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Final Fantasy X-2 Discuss Final Fantasy X-2: It might be an all girl thing, but us guys can have fun with it too!! Lots of Fan Service!

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Re: need help on ff10-2

I never use any bangle or anything to give me a status effect. I use straight brute force. And I get throough alot of sh*t that way too. But yeah Put a gunner in with low life (yellow numbers) then use the Dark Knight, or even the Moogle Dressphere. (Recommends Moogle-higher ATK and DEF) If you don't have the Moogle make due with the Dark Knight but have 255 (maxxed out) Defence. You can get very good defence equiptment from the Farplain Abyss. And you should do ok. Or you can go through the game 3 times, find 3 cat nips make three gunners low life with level 3 trigger happy and well rape. Did it for fun and it worked out well.
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