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Return of Legends: A Palis Story. Sign Up

Itís been over two years. A great story was told and once again it is that time. So once again we start a new destiny in a new world, not much unlike that of Palis, but with a much different fate.

So let us travel now to the world of Shangru, a world of seven moons and two suns. Here we find a world of a simple world built to civilization by close relatives to the Egyptians, a simple world of spiritual powers, gods that walk the earth, and conquering nations. An imbalance of power has begun to grow within this world though, one not seen by the people that inhabit this world. So once again a world in need calls forth Heroes from different planes of existence and different worlds around the vast universes.

Sign Up Info

OK I don't need to many experienced writers but i prefer people who know what they are doing, that is the first note.

Otherwise I am Open to anyone, the characters will be easy. Powers are limited to the mind, and well unless you act a god part, i don't care how powerful you really are. But if you cross the line to far I will remove your character.

Its going to be a fun open ended game, not quit as confusing as the original story. Just fill out a character sheet to get approved.
Invent a new time, a new life, a new reason to fight.
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