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  1. What are you running?
  2. browser
  3. How long have you had your computer?
  4. What software do you use?
  5. New computer
  6. um...cleaning discs...
  7. What type of computer do you prefer
  8. How can I fix this?
  9. 64bit windows platform
  10. i think my computer is in danger!!!
  11. problems with installing Final Fantasy XI
  12. apple or microsft?
  13. Does your computer restarts a lot?
  14. ipod
  15. If you were to create a game.
  16. Time to System recover?
  17. internet option help
  18. downloading
  19. Broadband
  20. Ethernet
  21. Urgent Help, Please Help Fast!
  22. Stop sign
  23. your own website
  24. I need html help(do not post unless you can help)
  25. what the hell did my dad do!
  26. Mids files
  27. No driver for my mp3
  28. Subtitles?
  29. I need a good free virus blocker
  30. Website hosting?
  31. recording out from kpe
  32. I need help with Keyboard
  33. php
  34. Gaming Keyboard/Mice
  35. PC died - looking for advice on a rebuild
  36. Overclock stable in XP but not Vista?
  37. Please help recommend a 600w+ PSU with 30amp on the 12V rail!!
  38. The P Word
  39. DVD Speed Problem
  40. What type of hardware should I purchase?
  41. New sound card...slight issue
  42. Annoying Headphone Noise
  43. Favourite Computer program?
  44. Do you own a PDA or Smart Phone?
  45. wireless or wired mouse?
  46. Favourite Forum software?
  47. How do you save up to buy new Cell phones, PC, computers?
  48. Do you buy those extended warranties at stores?
  49. Apple, Windows, or Linux?
  50. What does your wallpaper look like?
  51. Best Current PhotoShop
  52. Brand New Original Unlocked Nokia n900 Cost 250usd