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Final Fantasy IX The crystal comes back! Discuss Square's final installment to the FF series on the PSX.

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Re: Symbolism in FFIX

Oh wow! I've never noticed that before! Good find, Avathar. Boco (or Boko) is also the name of Wiegraf's Chocobo in Final Fantasy Tactics, and it is a common Chocobo name in the series.
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Re: Symbolism in FFIX

^^ Teehee, it's not farfetch'd at all. And knowing FFIX being a tribute to the classics and all, it's mostly to be a reference at first to Final Fantasy V ;D (although, wasn't there also a chocobo in FFVIII called Boko, or am I mistaken?).

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Re: Symbolism in FFIX

Yeah, Boco is from FFV.
I don't think there's a chocobo in FFVII called Boco, I could be mistaken though.
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Re: Symbolism in FFIX

Originally Posted by Zeromus_X
although it isnt really symbolism, ff9 is full to the brim with past ff references. (i talked about the pluto knights) like, when youre on the tantalus ship, on the wall is the buster sword, and zidane says,"i used to know a guy with spiky hair who had a sword like this" or something.

You're wrong it's in the weapon shop in Linblum when Zidane says that and another reference is Eiko's background like Rydia from IV Eiko's village of summoners were destroyed and she became the last existence from her village other than Garnet and also Rydia and eiko are both children well until Rydia was sent to the land of summoning.

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