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Final Fantasy X-2 Discuss Final Fantasy X-2: It might be an all girl thing, but us guys can have fun with it too!! Lots of Fan Service!

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Re: shuyin & lenne villans?

Originally Posted by Avathar
When Shuyin was alive.. no, i don't see him as a bad guy, as he attempted to use the Vegnagun to stop the war, for the love for Lenne.
Killing other people doesn't it make it okay, who says if he used Vegnagun that the war would've ended, he might have just caused something bigger. Yes I see him as a villain as all villains want to destroy the world and wanting to destroy the world doesn't make you good.

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Re: shuyin & lenne villans?

exactly plus veganagun was sealed under bevelle for a reason. Cause it cant distiguish between friend or foe.
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