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Spamtastic. Forum for spam, chit chat, nonsense threads. Ant-spam rule does NOT apply in this forum. All other forum rules do.

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Funny Song

The words

May I have your attention, slaves!
I WILL have your attention, slaves!
Will the real Eggman please stand up?
I repeat, will the REAL Eggman please stand up?!?
(Urgh, I can't)

You act like you've never seen a round guy before;
Stomach all over the floor
Like someone's drank three billion of Coors

I've been eating before the first rooster crows
And now I'll rap you to your core

I weight so many pounds, it's true, I'm not kidding.
I don't do the work, my robots do my bidding

Sonic says, "No way!"
Sonic says... He's still alive! Arrgh!

It's true that I still have some screws in my bots loose
But it's nothing worse than what's going on in Rouge's bedroom o_O

Sometimes I wanna go to detonate and destroy
But can't, 'cause I need those Chaos Emeralds!!

Sonic's fast like this, Sonic's fast like that
And he somehow manages to stop all my attacks

And that's the reason why my plans are all crap;
If I don't get those emeralds, I'll surely be jacked!

Of course you're gonna stop me at your fast pace
By the time you reach my base I'll be outta that place

And when you defeat me, please don't start to celebrate;
For I'll return once again at a later date

I'm like the "Stay-Puft" man 'cause you can't kill me;
Anything you try will just bounce right off of me

My big tubby face goes on the TV
To announce you won't survive in the debris...

And there's several of them just like me
Who dress like me, sit, command,
opress like me, mustache like me,
And a big piece of lard like me.
And just might be an evil villain, but not quite me!!

I'm the Eggman, yes the real Eggman
And you other Robotniks aren't as FAT as I am!
So won't the real Eggman please stand up, please stand up, please stand up!
I'm the Eggman, yes the real Eggman
And you other Robotniks aren't as FAT as I am!
So won't the real Eggman please stand up! Can't stand up? Can't stand up?!?

I may have gotten some words wrong, but I tried! Can't get too mad at me for that!

So won't the real Eggman please stand up? Oh yeah, he can't. *crash* (Somebody help me up!!!)

The Moive

Made By: bug

Yeah Just Wanted to Put up A funny Song A Bout Eggman

"I Have No Idea Whats Go'in on"
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