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Final Fantasy XIII Its coming soon! What have you learned about its future?

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Battle Strategies

The battle system in FFXII, as mentioned a few times in the other thread, is pretty intense. Post your strategies in this thread to help along members that find themselves wiping, unable to stagger enemies or having battles continue for minutes on end before winning.

As I said, I'm still at the beginning of the game so this may not apply to those further along. If the mobs have a good amount of health or the fight is unknown, I always try to open up with two ravagers and stagger as many enemies as I can. if I've taken too much damage trying to stagger enemies, I switch my ravagers out for a medic and sentinel to heal up with cures and potions. Then I go all offensive and down as many as I can as quickly as I can.

If its a known that the health is relatively low among the mobs, I go straight offensive, healing as necessary.
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Re: Battle Strategies

If its a new monster, I like to open up with a Com/Rav/Sab then as soon as deprotect and deshell pop on the monster I switch to Com/Rav/Rav in hopes of a quick win
If hes doing a fair bit of dmg, but not too fast I switch to Med/Rav/Med. If hes a fast monster then Med/Med/Med or Med/Syn/Med.
My party is usually Lightning, Hope and Van. If I need a Sen then I switch Hope for Snow.

Edit: I now use Light/Fang/Hope.

Fang is the best COM and Light is the best RAV + Hope is the best healer and second best RAV so they make a good team. Not to mention that gives you a good SAB, SYN and SEN when you need 'em too.

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Re: Battle Strategies

Ah, a decent topic.

Main party: Light, Fang, Hope

Switch-in occasionally: Sazh and Snow

Sazh for his Haste and magic. Snow for his 1337 Sentinel paradigms...although Fang is usually just as good - but Snow has higher meh. ._.
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Re: Battle Strategies

Find my own old stat pretty silly now. Fang (L)/Light/Hope. still the same party. Would never use more than one healer now since I realized how good Hope is.

Always keeping this setup now, well..with very few exceptions anyways;

Com/ Rav/ Rav
Sab/ Med/ Syn
Com/ Med/ Syn (for fights when enemy is immune to all decent De-buffs)
Sen/ Com/ Rav
Com/ Sav/ Med

Only change it for the fights that need Vanille's death spell.
If monster is new or hard then always go straight to Sab/ Med/ Syn.
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