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The Story of Palis A continuing story of worlds trapped in war, where their only hope are Heroes from other worlds.

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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

The creaks of the ship, together with the sound of the propellers formed what was now a familiar lullaby. Throughout of the ghostly passages, shadow and darkness spread, leaving only a few hallways illuminated by the spilling moonlight.
On the rim of conciousness, Titania lay in her bed, burrowed comfortably in the moth-eaten sheets. From the ceiling, there swung an old oil lamp, whose rusty handle creaked along with the rhythm of the ship. Peacefully, she turned, and as she did so, the sound of tiny bells swayed gently into the air.
Confused, Titania, sat up and waited, listening carefully for the sound once more. For a while there was nothing, but as she lay back down, it came again.

“Hello?” she called out, her eyes darting to every corner of the lonely room “Is someone there?”


“I know you’re here…” she continued, her voice falling dry over the creaky ship “Show yourself!!”

The only answer was her own echo.

Deciding she could not sleep, knowing some speechless being was wandering around, she got out of bed and walked cautiously to the door.
Jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle the bells’ delicate ring returned, as she made her way out into the hallway. There, outside her room, a pool of moonlight spilled gently onto the floor. She stared at it for a while, and as the bells returned, she followed its path outside; the light beneath her feet rippled like water and she did not cast a shadow through it.
As she emerged on the deck, she did not speak, because the silence of the night seemed to forbid it. With every step she took, her fear dissipated, and when finally she reached the deck it was gone. The moon and something else seemed to be calling to her, and she did not want to let it go. Slowly, raindrops began to gather until they fell in succession. But even as they did so, they did not stay and did not leave behind any evidence of their existence; everything was dry.
The chime of bells returned, but now they seemed more a part of her than anything else; when she walked, they sounded, and when she stopped, they were silent. Something now, a gentle noise, pulled her forward. It was beautiful, familiar, and yet mute.

“Where are you?” came a voice of the same tone.
“Out in the rain.” Titania answered.
“Come, and we will finish this now.”
“Indeed.” She said, and turned the corner; there was Syne, caught up in the same sort of trance.
“No rules.” Said Syne, as she drew her sword.
“And whoever wins…”
“…will decide what happens.”
Syne smirked, taking her stance and preparing for the fight “We will start ten paces away.”
“Fine.” Titania answered, holding out her hands, fingers apart. A blue light appeared and illuminated her face. From the magic came a smoke, which wound itself into an unearthly javelin, twisting in a serpentine manner.

The two walked their five paces and then smirked like friends in the rain as they prepared for the start in their heads. A ghostly lightning struck, and in an instant, the two ran at each other.
With a suddenly new strength, Syne pulled her thick sword backward before pushing it down at Titania. The mage dodged it, jumping back and landing with a strange lightness.

“You’ve gotten better.” The taller girl said, bringing her sword back up as if it were thin wood.

“So have you.” Titania answered, swinging her javelin low into Syne’s ankles.

The thick object hit her with a painful force, but she did not falter, and instead hurled her sword sideways to knock Titania over; the edge of the blade cut her arm.

“That almost hurt.” The mage laughed, thrusting her own weapon at Syne, who parried it and then drove the handle of her sword into her opponent’s shoulder.

Titania cried out, but did not take long to recover. She threw up her hand, and soon formed a blue flame around it. In an attempt to control it, Syne grabbed the mage’s wrist, but the fire only grew and caught painfully onto her arm.
She stepped back for a moment, and as another strike of ghostly lightning appeared, she seemed to take another form- like the light of the sky illuminated her true self. When the night flashed, she was no longer Syne, but a tall and shadowy figure. However, when the darkness returned, so did the form of the Zabasu.
Within moments, Syne pulled her own dark magic into her hands, striking the ground hard with it and causing the ship to shake. Titania struggled for a moment, but soon jumped onto a railing. Bringing back another blue flame, she leapt once more and set the flame to her javelin, which she thrust at her opponent.
With reflexes as fast as sky fire, Syne caught the object, now seeming unharmed by the magic on it. She swung it sideways and as she did so, threw a wave of Titania’s own magic back at her, before abandoning the weapon completely.
The mage jumped once more, leaving the railing which burst behind her as the enchantment hit it. Agilely, she crossed the deck and took back her javelin.
Eyes dark and fierce with the passion of battle, the two circled each other, weapons drawn and ready to use at any moment. The rain fell heavily now and as the peace of the night gave way to a storm, lightning flashed once more. Titania faltered, the brightness catching her eye. Syne took the moment and in a second, was before her. She made a series of strikes, which Titania blocked, but could not aggress against. With nowhere else to go, the mage moved backward, until her heel hit the edge of the ship where the railing had been destroyed. She lowered her weapon and stared at Syne, both of them knowing that with one strike she would be dead. Lightning flashed once more, and so, over Syne’s form appeared the image of Kani, who stared down at the smaller girl with an unreadable expression, which she returned.

