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Re: Global Warming

Originally Posted by Doctor View Post
Maybe we should invent an entire new vehicle. Or we could all just ride bikes, or use motorcycles...SOMETHING that isn't as harmful to our planet as those big gas-guzzlers.

But the main problem with cars is the fuel...we need to find a new fuel source as quickly as possible--we can't live off of underground oil forever. We're going to run out eventually, even if it takes another hundred years or so for it to run out.

Maybe we could just go back to horses and carts. It may end up that way--you never know.
Not that I'm an expert about the subject, but I recall reading diverse news every few days about new ways to reduce fuel consumption and/or alternating it. Examples ranged from hybrid motors (part electirc/ part fuel dependant), organic fuel (refined from plantations), and I recall japan manufacturing a completely solar depending prototype vehicle which can go a maximum of 8 hours without sunlight.

Additionally, I believe that Africa's energy resources will suffice the world for much more than 100 years (more likely a millennium) seeing that so many countries -such as Somalia- are literally floating over undiscovered oil.

But yes, somehow I share the same belief that before the world will end mankind will -forcefully- go back in time.
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This forum will never end. I has gone through some rough times lately, but it will never be shut down!!
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