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Those Who Cannot Rest (SW/ FFX world crossover) post I 12/9/06

Title: Those Who Cannot Rest
Author(s): dirge_of_sephiroth
Timeframe: Post ATOC/ 1000 years post FFX
Characters: OCs
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Crossover

Summary: I'll tell you the prompt I based my idea on... (this is from the Essential OC challenge on, and two ideas just spliced themselves together on me) Your OC has been set the task of training someone, (human, humanoid, mongrel, canon or not) to replace him/her temporarily or permanently. Let’s see your OC rise to the challenge. Perhaps they succeed, perhaps not or perhaps they want the trainee to fall flat on their face. You choose.

Notes: I've never played FFX-2, so if I contradict anything there, let's just say I have no clue I'm doing that

And here's just a little disclaimer that says that George Lucas and Square-Enix are responisble for this and nobody needs to get sued because there's no money invovled. Just having fun. Something like that.

Those Who Cannot Rest
by dirge_of_sephiroth

For a thousand years Spira had trembled. The constant rebirth of Sin had made her citizens fear the end of every Calm. Another thousand years had gone by since then, and these were the years without Sin, the Eternal Calm, that had been brought about by Lady Yuna, the greatest Summoner to have lived. She and her Guardians had been the only ones able to defeat Sin for eternity. Yes, there had been sorrow since, disputes and losses many, but nothing like what had come before.

Queen Yunarah found herself thinking on this wistfully, for though the Calm was called eternal, perhaps it wasn't so unending after all. Sin reappearing now was unlikely, but there was another threat, something even bigger than the planet itself.

“My Queen, you called for me?” The questioning deep voice drew Yunarah from her reverie.

For minutes she had stood with her back to the dim room's entrance, so far from reality that she had almost forgotten her request. Gathering back all her regal composer Yunarah turned to face the Chief of the High Knights. The strands of crystal beads that adorned her crown jostled as she moved.

“Sir Albis. Thank you for coming.”

The red-haired man bowed. “The honor is mine as always, but you look troubled. May I ask why?”

Yunarah smiled slightly at Albis's concern, but soon looked sad again. “As you might be guessing, I'm thinking about the Republic... Someone has found us, but... no... no... Not the Republic itself, at least not yet. Something that calls itself the Confederation of Independent Systems.... on the outside it doesn't seem as bad, but I have a feeling if we we even entertain their proposal... whatever it might be... well, Spira will no longer be ours, and we might have something far worse to worry about than the Sin of old.”

After a moment of silence, Yunarah sat down in nearby chair. She folded her hands in her lap stared at the Knight.

“What would you have me do, my Queen? How shall I command your Forces?”

Yunarah grunted a somber laugh. “I so hate that word.... Force....”

“I am sorry, then,” Ablis said with a bow. “but if I may speak.... the Jedi that wield this Force are the noblest part of the Republic.”

“Yes, indeed. They are like the Summoners of old.... powerful and good, yet mindlessly following the path of Yevon. For the Republic is like Yevon, you know. Corrupt and false. And as you also know you and the other High Knights of Spira, if we lost our planet to the Republic or perhaps even this Confederacy, you—or at least your next generation—would be forced to become these feeble Jedi.

“Sir Albis, do you want our culture to go back a thousand years? These outsiders will promise us progress, but instead we shall again serve liars. The High Knights hold the same spiritual magic in them that the Summoners did, and I do not want it to be wasted as it was in the old days.”

Yunarah was standing again. She wasn't quite sure when she'd risen, but it hardly mattered. As she felt the heat stirring in her checks, she was sorry for her anger. But this entire matter meant so much to her. She would do anything to keep Spira safe from this new sort of Sin.
“Forgive me, Sir Albis.”

“There is no need. I agree with you, and I also do not want to give Spira up to such things. Whatever you want me to do, I shall.”

Yunarah sat down again, this time gripping the chair's polished wooden arm. After a deep breath, she looked Albis in the eye and said, “You are no longer to be chief of the High Knights.... Do not be dismayed,” Yunarah added quickly when she saw shock blossom upon the Knight's face. “I have greater things in store for you. You are to be Spira's ambassador to this Confederacy.”

Just as the shock had faded, it rocketed back into Albis's eyes. “You want to meet with these people?”

Yunarah nodded, her regret clear. “They know we are here now. There is really nothing else we can do, except wait for an invasion.”

“My Queen!”

“Sending an ambassador will subdue them for a time, and time is what we need. I have a defense strategy, but it needs to be fleshed out. In fact, who knows if it can be? That is what you will find out when you train your replacement.”

Albis had calmed down quite a bit, Yunarah was glad to see.

“Who shall replace me?”

“That is entirely up to you. Who do you think is the most capable, the one who matches you, or even surpasses you in certain areas? Who do you think will grow the most when they gain their rank? And as this person trustworthy, will they be ever-faithful to the Spiran cause?”

Several names and faces sprang to Albis's mind. Several occurrences as well. Could he only pick one?

“Go with your heart, if your head can't solve things.” After a long silence, Yunarah added, “If you need more time, I will grant it.”

Albis almost nodded, but suddenly he said, “Merjvuu... of the Al Bhed.”

“A female and an Al Bhed?” Yunarah's question lacked emotion.

Albis's fiery brow knitted. “My Queen, surely you haven't qualms with these things.”

“Of course not. I am a woman myself, and the Al Bhed have not been reviled since the Yevonite religion died. Not to mention that my namesake, High Summoner Yuna, was half Al Bhed. No. I think you have made a fine choice.”

Albis bowed. “Then when shall I begin? What shall we do and where?”

The Queen smiled at his urgency. “You shall leave tomorrow morning. Your quest shall take you to ruins of the Baaj Temple. There you and your successor will seek those who cannot rest. If you find them, surely you will know what to do.”


Thanks for reading Feedback welcomed. More to come later.
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