“Go ahead.” Titania answered, her voice sounding different now. She dropped her weapon “I’m waiting.”

He stared down at her with his sword drawn, as if calculating what best to do “You’ve always expected the worst in me, Llideah. I’m not going to push you over.”

“Why not?” she asked, still bold “So that you can embarrass me forever with stories of how you’ve defeated me in a duel.”

“Everyone expected me to win. They already know.” He answered, arrogantly “Even before you came, they knew.”

“What good is it then to let me live? Let me die now with honour rather than live with the shame of knowing you had to spare me.”

“The first of those things –dying at my hand- is more common than the other. Why do you wish for it?”

“Because unlike you, I am not scared.”

He laughed “You are trying to make me angry now. Don’t start- I know you too well! Go!” He stepped back so that she could walk away “Go home and I will speak of this to no one.”

She stared at him quietly, unsure of whether it was a trick or not “Are you lying?”

“If I was, would I tell you?”

She smirked and took a cautious step forward, before picking up her javelin “So now who will decide? Who will be the keeper of fate?”

“I will.” Kani answered, and Llideah faltered, “I’ve won. I will speak of it to no one, but you must acknowledge that I’ve won.”

She smiled, bitterly “Very well, then.” She drew a stone from her apron “I believe that this is what you want.”

He smirked and looked at the object hungrily before taking it.

“All is fair in-”

Don’t say it.” She muttered, clearly not in the mood for any joke or reasoning he could think of. Sternly she stepped forward and looked straight at Kani “If I thought for a second that you would abuse this object, I would not give it to you. This stone is tied to me, and even if you bear its physical presence, it will always hold its true form in my soul. Take care in what you do with the object, and know that at any moment, I can put the spiritual form into another object which you do not posess.”

They looked at each other seriously for a moment, the bitterness of a failed duel and a loss hanging over Llideah, while that same hungry look that had possessed Brian took over Kani’s face. His eyes affixed on the stone, he smirked at the defeated “I will use the object as I wish. It is mine.” He said “And if you have any honour you will always acknowledge that. Do not threaten me now with tales of how you will take back my prize- accept your loss and let me be.”

She felt her hands tighten as she let her weapon disappear into the smoke it came from “Fine.” She said “I will ‘let you be.’ But I’m not going home.”

She began to walk away, but he threw his sword and it embedded itself in the ground before her.

“Where are you going?” he clenched his new stone, protectively, as he watched the white figure in the rain.

“I’m visiting a friend.” She said, continuing on “A friend of Noah’s.”

“Noah!” he laughed, but his heart sank at the mention of his old friend “He’s a fool, and he is dead to me! ”

“I know.” She answered, as she disappeared into the darkness “And you are dead to him.”


Below the deck, Belial and Osirus continued through a game of poker, while Magus, Glenn and Malice sat in the corner, sharing what few bottles of liquor the demons had not consumed.

“That table looks a little uneven, doesn’t it?” Magus remarked, staring at the piles of money and goods, which lay on Belial’s side of the game.
“Quite.” Answered Glenn as he took a small sip from an unlabelled bottle.
“Aw, hell!” came a cry from Osirus as Belial pulled more objects onto his side of the table.
“You’d think by now he’d figure out that Belial always wins…” Malice smirked as he drank.
“Some people are just slow, I guess.” Magus laughed.
“I can hear you.” Muttered Osirus.

Titania walked along the halls, and when she saw the others she peered in through the doorway.

"Am I interrupting any male bonding?" she asked, as she looked about the room.

