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Post Vincen's Chapter 1 The Assault

Okay it's new chapter time and I'll give you all Vincen's Chapter1 The Assault. If you haven't read Nick's Chapter1 It's okay, you didn't miss anything you can always go back, since you all don't like double posting I'm going to wait for Lyde to post the chapter.
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Krystal*Light7 The Apostles

Vincen's Chapter 1 The Assault
Back in Vompelli, Italvance there is a 17-year old Caucasion male with long brown hair dressed in a long white jacket, a mahogany T-shirt, a pair of white pants, and a mahogany beret cap. The boy’s name is Vincen. He is the prince of Italvance, son of the king and queen. He is in his bedroom in the kingdom.
He is sitting at his desk drawing a life like picture of a young caucasion girl. Just then a servant walks in.
“Sir Vincen, Queen Francine wants to see you” said the servant.
“Huh, alright, you’re dismissed” said Vincen. The servant exits. Vincen puts his pencil down and leaves the room. He strolls down the red carpet hall to a two handled door.
He opens it and enters. Inside there is a caucasion women of the age of 40 and a female servant around the age of 33. The 40 year old woman is wearing a red and gold dress, with a pair of red long gloves, and a red and gold crown encrusted with jewels. She is speaking the female servant dressed in gray and black. As Vincen approaches the woman, the woman sends off the servant.
“Vincen dear son, we need to talk” said the woman.
“What is it Mom?” Vincen asked.
“It’s about your responsibilities, you have not been doing your duties as a govener, the people’s demands have not been sought to, and the crimes are being unpunished, for this I drop your allowance to six thousand franks a month” Queen Francine infomed.
“Six thousand but, that’s half of what it was before!” said Vincen.
“Well you should’ve been on task” said Queen Francine.
“I’ll get to it immediately” said Vincen.
“Wait, those clothes, you’re a prince, can’t be dressed like that!” said Queen Francine
“Mother haven’t I told you before, I’m an artist, I can’t dress like some fu fu shnob” said Vincen. “It’s the year 2026, that stuff is out of fashion”.
“Fine do as you wish” Queen Francine stated. Vincen exits the room. A little later Vincen is outside where his servants await.
“Lyndelle, would you tell my chofer to bring the limo around?” Vincen asked a female servant.
“Yes your majesty” said the servant.
“What did I tell you, you don’t have to be so formal with me” said Vincen.
“Sorry” said Lyndelle. She hurries off. Just then a scrawny white boy of the age of 14, with brown hair, a pair of glasses, and mischevious grin approaches Vincen.
“Watcha up to? the boy asked.
“Just going to my governing office, Mom says I haven’t been hearing people out” said Vincen.
“Why do you bother to learn these people’s names, they’re servants” said the boy
“Well I think I should try to learn most of their names, since they live and work here everyday” said Vincen. “It shows respect’ he added.
“They don’t need respect they’re servants” the boy replied.
“When will you ever change Platypus?” Vincen sighed.
A white limo with the Italvance flag painted on its sides comes around to Vincen. The Italvane flag is similar to italy’s flag except that it has an golden emblem in the white that is engraved with the words Italvance, courageous, proud, loyal.
Vincen enters the limo and it drives off. The chofer is a young Caucasion male with black hair
“Where to Vincen?” the chofer asked.
“To my office” Vincen answered. Fifteen minutes later they arrive at a two-story brick building. The chofer gets out and opens the door for Vincen. He steps out and enters the building.
He takes the elevator to the second floor and proceeds to his office. When he gets in there, a bald man wearing glasses and gray business suit awaits.
“Oh I wasn’t expecting you” said the man. Vincen seats himself in the red chair behind the desk.
“Do we have anyone who wants to see me? He asked.
“Yes there are four people downstairs waiting to see you” the man answsered. Vincen presses the intercom button on his desk.
[INDENT]“Secretary, send the people who wants to see me, up” Vincen ordered.

