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02:41 PM
Just a group for anyone who likes Chocobo's.
6 1,121 4,439 0
12:48 PM
As everyone knows, traffic here has been little to nonexistent, SO!, I am starting the official restoration committee of FFNET. I am inviting each and every one of you to go out and tell everyone you know who loves FF, talking, or flat out goofy convos to give this forum a try. Remember, only join if you plan to stand by your word, if you sign up, promise you will at least support our cause and spread it around, you don't have a quota or anything, just lend us a hand. :) ONWARD MY MIN--!, GO FORTH AND SAVE FFNET!!!
10 2 6 0
11:54 PM
We all love her, some of us don't know it, but you love her. :) Half of us don't even know what her personality is like, but she's hot. :D jk, Lightning has the chance of being the coolest FF character evar! So, let's praise her, worship her and keep this Fan Club going. ^-^
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