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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

Palis, The Year 0 Aikia, The Sky

Magus looked up uninterestedly at the girl who'd entered the room. He felt a strange presence, as if she were not herself. He stood up, feeling an odd urge inside of him. Walking out the door, he beckoned for her to follow.

"Come to see me, Llideah?"

Titania shrugged. "Depends on who you are. Noah told me to meet his friend here."

Magus laughed. "That all depends on what Noah meant by friend. I am more of a guardian than anything else. The seven of us are to make sure everything runs smoothly."


"Yes, seven. There are seven of us, and we're supposed to make sure that everything happens as it's supposed to. But it's not - not yet, anyway."

"What are you talking about?"

The darkness swirled around him. "Two of us have been sent to guard certain people. We're supposed to make sure that, at least, those two people fulfill their fates. But I changed the rules."

"What?" asked Llideah.

"I've cast a spell, and a dangerous one at that. I was excommunicated from the Seven because of it. It's a good thing I was. I was going to be reporting when they attacked."


"The demons. The other five were slaughtered - Lord Nihel, ruler of the Seven; Safriel, Lady of Pain; Dakael and Kadael, the twins; and even Lord Arel, the Unfated. Only I and Gadriel survived."

"So what happened?"

"I cast a spell. I chose several souls to be sealed until the correct time. Specifically, the events that are unfolding shouldn't be unfolding for seven hundred years. So I sealed the souls of you, Noah, Gadriel, Kani, and myself. Seven hundred years from now, our souls will be bound to others. These other people will be our vessels to reenact these events. In seven hundred years, we will have this conversation again, Llideah, and we won't even realize that it's been so long. When that happens, I will protect Noah, just as Gadriel will protect you. After our seven hundred year intermission, we'll act out this exquisite play once more, but this time the ending will change to the way it's meant to be. I feel sorry for our new hosts, but it's necessary to keep them. When it's all done, we can depart for the afterlife and leave them to their normal lives, but-"

"Wait. You're denying us all the afterlife?"

"Twisted little game, isn't it? But necessary. Sorry, Llideah, but there's still a few more acts to go before we can take our final bows."

The darkness suddenly lifted from Variel's shoulders, and the sun shined down on the deck once more. Magus blinked, turned on his heel, and went back into the cabin.
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

As Magus left, a sudden cold filled the air, and almost as if she was pulled from under the water, Titania felt the sounds and lights of the ship return to her. She was dizzy, and her head pounded, causing her to pull up her hand to her temple. Something wasn’t right, and the shaking of the ship didn’t help. Every voice and every laugh that shot through the air caused her more and more pain, and as she began to stumble aimlessly, a darkness fell over her vision. Black blotches covered everything and the noise ran together until finally she hit the ground, her weight pressed against the floor and wall.

Ruthlessly, images swarmed her like flies on a corpse and with each one a silent scream broke through the air and shot through her ears. Amidst the noise and pain there was a face, looking down at her from within a shadow. It seemed to be speaking, but all she heard was noise and shrieks. Its eyes black and its hands covered in blood, it opened its mouth once more, letting out a hiss even though its lips were wide apart.

“You asked for this.” It said, its black teeth chattering in its decaying and unstable face “You asked for this!”

Through the chaos, it raised its hand high above its head, letting its knife catch the light for a brief moment before slicing through the darkness and diving toward her.

In a flash it was over, and Titania awoke with her hands over her heart. For a while, she looked around, her breath heavy and her stature rigid. Finally, as it became clear that whatever spirit had come, was gone, she sat up.

“Hector…” she whispered, exasperated “It was Hector…”

But what was that? What just happened? she brought her hand to her throbbing temple and let her head rest against the wall. Not soon after she had wondered, the answer came to her as if through some kind of common reasoning.

Of course- it was a warning.

Like a dream, the conversation with Magus came back to her- but he was speaking differently, and he was calling her by a strange name.

“After our seven hundred year intermission, we’ll act out this exquisite play once more” His voice ran in her head.

It would happen again. But if that were true, then everything would happen again. Everything.

Her chilled fingers found their way back to her chest and she clutched at it, instinctively trying to grab at her necklace. Where was her necklace? She thought back and remembered, then let her hand fall to the side.

