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RPG Stories Here you can talk about your recent battles, question on RPG. What every you feel that pertains to the RPG!

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Old 04-10-2007, 10:30 PM   #1
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Taedoe, The story of his life.

Taedoe, now a Succesful White Mage in the region of Vana'diel, did not use to be this lucky.

Taedoe came from a long line of great TaruTaru Black Mages. His father, Slonera, would always try to teach taedoe the ways of the Black Mage. Taedoe was a great learner. He learned spells quicker then he could say them. But Why did he throw away black magic to become a White mage?

One evening while teaching Taedoe the Black Magic spell of Fire IV, something went horribly wrong. His father suddenly dropped to the ground sending bursts of fire shooting everywhere. One of them hit Taedoe's Hut, burning his mother and brother to death.

Luckily Taedoe did happen to know the White magic spell of Raise, but he did not know it well enough to raise an adult. He could only bring his little brother back from the dead.

Later did he find out that the cause of his fathers sudden death was the constant stress that black magic put on him. Some mages can handle it better then others, but his father could not.

Everything Taedoe ever valued in life, his home, his mother, his father, were gone. the only thing he had now was his little brother, now at the age of 7.

Taedoe figured the only way to protect his brother was to become a White mage and learn the powers of healing. To protect his brother ment the world to him.

And so the Saga of Taedoe begins!
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Old 04-12-2007, 05:05 PM   #2
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Re: Taedoe, The story of his life. PT. II

The way of life that always came so natural to Taedoe was now gone. Him and his little brother, Tidus, were now freelancers. Traveling to where ever they could make a living. They never stayed in one town for more then a couple of days, making money anyway they could. Stealing, gambling, and other questionable acts were their means of making a living now.

This was until they came to the town of Bastok. Here they found food, water, and living space more abundant then the people that lived there. Taedoe and Tidus could now stay here, well for more then a week. They set up a tent under a tree in Bastok Square, right next to the market district. They fished for food, and took quests from the locals for gil.

By this time, Taedoe was very good in the white arts. So good, he didnt have to raise people from the dead anymore, he could prevent them from dying! Word got around fast about Taedoe`s skill. The bastokian military got wind of this great white mage from the east, Taedoe. The military was in need of a good white mage such as himself. So naturally they came looking for Taedoe.

When they got to his home, he was out fishing, but his brother Tidus was there. Tidus told the men where to find Taedoe, but they decided to wait for him to return.

And The saga of taedoe Continues.
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Old 04-13-2007, 10:22 PM   #3
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Re: Taedoe, The story of his life.


This should be a game or at least a movie. This is way better then some games I played.

I can't wait for the next sage ;res
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