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Yeah, using the old US numbering system is just a source of possible confusion. The games are called FF4 and FF6. I don't care that they were released in the US as FF2 and FF3, their real and original numbers are 4 and 6, they were the 4th and 6th games in the series. They've been re-released with these numbers in recent years too. I see absolutely no point whatsoever in calling them FF2 or FF3, even with the (US) tag at the end. It will just be confusing with different numbering on the same games, and honestly, adding the JAP and US tags at the end doesn't look good either.

Besides, to the rest of the world they are FF4 and FF6, nothing else, and even out of the americans, only very few call them FF2 and FF3 anymore.

As for the true FF2 and FF3 (for NES), FF2 is arguably the worst FF game ever, while FF3 is actually a lot of fun. You don't consider FF2 and FF3 part of the series? Or is it just the fact that you've never played them? Well, newsflash, a lot of people HAVE played them, and they HAVE been released here now officially. Leaving them out of a vote for the best game in the series is, no offense, stupid.

I'm not sure I can ever forgive Square for renaming the games the way they did, because the confusion about missing games in the series back then couldn't possibly have been any worse than what we have now instead. And the release of FF7 and on with the same title everywhere didn't present any problems, did it? *sigh*

Anyway.. I voted for FF7.
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