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Dissidia Final Fantasy Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. Chaos, the god of discord. Reigning from distant realms, the two gods had gathered warriors from all lands to lead them in savage war.

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Exclusive Weapons

This thread is for those of you who want the Exclusive weapons, which are, in my opinion, the best weapons in the game. I'll tell you what items are required for each weapon and the effects of the weapons.

Character Name
Weapon Name, Level
Items Required
Effect of Weapon

Warrior of Light:
Flame Sword, level 50
Rapierx1, Spirit Stonex3, Protect Shardx2
ATK+36, Defense+5%
Braveheart, level 92
Flame Swordx1, Goddess's Magicitex5, Protect Crystalx3
ATK+63, Defense+10%
Barbarian Sword, level 100
Braveheartx1, Guiding Lightx5, Protect Orbx5
ATK+68, Defense+15%, Minor Counterattack Effect

Ogrekiller, level 50
Franciscax1, Gigas Bonex3, Strength Shardx2
ATK+38, DEF-2, EX Force Absorption+15%
Viking Axe, level 92
Ogrekillerx1, Blood-Darkened Bonex5, Strength Crystalx3
ATK+65, DEF-2, EX Force Absorption+20%
Gigant Axe, level 100
Viking Axex1, Wheel of Darknessx5, Strength Orbx5
ATK+70, DEF-2, EX Force Absorption+30%

Abel's Lance, level 51
Partisanx1, Wyvern Hornx3, Magnet Shardx2
ATK+37, DEF-1, Extra HP to BRV
Longinus, level 93
Abel's Lancex1, Beastlord Hornx5, Magnet Crystalx3
ATK+64, DEF-1, Extra HP to BRV
Wild Rose, level 100
Longinusx1, The Youth's Dreamx5, Magnet Orbx5
ATK+69, DEF-1, Extra HP to BRV, Minor Counterattack Effect

(I'll complete this tomorrow, I need my PSP for this and it ran out of battery, not to mention, I need more time, but don't worry, I'll get it done. )

Originally Posted by clief101_ View Post
You've dun alot for this forum and tried to keep it going as best as u can, and even though ur comp crashed ur still posting through ur PSP. That shows commitment to this site and thanx Therath!!

Stick around and watch this sight grow, become a veteran and then show the newbies how its dun!!
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