“yes sir” responded the secretary. Vincen takes his finger off the button. In several seconds a group of four italvancians comes into Vincen’s office.

“What is the problem? Vincen asked.

“The Farols aren’t doing anything about the crimes in the city” said the woman.

“The streets in the city are terrible, there are potholes about on every road!” said a man.

“And the price of milk is too high!” said another woman.

“Okay I can get the Farols to get in gear and I can get the roads and the highways fixed, but there’s nothing I can do about the price of milk, you’ll have to talk to the farmers about that” said Vincen. “Is there any other problems?”.

“No” answered one of the men.

“Well then I will attend to these accusations as soon as possible” said Vincen.

“Thank you your highness” said a man and the group leaves the office.

“Barry could you call the high daire and tell him to come to my office now?” said Vincen said to the bald standing beside his desk.He takes a cellphone from out of his pocket and makes the call. “Hey daire Rudolph the prince wants to see you now” said Barry. He takes the cellphone from off his ear.

“He says he’s busy” he told Vincen.

“Tell him if he wants to keep his job he’ll come here now” said Vincen. Barry puts the phone back to his ear.

“Rudolph, Prince vincen says come now or you’ll lose your job” Barry informed. Barry hangs up the phone and returns it to his pocket.
15 minutes later a caucasion man with black hair cut into a buzzcut, with a mustache that could rival Mario’s enters Vincen’s office. He sits in a chair facing Vincen.

“So what’s up” Rudolh asks.

“It’s your men, they’re not doing there jobs, the citizens are complaining that they’re just lying back without a care in the world” said Vincen. “I recommend that you immediately straighten them out or you will be fired!” said Vincen.

“But young child, why couldn’t you just tell me this on the phone?” Rudolph asks.

“YOUNG LAD, I AM THE PRINCE OF ITALVANCE, YOU DO NOT ADRESS ME AS A CHILD!” Vincen yelled. “You’re lucky that I’m not going to demote you for lack of repsect!” Vincen finished. Daire Rudolph looks shocked. Rudolph gets up and walks slowly to the door.

“I’ll be leaving then” he said

“And make sure you get your men back on their jobs!” said Vincen. Rudolph leaves out and shuts the door. Barry turns to Vincen.

“How come you insisted him to be so formal with you, you always told me not to be so formal” said barry.

“It’s because I plainly don’t like him, he’s crooked” said Vincen.

“Hmph” Barry grunted. An hour and a half later Vincen returns to the kingdom. As he heads to his room, he is stopped by a male servant.
“Prince, your father requests to see at the swordplay room” said the servant.

“Okay” said Vincen. The servant strolls off.

“Wait!” says Vincen. The servant stops and turns around. Vincen walks up to him. He reaches into his pocket and gives the servant fifty franks.

“A tip” said Vincen.

“Thank you” the servant spoke. He continues off. Vincen heads to the swordplay room. Inside it has white walls, with a white ceiling, and a shiny wooden floor. Standing on the right side of the room is a Caucasian man with short brown hair and green eyes dressed in padded clothes.
Vincen approaches him.

“Hey father” vincen said.

“How are you doing boy?” King Romeo asked.

“I’m fine” Vincen answered.

“Well change your clothes and prepare to duel” King romeo demanded.
Vincen enters a small room on the end of the room and closes the door behind himself. In several seconds he comes out wearing padded clothes wielding his art sword. His art sword is similar to longswords but with the exception of it having a sketch on it.

“Are you ready?” King Romeo asks. Vincen nods and they begin to duel.
They clash their weapons together continuously. King Romeo goes for a sweeping strike. Vincen jumps over it and ehile at the same time, goes for a horizontal swing across the face. King Romeo leans back to evade it.As they continue, King Romeo speks to Vincen.

“Hey Vincen, I’ve had a chat with Lyde and we’ve decided to make an assault on Rujca Friday” King Romeo informed.

“What for, what’s the reason to attack Rujca?” Vincen asked while avoiding a thrust.

