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Re: How does XII rank w/the rest of the FFs?

It was a toughie, but I chose 10.

The battle system was epic, even if the story was slightly cliché.


I love them all =w= even if 7 is overrated and 8's battle system was too hard to handle.

Anyway: My thoughts on 12 are: It definitely lived up to the hype in my world. The story was amazing, because it was the first story line that wasn't saving the world. Story's where the world isn't in danger are fine by me xD

The battle system was fun. My friends at school thought it was boring, but that's because they use a guidebook D< But getting rid of the 2 second breaks to random battles made the game seem much faster and left more room for character and story development.

My favourite thing about the game was the license board! It was so fun and reminded me a bit of the sphere grid, but a more open ended version of the sphere grid. It's great xD

Edit: FF9 added. Thanks for letting me know about my oversight =P

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