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Re: How does XII rank w/the rest of the FFs?

VI comes after IV? Then I clearly can't vote. FFXII to me was everything I thought it'd be and I really enjoyed it, unlike that garbage mound called XIII(meh game on its own in my opinion, NOT worthy of the Final Fantasy name, I think).

The fact that it was different didn't bother me at all, the licence board was easy to get, and some of the weapons and items had a bad enough drop rate to keep me determined to obtain them(RANDOMLY got a Grand Armor off Helvinek after Bob knows how many tries, and figured chaining Tower would work...and it I was lucky enough to obtain 4, that's right FOUR Yagyu Darkblade in one drop from a 36-chained Bombshell! Thirty-fudge-loving-SIX!).

The graphics I thought were second to none and the cinematics were the most fluid yet. The enemies were quite diverse and challenging, and I love the fact they included that awesome hunt minigame(which I've managed to capture EVERY creature except for that bloody Larva Eater(and Omega.........Great Crystal's the most tedious, Bob-awful stage in FF existance, and thought THAT'S an opinion, I'd feel safer it being a fact).

I'd say more but rather than do a full review, I'll end it here by saying; FFXII. It took me at least 4 years after it came out for me to play it and I was quite satisfied.
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