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Final Fantasy VIII Bring back the memories of the great adventure of a Man and his Gun.... Blade

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Blue Magic

How do you get the items for the blue magics White Wind and Ray Bomb? I know White Wind has something to do with the Adamantoise and Ray Bomb with the Blitz. Do you need Rare Item employed to get them?
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Re: Blue Magic

Adamantoise Whispers (which give you white wind) but yes you must have Bahamut's Rare-Item

Ray bomb is that black metal spider's attack (You get it from Power Generator), but you should be able to get it from any machine that has that attack!

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Re: Blue Magic

Man them power generators are rare but when you are on disk three there is one in the lunatic pandora, providing you made laguna play around with the latches at the esthar dig in the past.

Cards are another good way to refine a power generator
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