Silent and cold, she sat for a long while, breathing in the musty air of the ship, knowing that she had seen the death this path would lead her to. Or would it? Magus had said that the ending would play out differently- would that mean that she would be spared? The answer, it seemed, would matter to more than just her-Llideah was not the only one to die that day, and somehow Titania already knew who else would fall.

You are the first, my dear, but don't fret because you will soon have company. What is happening now will happen to them and when it does, my world will return. This is no longer your time, but ours, and when we awaken we will bring to all of you the suffering we had to endure. What you have seen is what I have seen and what I wish to let you know. The others- they will learn soon too...of what pain this caused us and what this will lead to. Be thankful you have had your vision for theirs is coming and will be much worse.
You will be my Cassandra, but your friends will be the ones who suffer. Just as I suffered and just as those that I loved suffered.
Remember- their visions are coming and when they do the darkness will be much stronger than it is now. Be thankful this was yours for theirs will be strong enough to kill.

The voice came and left with the swiftness of a shadow. Leaning back against the wall, Titania closed her eyes to rest them for a while, and as she did so she felt the heat of the torches warm her cheeks as if to comfort her. For a brief moment she became a child again, sitting obediently as the heat wrapped around her like a blanket. Slowly, her eyelids grew heavy, and there, exhausted and tucked away in a corner of the ship, she felt the influence of sleep fall undeniably strong upon her. Afraid of whatever might come to her in her dreams, she forced herself up and made her way back to the others, hoping that they were still awake.


As Magus returned to the room, the euphoric smell of smoke and liquor filled his head and brought him back to reality. At a table in the center, Osirus and Belial still enjoyed their game, while at the back, the others continued their conversation, stopping only briefly as Magus entered.

“Art thou sound?” Glenn asked, noting that his comrade had left so suddenly.

“I’m fine.” Magus replied, taking a seat next to his friend.

“Why did you leave?” Malice inquired, as he took a sip from an unlabelled bottle.

“Why not?” Came the answer.

Something was different about Magus now, and even as they sat in the safety of the airship it seemed that he was aware in the way a watchman is. Even as Malice and Glenn resumed their conversation, he seemed almost rigid and protective, always making sure that both the knight and the demons were in his line of sight. The former was in some kind of danger, while the latter were not to be trusted.

“We should be arriving shortly.” Said Malice, “We’re making another stop.”

“Where?” inquired Glenn.

“Syne said that Nichi mentioned a place called Dimarus. From there we are to go to Old Grove.”

“Do we have a map of the area?” asked Magus, his gaze still dealt between Glenn and the demons.

“No.” Malice answered “The captain may know something, and if he doesn’t then we’ll have to figure it out for ourselves.”

Titania came into the room without a word and took a seat between Glenn and Malice, while Magus watched as if expecting her to suddenly attack the unaware knight. She caught his glance and for a moment challenged it with her own, before breaking into an awkward smile and looking away.

"So what have you all been talking about?" she asked, shuffling a little further from Glenn so as to appease Magus "Has anything happened? Where's Syne?"

"Nothing's happened, and Syne's probably asleep." Malice answered, " I suggest you all get some rest- we might arrive as early as morning."

Stretching his arms and leaning back a little, Glenn yawned as if agreeing with the proposal "Tis a sound idea." he remarked "Methinks I will retire..."

"I will too." Magus said, rising and waiting for his friend "What about you all?"

Titania shook her head, while the demons simply ignored him.

"I think I'm going to think for a while and sort out our plans." Malice said "We need to know what we're doing. I'll try to talk to the captain- he may know of our destination."

"You won't be able to think if you're tired." Titania protested "Go with Magus and Glenn. I will speak to the captain."

Her suggestion was not entirely for the benefit of her friend. In fact, she had a strong desire to interview the captain about the whereabouts of the demons- specifically Hector.

"I think I should feel better informed if I did it myself." Malice said, shaking his head "None of you worry about it. Just get some sleep and be ready to leave by tomorrow."

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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

Syne opened her eyes and stared into the night sky. The eerie night had made her remember things that no normal person should be able to remember. He past life was the of part of the evil demon known as Kani. Somewhere deep inside the monster was her, the little piece of reason that kept the world from being destroyed. Or at least this is what Nichi had told her about it.

“It’s a long road to fixing things.” Syne sighed.

With no one to answer her she didn’t have much to say.