“I can’t stand that country, that country’s growing more and more people, we can’t just wait for them to get stronger and attack us” said Kling Romeo. “Plus they have the Dragon’s Spade Gem, if we get that our country’s recognition will skyrocket”.

“When we make the invasion I want you to come and help steal the Dragon Spade’ said King Romeo.

“Dad I told you before I don’t want to fight, I only train because I might be in a situation in which I have to fight” Vincen told. “I will go there but you cannot make me fight!” Vincen shouted. He did a very swift strike that ejcted his father’s sword from his hands and over his head, to the floor.

“Heh, you’ve gotten better” King romeo chuckled. Vincen re-enters the compartment and changes again to his casual clothes.

‘Hey I’m just trying to make a man out of you, get some fight in ya” said King Romeo. Vincen storms out of the room.

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Re: Vincen's Chapter 1 The Assault

Two nights later Vincen is dressing up in a suit with his hair tied into a ponytail. He sprays himself with cologne and fetches his wallet that is sitting on his bed.

He tries to reach for his beret, but realizes that it doesn’t match his outfit, instead he opens his wardrobe steps inside and retrieves a black top hat. Vincen looks at himself in the mirror, he seems pleased with his attire and he steps back into his room. He heads to the door but stops, realizing that he had forgotten his cellphone. He gets the black and silver flip phone and places it into his pants pocket.

He leaves out of the room heading downstairs to the front entrance. When he arrives to the royal red hall, there stands a 17 year old Caucasian girl in a light blue dress. This girl has the same face as the girl Vincen was sketching in his room two days ago. Vincen approaches her.

“Wow this place is amazing!” the girl exclaimed.

“Thank you” said Vincen. Queen Francine comes down the left side stairs and she notices Vincen and the girl.

“Oh is that your girlfriend, let me take a look at her!” said Queen Francine delightfully. “you should see our gardenia, it is rather gorgeous, let us talk”.

“No mother we don’t have much time” spoke Vincen.

“Nonsense you have 15 minutes to spare” said Queen Francine. She pulls shana by the arm and gudes her to a sofa on the rightside of the hall. Vincen follows them to the lounging area, sitting in a chair opposite of them. The two females continue to converse for twenty-five minutes. Vincen looks at his watch.

“Mom. We’re going to be late1” he informed.

‘Oh then good-bye to yi” she said. Vincen and Shana gets up.

“It’s been nice meeting you, your highness” Shana bowed.

“Please call me Francine “said the queen.

"Well good-bye Francine” said Shana and they leave the castle. The chofer in the black limo sees Vincen and Shana and he gets out.

“What took so long, I’ve been waiting here for a half hour” said the chofer.

“Mom was talking Shana to death” Vincen answered. The chofer opens the doors for Vincen and his date, and they enter the limo.

“That hat doesn’t suit you’ said Shana. Vincen immediately removes it.

‘Sorry about my mother, she can talkative and too inviting at some times” said Vincen.

“No it’s okay I enjoyed meeting the queen” said Shana. Thirty minutes later the couple arrives at a French resteraunt called Eit Twah. The chofer gets out of the car and let’s the two out. Vincen and Shana enter the resteraunt and heads to the host.

“do you have a reservation?” the host asks without looking at them.

“Yes” Vincen answered.

“Name” said the host.

“Paris’ vincen answered. The host looks through the papers.

“You’re late” he said. He looks up.

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Re: Vincen's Chapter 1 The Assault

“Oh, it’s the prince, the prince is here” said the host. “Here, here, I have a table for you right here!” he said, totally ignoring Shana. He rushes to a table where two people are occupied. “Get out the prince needs to sit here” he says while throwing the couple out of their seats and scoots out a chair for Vincen.

“Here have a seat” said the host. Vincen sits in the chair.

“Could you get my girlfriend’s too?” Vincen asked.

