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Cloud's Life Pt.1

Feel free to leave any comments after reading.........oh and please read it!
Part 1: 5 years Ago

I woke up in my bed in my Nibelheim home. I was raring to get up for my first soldier mission. My mom stopped me, saying, "You have to eat your breakfast first, Cloud. You'll never get strong if you don't eat." I had no choice but to listen. As I began eating, a loud ruckus was heard outside. Sephiroth was giving a speech to the townspeople, "I am going up the Nibel Mountains", he shouted loudly with a serious tone, almost as if he were the president, "in order to study about the one we all surely have heard of.......the Calamity, JENOVA!", he boasted, "She...........nevermind, it's between me and my men. Now, who would like to be our guide?" A young girl ran out, "I will, Tifa of Nibelheim", she said. Sephiroth stared for a second and said, "How bout a picture, as a memento". Zack, the first class soldier, came along into the picture. The flash bursted outside, and just then, i had thrown on my uniform and moved along.

Sephiroth welcomed two more soldiers, one of them being myself. We trekked across the Nibel Mountains, and, right when we weren't expecting it, the bridge broke. One soldier was lost, but we didn't bother looking for him.

When we reached the reactor i stood guard outside. Zack and Sephiroth went in. Sephiroth began looking at the failures in the capsules. Mako Monsters, failed experiments. Zack looked as well, but immediately fell back, to hear Sephiroth say, "Look at these. i like them. Am i a failed experiment,!?" He began slashing around at the air, then speed-walked back out the reactor, pushing me out of the way. Zack followed along, only to find Nibelheim, in ruin. Left and right Sephiroth was killing people, "Hey kid your still sane, right?" Zangan, Tifa's master, asid to Zack, "You look in that house, I'll look in this one." We began to search, but then, I saw him. Sephiroth the Great, or so I once thought, "No one must know what i will do. No one!" He said, still killing as he spoke,"I am going to meet my mother, and no one will know of it!"

When he reached the reactor, Tifa came running to the reactor, to find not only me, just standing there, guard, but her father, inside the reactor, with a sword next to his bleeding body, "FATHER!!!", Tifa shouted, "who.........who did this to you?" He died to quick to say. "Sephiroth.........sephiroth..........I HATE YOU!!!!", she yelled as she ran up to the top of the stairs. She ran up the stairs, to try to kill him, but, he quickly grabbed the sword out of her hands and slashed her lightly, knocking her to the ground, "" she muttered.

Zack quickly ran in, "Tifa, what happened?" Tifa was still in pain. She muttered back, "Ssss...eph....i....roth....". Zack ran as fast as he could up the steps, to kill Sephiroth, but he, too, was knocked back, onto a capsule. He lay there, unconscious. I ran in and saw Tifa, "TIFA!" She stared up at me and said, "So kept....our...promise! You....did......." I smiled, and ran up to Zack. He gave me his sword and said, "Finish him. Kill...Sephiroth. I'"

Sephiroth stared at the statue-esque Jenova model, "But they.......those worthless creatures...........are stealing the planet from Mother..........But now I'm here with you..........." He tore the statue off the pedestal, and there she was. He stared at Jenova, and then, I wouldn't have it. I thrusted Zack's Buster Sword into the back of Sephiroth, "My town, my friends, my family, GIVE THEM BACK!!!!!" He pushed back and un-impaled himself. He tore off Jenova's head, and turned to face me, "Don't push it kid", he mumbled, and his Masamune went into my chest. But the more it sunk into my skin, the more hate i felt for him. I moved close enough to grab him, "IMPOSSIBLE!!!", he shouted, " can't be!!!!!!!" I threw him into the Mako, and fell, unconscious.
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Re: Cloud's Life Pt.1

Some of the details seem a little out of the part when Sephiroth was doing research on Jenova in the mansion basement is omitted. Otherwise it seems consistent.
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