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Re: Best Monster groups for AP?

hmm...i never really used berserker. (although i do want to master every class someday...) i would assume not, because that would just ruin the game. its probably an optional add-on ability. (i would hope so, it just wouldnt be right to be berserk all the time. )

and yes, it was a good post i will get around to putting my entry on, i just dont have time at the moment ^^;;

have you visited the jachol cave? there are some really crazy scary monsters called skull eaters there, if attacked, about 6 more appear. (its a silver pallette swap of "nut eater".) they however, give 5 ap. do you have bio? im not sure if its at that part of the game...but it will go through their defenses. also, try throwing at them, that goes through defense, right? (its been awhile since ive played.) and...get aqua breath from the chimeras/ quadraharpy/ whatever theyre called in the karnak desert.

also, in a village called easterly. (on, who guessed it, the north eastern most side of the world map) is a forest. besides getting ramuh, the monsters there give decent exp and ap. the town is near a ginourmous waterfall. (which you wont be able to get to yet. not until a looooong time later. )

so...try those things.

btw, is this your first time playing this game?
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