“Oh yes, of courser!” said the host, and he hurries to pull a chair out for Shana. She sits down and the host pushes her chair in. “Let me take these plates and I’ll be back with some menus” said the host. He collects the plates that were their when the other couple was eating and he scurries off.

‘Sorry about that, sometimes I wish I wasn’t famous” said Vincen.

“How come, everyone gives you special treatment, and you can get away with a lot of stuff” said Shana.

“Yeah but, look at everyone around us” said Vincen. Shana turns her head and sees that everyone in the resteraunt is gawking at them.

“I see what you mean” she stated The host returns with menus and gives them to Vincen and Shana.

“Here are your menus, your waitress will be with you in a moment” said the host with a minacule sense in him.

“So are you into these types of places?” Vincen asked.

“Yes, I find them to be extravagant” said Shana.The next night at 7;45 Vincen and his father are on top of a roof, of one of the sections of the kingdom and a small airship is waiting.

“Okay son, are you ready?” King Romeo asks.

“Yes” Vincen answered. He and King Romeo are dressed for battle in white, red, and green uniforms. They are both armed with swords. They enter the flying vessel, which twenty soldiers await, the head of the military is a light brown haired French woman dressed in combat gear and wearing glasses, she has a very intelligent look.

“Vincen this is Lyde, she is the military’s head commander, well next to me anyway,” said King Romeo.

“Hi, nice to meet you your majesty” says Lyde.

“You too” said Vincen.

“What’s the plan on the invasion?” King Romeo asked.

“We’re to land on both sides of Verding, then send a fleet of soldiers to retrieve the Dragon’s Spade Gem from the Rujca National Museum, then I’ll send ships to the east to take over Makiev” Lyde informed.

“So which one are we going to?” Vincen asked.

“Verding” Lyde answered.

“Son have you changed your mind?” King Romeo asks.

“No, I’m still not going to fight” said Vincen. The airship’s engine comes on and it takes off. An hour and a quarter later, four airships lands at the outskirts of Verding. The back compartments open and a flood stampedes out. King Romeo joins the soldiers to charge into the city.
Vincen stands at the door watching the troops head to the city. In the city King Romeo is accompanied by by seven soldiers. As they head through the town the Rujcan law enforcers tries to kill the Italvance troops but they were killed instead. King Romeo’s group makes it to the museum’s entrance after a while, which is guarded by more enforcements. One of the soldiers fires a machine that kills three of the rujcan enforcers.

As King Romeo makes his way to the Rujcans, two of the enforcers shoots at the Italvancian troops but, it is unaffected to the soldiers’ barrier spells. King Romeo charges at an enforcer and strikes him dead. King Romeo casts a scorch spell that fires a ball of flame from his hand and explodes on two Rujcans. The rest of the enforcers are put to death by a barrage of spells from the soldiers.

“Let’s go!” says King romeo while entering the museum. The troops follows him in. They stop when a bullet is shot at them from above. King romeo looks up and sees a Rujcan soldier standing on the second floor balcony.

‘There!’ King Romeo shouts while pointing to the soldier. An Italvance soldier shoots the Rujcan soldier. Five more Italvancians comes in the museum. The other soldiers turn around to see who has entered, they turn back around and further excavates the museum. Instead of taking an elevator,(thinking that they would be savataged) they take the stairs to the second floor.
King Romeo stops.

‘Wait I have a plan” he said. “Four of you stay on the first floor, four more patrol the third, and the rest come with me” King Romeo commanded.

The soldiers do as they are told and King Romeo’s group proceeds onto the second floor. On the second floor they proceed with caution as they head to the section where the Dragon’s Spade Gem is located. A fleet of Rujca soldiers surrounds them.

‘Don’t worry we’ve got them1” shouts a soldier from below. The four soldiers from below fires bullets and spells at the Rujcan soldiers. King Romeo and the other soldiers are having are having a hard time breaking the Rujcans’ barriers and magic fields but succeeds. They proceed into the section where the gem resides.
In there, the Dragon’s Spade Gem is sitting in a glass case.
King romeo quickly removes it, ignoring the alarm, and takes the gem. A voice sounds from over the intercom.

