating up and not cooling down.

I do believe global warming exists and that humans are at least partly to blame for it. No-one will ever convince me that the hole in the ozone layer is natural and not caused by CFC (and its chemical cousins) emissions. If we can cause something like that, then its quite probably that the huge modern human population and its polluting industries do have a very real effect on the environment, whether we want to admit that to ourselves or not .

Shadowheart, I do believe your friend wouldn't lie, but the author of the book he read may be. You never know .
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