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Re: i want tips for world 2..

Originally Posted by dappa
I've mentioned this in other threads before but remember guys that the enemies in the fanatic's tower on the higher levels can come out wiv some pretty nasty counter-attacks if you use physical attacks on them.

I dont use umaro for the fanatics tower. But if you go equipped wiv relics which protect against instant death you should fare up alot better against some of those counter-attacks if you decide to use him, ribbons are a must have too.

I tend to go for all the force armour and force shields when i climb this tower for obvious reasons.
I guess I've been lucky(or something)-I've never had much trouble in The Tower when I bring Umaro along.
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Re: i want tips for world 2..

Immediately after you get the Falcon airship, go back and get Terra from Mobliz. Then go directly to the Veldt (do not pass go, do not collect 200 gil). Get Gau back and buff him up with all the rages you don't have yet that you just encountered. Powerdemon and Orog from Darryl's tomb are important ones. If you didn't encounter Orogs in Darryl's tomb, go back and run around in the first room. You're bound to run into some.
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