“Heh heh, thought you would get away?’ the voiced asked. Just then the sounds of iron dropping unveils and they are subdue in darkness.

“I’ve barricaded all the doors and windows, there’s no way you can leave’ said the voice and the intercom turns off.

“Aaah, I can’t see!” says an Italvance soldier.

‘Calm down, don’t forget that we’re mages” said a soldier. ‘Just hold a burn spell until we can find something to torch”. Two soldiers set their hands on fire and everyone proceeds out.

“Stop, I hear something” said King romeo. They listen and hear a pur. The two soldiers with lit hands points to the source of the purring. It is a sevent foot peach colored cat with black stripes and three tails.

“It’s a monster!” said a soldier.

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Re: Vincen's Chapter 1 The Assault

‘Be careful not to scare it, it has-“ but the soldier was interrupted by the two soldiers’ fire shots but they immediately relight their hands. The monster makes a cry and a crack in the floor channels to where the two soldiers with lit hands are. The ground collapses beneath them and they fall down to the first floor.

‘Damn you beast!” said King Romeo. He takes a swing at it but the monster jumps out of the way. King Romeo holds a burn spell to make light. He aims his hand at the monster and it leaps at him. Before it could reach him it is knocked aside by a strand of lightning.

“Got it for you, your majesty’ said a soldier. The monster the monster gets back to its feet.

“I hear more coming!” King Romeo exclaimed.

“We’ll get those, you can take the pashcat!” said a soldier. The three soldiers goes over to fight two long legged creatures that are made of wood with green leaves sprouting out of their heads. King Romeo is having a hard time trying to strike the pashcat.

‘Forget it” said King Romeo. He places his sword back in its sheath and draws a pistol, shooting beserkily. The pashcat falls to the bullets and the three soldiers put the two wood monsters to splinters. One of the soldiers picks up one of the legs from the wood monster and and lights it.

“Hey, found us some torches” he said. He picks up another leg and throws it to another soldier. The soldier catches it and also torches it.

“We have to find the security room, from there we can deactivate the lockdown system” said King Romeo.

“Sir, why don’t you contact the other soldiers and tell them too?” a soldier suggested.

“Good idea” said King Romeo. He takes out a radio from his belt and cuts it on. “Attention all soldiers, this is your king speaking, I want you all to find the security and deactivate the lockdown system, please respond”.

“Roger sir” says two soldiers.

“It sounds like there’s only two of you, where are the other soldiers/” King Romeo asked.

“The two of them that were with us got killed when the lights went out” one of the soldiers answered.

“Okay over and out” said King Romeo and he puts his radio back.

‘Let’s head downstairs and look for the security room until the other two soldiers contacts us”. The four men goes downstairs to the first floor. When they arrive they see a pashcat scratching on a dead soldier.

“Kill it” said King Romeo. He and another soldiers casts a scorch spell at the pashcat that both hits it directly and kills it. They approach the dead soldier. King Romeo bends down and removes two sub machine guns from the dead soldier.

“Here, have this” said King Romeo. He hands one to a soldier and keeps the other one for himself. They continue on to look for the security room. Five minutes later the radio comes back on.

“King we’ve found the room it’s on the first floor by-“ the soldier was interrupted by a loud growl and yelling. The radio now fills with static.

“Damn, we lost them1” said King Romeo.

“We don’t know exactly where it is, but we know it’s on the first floor” said a soldier.

“Then let’s split up” said King Romeo.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, what if one of us has to face a herd of monsters?” says a soldier.

“Alright we’ll stick together” said King Romeo. Meanwhile back with Vincen, three groups of of soldiers heads toward Vincen and Lyde.

“We couldn’t get in the museum, it’s barred up!” says a soldier.

“Damn, we’re retreating once the King arrives” says Lyde. “Don’t worry prince your father will be alright” said Lyde.