With no idea of where to go to next, Syne had left the decision in Malice and Titania’s hands.

The world was so much different then her own, she still had much to learn. The past memories helped but things had changed a lot since the great wars.

Just as she started to think of good times in her own world Belial came over and sat down. “Death is the opening to a new world I was once told. So what’s that world like?”

Syne frowned “Jerk, I was enjoying my memories until you asked that stupid question.” Lying back Syne went on to answer the question. “Seeing as I don’t remember dieing I can’t really say much more then the world I was brought to was filled with hate and war only.”

“Is it so much different from here?” Belial asked

“I never remember sleeping there.” Syne said rolling over.

“I see, so you can find a value in being here?”

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved it here.”

“Maybe we’ll see this world be a even better off, then maybe someone even as scarred as me will be free to be happy.”


Silence once again filled the night. The airship hovered quietly above the forest.
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

The chilly night air whipped about as it tangled itself in the propellers of the ship. Carelessly, Malice shoved the rotting door open, allowing the red glow of the hallway’s torches to spill into the dark. With a sigh, he worked his way across the creaking floorboards, the smell of smoke and liquor still hanging onto him from the time he’d spent watching the poker game. As he approached his destination, it suddenly dawned on him that he was not alone. He stopped, if only for a moment, and soon walked forward, his hands already brushing the sides of his daggers. Without warning, he turned, and drew the weapons, stepping back and getting ready to strike.

“It’s me, it’s me!” came a voice “Don’t attack, it’s me!”

He paused, and lowered his daggers, but did not put them away. The night was so dark he could not see, even though this creature was clearly close by.

“Who is ‘me?’” he asked, the Theiran accent in his voice echoing through the air.

“Is it so late, and my voice so coarse that you cannot recognize it?” came a nervous laugh.

With caution, he stepped forward and bumped into the speaker, taking a step back so that he did not fall.

“Ah!” she cried, “Maybe I’m smaller than you, but I think you’d still mind where I am.”

At this, he put his weapons away.

“It’s too dark. It’s impossible to see.” Malice explained “Perhaps you should have said something instead of following behind me.”

“Well, I needed to speak with you but I wasn’t sure how to start the conversation.” Titania answered, clutching at her dark cloak and realizing it was probably the reason why he could not see her.

“What is it about?”

“…maybe you should sit…”

He shook his head “I have to speak to the captain before he falls asleep and lets his workers take over. ”

“It’s not the best news.”

He shrugged “…I cannot agree unless you tell me.”

“Well…when you and the others were down below the deck, I was outside, and something odd happened.”

“What?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“…Malice, I don’t want you to go around without being careful anymore.”

“That doesn’t explain what happened. Tell me.”

“It’s hard to explain. You’re not going to believe me.”

“I will. But tell me what happened.”

“I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Promise me first you’ll be careful.”

“I will…” he said, unsure of how to be any more careful than he already was.

“Well… I was coming down the stairs and all of a sudden my head hurt, and I became dizzy, and then there was a voice. It was a woman and she was talking to me- choking me. There were bells and the sound of steel and hooves, and everything was dark…but not like now. It was moving and it was painful and noisy. It made the world go away and left me alone. Even though I was downstairs I suddenly wasn’t there anymore and there was this horrible sound that was like a scream but not. It kept on crying out and I think it was looking for me. When I looked up, I saw this man staring down at me- only it wasn’t a man…” she fumbled, her words coming out all at once, with very little attention to speech or explanation “Do you remember in Adinem when I first came here? Do you remember the square? That’s where I was. I couldn’t see beyond his face but I knew that I was there. He grabbed me and then told me that I had ‘asked for it.’ There was pain here.” She put her hand over her heart “Even the darkness turned darker, and I felt tired and I wanted to scream, but this world had no sound besides that noise that was always playing and cutting at my ears.” If Malice was able to even make out the words she was saying, he was lucky. Everything spilled out of her mouth quickly and it was almost impossible to tell what was happening “Then after that it went away. The darkness left- not quick like a nightmare, but slowly: like a tide. And then there was that voice again, and she spoke to me. And she showed me things- things that will happen. Or…that did happen…what I mean is…” she was flustered “What did happen and what will happen…”

Malice listened, not fully understanding, but trying to. Suddenly, he heard the captain’s footsteps. Turning, as if suddenly forgetting what was going on, he tried to catch the other man.

