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Final Fantasy IX The crystal comes back! Discuss Square's final installment to the FF series on the PSX.

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Old 06-15-2007, 09:08 PM   #61
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Re: Final Fantasy 9 is quite underrated

Originally Posted by forever yours
I loved Final fantasy 9, i only wished that they wouldn't have made the characters look as cartoony and childish as they did.
funnily enough a few years back some of my mates said exactly the same thing about this being the reason why they never bothered playing the game.

I dont think they are cartoony or anything but the characters look younger.

This final fantasy was visiting its roots again so thats why the theme of the game is more medieval with kings/queens etc
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Old 12-09-2007, 09:09 AM   #62
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Re: Final Fantasy 9 is quite underrated

This was th first final fantasy I ever owned in my whole young life and I loved it very much. I had only played eight before but that was only up to the fire cave at my mums friends house. So It wasn't enough to appreciate it really at the time. Anyway I digress, Final Fantasy IX has always been in my top games ever That ive played. Personally I thought it was much better than seven, I just don't see what people like so much about that game. Althought I loved Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus. Ahh I digress agian... Final Fantasy IX, had fantastic story, music (well all Final Fantasy music is awesome anyway), and the best Bahamut design! Above all else it had Choboco Hot and Cold!! I love that game so much!! It was also more fantasyish comapred to its two playstation predecessiors (spelling?) With mages, different races, lands of eternal rain, forces from another world, princesses and bandits, which I liked. I didn't mind that the characters were too youngish looking, I thought they looked fine. Thats what I think anyway.
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Old 01-06-2008, 11:53 PM   #63
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Re: Final Fantasy 9 is quite underrated

Final Fantasy is an extremely underrated brought back elements from the older style final fantasy's with an upgrade in graphics.

and the characters are funny and the Emo character isn't the main character in this game O_o

Okay he was emo for like 30 minutes when he talked to Garland, but that hardly counts when you think about Squall or Cloud.

The Game was easy's one of the better final fantasy's
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Old 09-27-2009, 02:27 PM   #64
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Re: Final Fantasy 9 is quite underrated

this is my 2nd favourite FF. sorry to say, but since it became square-enix instead of squaresoft (the merging of companies) FF has gone downhill. they've concentrated too much on graphics (which are awsum!!) and not on the story or characters. FFX was ok, the storyline was good, but the characters were weak, XII was sooo bad, ive played through it once...NEVER AGAIN!!

i think 9 is an awsum game, a very good introducting to the FF universe, its not very complicated, very simplistic, very good for beginners in my opinion
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Old 06-24-2013, 02:18 AM   #65
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Re: Final Fantasy 9 is quite underrated

I loved this game back in the day, I still do, but I can't stand to play it anymore. The story line is excellent, the gameplay is almost flawless in my opinion, but there's one absolutely terrible thing which puts me off from returning to it - THE BATTLE TIME! Battles are so incredibly slow, its not funny. Even on max speed, it takes 45 seconds to a minute to complete an easy battle.

Another thing that's sort of annoying is how the boss with the most hp only had like 65k or something quite low like that. After figuring out Ozma's counterattack trick, it was quite easy to beat him.
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Old 09-14-2013, 05:30 AM   #66
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Re: Final Fantasy 9 is quite underrated

I Played and Beat FF9 As My First Final Fantasy. Still Although 9 Took My Heart With Its Storyline, I Cheated On It With FF8
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