“I’m not worried about him” said Vincen. Ten minutes later back with king Romeo, he and the soldiers are continuing the search for the security room. As they walk a hallway King Romeo notices a metal door on the left.

“Stop!” King Romeo orders. “A door” he points out. Before they could step to it, they here a flood of screeches. Then a countless amount of 1’5” birds swoops into view. King Rome and the soldiers immediately starts attacking the birds. A few of the red-eyed birds attacks them with their beaks and talons.

“It’s too many of them!” says King Romeo. “Evacuate into the room!”. With difficulty they make it to the metal, king Romeo opens it and they step inside. The last soldier who enters slams the door behind him with exhaustion.

They find themselves in a medium sized room with metal walls, T.V. monitors, control pads and five chairs.

“Finally, we made it” says a soldier. King Romeo takes immediate action to the control pad. He surveys it.

“Aha!” he says. He flips a silver switch and presses a red button. In several seconds the museum becomes unbarred and barricaded with the power revived.

“Woo hoo, let’s get the bobelli out of here!” says a soldier with joyness.

“Let’s be cautious, there could be a whole fleet of Rujcan soldiers outside” said King Romeo. “Let us make haste”. They quickly exit the room and head toward the entrance door. King Romeo opens it and to his relief there is no Rujcan soldiers waiting. He spots a convertible car across the street.

“Get into that car!” the king commands. He and the soldiers sprints to the car. They get in and a soldier hijacks it. They zoom off into the distance. Twenty minutes later as they head to the outskirts of the city , where Vincen and Lyde are waiting for him, a Rujcan military vehicle gains speed on them.

The vehicle is occupied by three Rujcan soldiers, one driving and the other two hanging out the windows armed with a sub machine gun and a shotgun. The two armed soldiers are firing at King Romeo and his soldiers. King Romeo’s group avoids the bullets by making a sharp turn. The Rujcans follow them, fires again, and misses once more. For five more minutes the Italvance Army continues to evade their shots and shake until, one the I. driver bumps into a large rock while turning.
A shot catches one of the soldiers. The other Rujcan soldiers fires at the car’s back two wheels and flattens them. The car swerves about while heading to the outskirts. The two Rujcans terminates the last two remaing I. soldiers and the car spins around. King Romeo jumps from the car before it crashed into a tree and runs toward his army’s airships.

Vincen can see him in view.

“Finally Dad” says Vincen. King Romeo tosses a grenade over to an attempt to kill the rampaging Rujcans. It explodes and the blast catches the left side of the vehicle. The vehicle falls over on its rightside and one Rujcan soldier storms out running after King Romeo. The soldier fires three with his machine gun, breaking the king’s barrier spell and putting him to death.

“Nooo!” wails Vincen. He jumps off the airship and sprints as fast as he can at the Rujcan soldier.

“Wait, no Vincen, you’ll get killed in your rage!” Lyde shouts. She comes to follow him pulling out a pistol. Vincen draws his artsword and casts an electroshock spell that directly hits the Rujcan man. With the electric bolt still connected to the soldier Vincen pulls his arm back with great force that the Rujcan is thrown over to him. The Rujcan drops to the floor and Vincen cuts his head off cleanly.
Vincen hacks ferociously away at the Rujcan’s dead body. Lyde runs up to him and disarms him.

“Stop it, stop it, it’s going to be okay” says Lyde. She gets to down onto her knees and hugs him. Vincen’s eyes are now filled with tears. Lyde let’s go, stands up, and pulls Vincen by the arm, getting him to his feet.

“Let’s go” she says pulling him behind. Lyde stops to search King Romeo’s body. She removes the Dragon’s Spade Gem from inside his poscket. “Pick him up Vincen, it’s best that he doesn’t decay here” said Lyde. Still in tears, Vincen crouches down and lifts his father from the ground.

He and Lyde walk together to the airship with the other soldiers staring. When they get in the door closes and the airships take off.[/INDENT]

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