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Final Fantasy XII The newest face of FF, a mixture of old and new, with graphics that open eyes and leave you wanting more.

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Old 01-03-2007, 02:59 PM   #1
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How does FFXII compare?

Final Fantasy is a great series. Who would be here if they didn't realize that? Anyway, how did XII stack up to its predecessors? For me, graphically, it wins. And despite how much I loved the characters and story and all the new things that came a long... well, in my opinion, even though I think it's an awesome game in every respect it's probably one of the least 'unique' FF storylines. I don't think that's the word I really want to use. Just the others I've played (VII, VIII, and X) there just seems to be more of... something. My descriptive adjectives are eluding me...

But what does everyone else think, anyway?
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Re: How does FFXII compare?

Why should we always have to compare things to their predecessors? That's just going to be a losing situation for some who've made up their minds that the older games in the series are the best.

At any rate, I'd say it's pretty good. It brought alot of revolutionary gameplay mechanics to the table, and the story was very different (or very similar, depending on your point of view). I liked it, and it had a multitude of sidequests to go through.
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Re: How does FFXII compare?

I heard that the problem doesn't follow the characters, but the own world, and its problems, like war and racism. We're used to a beautiful love and friendship sotry, maybe that's probably why you're saying that

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that quote is totally going in my sig.
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Re: How does FFXII compare?

I wanted to complete the game before posting here because I wanted to know what the storyline was all about and how it compared/contrasted to other FFs.

Only warning: MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

Overall: 7/10 - Square could have put more effort into the game IMO and created a masterpiece. I cannot (honestly) say that any one section of the storyline grabbed at my attention. Nor did the espers (albeit cool-looking) have much to do with the actual game...I only summoned them to watch their ultimate attacks - not even for an actual battle - now that's sad. Lastly, WTF was up with magicite/nethicite and manufactured nethicite and the gods that gave the Sun cryst to man in the first place? I think that whole part of the game either needed to be taken out altogether and substituted with another explanation, or overhauled MAJORLY.

Graphics: 8.5/10 Not bad at all. The background didn't get old to look at, the pixels on Ashe's red skirt were XD You get my point. This was the best part of the game IMO.

Battlesystem: 7.5/10 While the revamping of the old ATB system was very nice - the gambit system was VERY VERY annoying/frustrating at times. Also, after a while, harvesting LP became pointless. What good is having 20K LP and nothing to spend it on. I liked the sphere grid from X a lot more. You could actually fall asleep while fighting - which could be good or bad; good if you are auto-leveling... bad if you are actually trying to PLAY the game. Phew!

Other notables were the marks - which were a healthy addition to the game. The ultimate bosses/marks in particular provided a challenge and actually took more that attack, attack, attack...zzzzzz. Magicks (except for buffs like bubble, protectga/hastega/etc.) I found next to useless - they took too long to cast and even longer to animate. :mad:
The loot system, while a fresh way to earn/farm gil, needed done away with IMO. The music was raw and my second favorite to the series! Otherwise - as I said above the game just needed more... I'm sorry if this is a particularly negative review. I'm trying to be fair. Hopefully this helps!

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