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Re: Make your own Caladbolg?

Originally Posted by TherathxRikku View Post
You can make a better one, I haven't figured out the recipe for it, but Caladbolg only gives you Counter abilities, which aren't that useful unless your Tidus is a powerhouse like mine. You can give him much better abilities such as One MP Cost or First Strike, although Evade and Counter can be useful against fast, powerful enemies such as Fenrir. ^-^

Break DMG Limit is sort of easy to get, I forget what it took, but I can get it for each of my characters, though I don't need it. ^-^

It really depends on your play style with Tidus, if you favor Evasion and Strength, then you'll want Caladbolg, but if he's well rounded, then you can make a simpler version.
I favor strength due to me moving his spheres over to Aurons area, I dunno about evasion though.

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