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Final Fantasy X-2 Discuss Final Fantasy X-2: It might be an all girl thing, but us guys can have fun with it too!! Lots of Fan Service!

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Cactuar Thorn
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the AP egg

Where and How do I get the AP egg? If anyone knows, let me know
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Re: the AP egg

I dont remember an item called that but, I'll check for you in my guide and get back on that one
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Old 02-03-2008, 12:51 PM   #3
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John Smith
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Re: the AP egg

Quoted from GameFAQs.

Accessory Name: O�EGcO (Grow Egg) [AP Egg]
Buy:- Sell: 10 Gil
Colour: Gold
Auto Abilities: Luck +15

Triple AP
When you equipped this, AP gained is 3 times the normal AP.

Getting it:

Blitzball Prize

Calm Lands Secret Dungeon:
Chocobo Dispatching
Send chocobos of each level (Lvl 1 to 5) at least 3 times each for each level
of chocobos. When sending the three level 5 chocobos, make sure you have
one spare lvl 5 runner chocobo. All chocobos must return no running away.

Summing up minimum of 3 sends X 5 lvls = You need to send 15 sends minimum
with the last lvl 5 chocobo runner not dispatch in your ranch.
Leave ranch, board Celcius, return to ranch. An event should trigger,
revealing the Calm Lands Secret Dungeon
If help is needed you can refer to another FAQ for this part if not ask on
the message boards. The accessory is in the Calm Lands Secret Dungeon.

Yipeee, if you are playing your first game through, go go go get this
marvellous item. I will suggest you get this by playing the Calm Lands Secret
Dungeon or get it as a Blitzball Prize. The Blitzball Prize is still like FFX
if you don't like the prize listed reset and try again. However equipping 2
Grow Egg doesn't gets you AP X9 or AP X6 (Whatever you might think of)
The ability AP X3 only appears once on Auto Abilities and not twice even if
you equip 2 of it. I tried it, still got back the same 3 times AP doesn't seem
to make any difference to me. It does work with Key to Success accessory and
.. of Growth Garment Grid(aka Result Plate in Jap version).

Once you have mastered all your dress spheres, this accessory is uselss but a
great accessory collection especially if you are a perfectionist.
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Old 04-11-2008, 10:42 AM   #4
Indigo Truth
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Re: the AP egg

If the above is too difficult for you then you could always find a cheat disk like my brother did! Question, if you equip 2 does it triple and then triple again the amount of AP earned?


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