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Max the Man 01-05-2008 06:59 PM

1001 RPG Clichés
Let's see if we can find 1001 RPG Clichés!!!!!

1. The hero's got amnesia--guilty: Final Fantasy VII, Most RPGs from the 90s
2. The hero's hometown is DESTROYED--guilty: Final Fantasy X
3. The hero's mute--guilty: Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest (series)
4. The hero's named by you (which can lead to some awkward dialog situations)--gulity: Final Fantasy (series 1-11), Dragon Quest (series)

Leon 01-05-2008 07:52 PM

Re: 1001 RPG Clichés
5. All adventures start by the hero getting up from sleep
6. Any character that falls off a cliff never dies and usualy comes back even stronger
7. There is always at least one guy that the hero meets with who has a problem which he's been trying to solve for years or decades, that the hero divinely solves in a matter of seconds
8. All legends are true, all uncertain facts are 100% accurate
9. Gravity has no real effect when someone is jumping or falling (see # 6)
11. The very rare items that will save the world and are always a pain to obtain are either useless, or get stolen in the end
12. There must be orphanes in the plot
13. Any missing pupil who is a relative to the hero will come back to fight him -most likely-, or join him -very rare-.

jedi geoff 04-17-2008 04:37 AM

Re: 1001 RPG Clichés

Originally Posted by Max the Man (Post 110167)
4. The hero's named by you (which can lead to some awkward dialog situations)--gulity: )

i named steiner in FF9 robert

just after you name him Brahne says: Adelbert *name you inputed*

so for me it was Adelbert Robert!

darkshadow2247 04-17-2008 09:21 AM

Re: 1001 RPG Clichés
14. Within the party, there's a dark and/or mysterious character

jedi geoff 04-18-2008 10:30 PM

Re: 1001 RPG Clichés
15. Theres only one way to get to your destination and thats through a dangerous or old cave or dungeon

Max the Man 04-23-2008 06:37 PM

Re: 1001 RPG Clichés
16: After 'training for countless hours' before the game's begun, you're still only level 1. Guilty: Disgaea (Series)
17: The main Character uses an oversized weapon, usually a sword. Guilty: Final Fantasy VII and VIII
18: The main female character can't cook and is clumsy. Guilty: Tales of the Abyss
19: there's one character who knows nothing about anything that's going on int he world around them, from simple slang terms to the leader of their own country. Guilty: Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy X

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