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Re: This game

Criticism Before Game:

Low expectations, I heard it was a shooter and I was disappointed, till I just forgot all about the game. Few years later after playing and dominating Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, I decided to try it out. And the fact that it was another FFVII spinoff made me cringe.

Criticism After Game:

Awesome game, I found the Memory Capsule hunt quite amusing, got me to scope out every last inch of every room. It was great till I finished story mode and found that there was no New Game + option, making it hard to go through more than once. Haven't tried the missions yet and I need to to complete the Extras which is bugging me.

All in all, awesome gameplay, couldn't put it down for days. I'm gonna start on it again one of these days.

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You've dun alot for this forum and tried to keep it going as best as u can, and even though ur comp crashed ur still posting through ur PSP. That shows commitment to this site and thanx Therath!!

Stick around and watch this sight grow, become a veteran and then show the newbies how its dun!!
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