A sudden anger filled Titania and she caught his arm, pulling him back so that he had to pay attention. Embarassed, she slowly let go and looked away so she could deliver the information without having to see him.

“Malice..." she began, her voice falling cold and distant over the air "...she showed me...she showed...”

There was a silence; Titania still did not look at him for fear of what his face might say. With quiet words, she finally raised her chin and when he saw her he knew what she was going to say.

"Neither of us is going to live."

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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

Normally, Malice wouldn't believe a statement like that. His mind had not been clear lately, his focus blurred. The time that had passed since entering the forest almost seemed forgotten to him, as if it had never happened. He just felt different, like a whole different person, a pawn in the grand scheme. Even his friends had been acting weird lately. Malice tried to think back to when he had first noticed the change, and then it occured to him. The last time he'd felt focused was before Nichi's death. Was the stress of leadership becoming a burden? He shook the thoughts from his head, a task which he had become far too accustomed to over the last few weeks.

Malice looked forward. Titania was looking at him with pleading eyes, tears welling within, waiting to be released. Her face bore the same sincerity that he had always seen. Titania was not a girl to pull any tricks, and if she was blindsiding them all, well then they were in trouble, because they would never see it coming.

'I...I believe you Titania,' he said, shocked that he was uttering the words. The idea sounded proposterous. Their lives were in danger? Well that was certain. They lead themselves into evil, and where evil lay, disaster struck. But there was something not right about what she had said. Something inside of him had known that information already. He quickly overshadowed those thoughts, and looked to Titania. He put on a facade, a fake smile, to try and reassure her. 'I'll watch my back Titania. Just make sure you watch yours! Thanks for the heads up.'

Titania smiled and wiped away her tears. The two stood facing eachother awkwardly, as if waiting for the other to say something, and it was Titania who finally turned and left, uttering a quick thank you.

Malice scratched his head as she disappeared into the black night. His goal suddenly came rushing back, and he dashed down the hall in search of the captain.

The captain seemed ready for his arrival. He stood, pipe lit in his mouth, facing the doorway.

'Ahh Malice, I jes' sent someone teh look for yeh,' he said, a swagger in his voice. 'I know ye're planning on headin' North, but I must ask you a small favour. I jes' got word that there's a city to the east, Ramodin. They say they're bein' overrun by enemies. I know ye've got other plans, but could ye help 'em?'

Malice was not one to say no, but he knew where their real mission lead them. We must continue North. This is a diversion. It is obvious, he thought. He looked up at the captain, who bore a manipulative twinkle in his eyes.

'Yeah,' he said despirited. 'Take us to the village.'

He turned around to leave, ignoring the captains words of praise. Sick of being pushed around, and unsure of his state of mind. He retired to his chambers.

((-Sorry if that was sketchy. I'm unsure where to go at the moment, but I felt like I should post. If theres anything you want me to change, let me know. I'm trying to build my character here a bit, because I have big plans for him soon!-))

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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

They were heading east. That’s what Malice had told the others. A village needed their help so of course no one could disagree. Anyways it wasn’t like it was a very long distance from there to the town. Ramodin was a small town just to the west of Cana. So if they stopped forces there they would slow the progression of all the forces heading west towards the last remaining untainted cities on the main continent.

Syne sat near the top mast watching the horizon. The steady darkness in the distance calmed her mind. The many memories that she had to think through were anything but easy to decipher. She now could remember why she felt strange feelings towards Titania.

Below Syne could see Titania watching the ground below her moving past swiftly. The lights of demon camps could be seen in the horizon. Nothing else could be seen.

Belial and Osirus sat on the duck playing cards, which they had been doing for the entire time she had known them.

With a light change in the wind Malice landed next to Syne. “Do you know what is happening here?”

Syne just let out a long sigh.

“You do know more then I do at least, what is it that you know?” he said taking a seat next to her.

Syne sighed again and shook her head. “I don’t know much but I fear for her safety out of all of us. She had the biggest role in our past life.”

Looking confused Malice tried to start a question but the words wouldn’t come to his lips.

“Look I don’t know all the details but she’s the one that killed me. She killed herself at the same time.” Syne said looking sadly at Titania.

“But why does she think I’m in danger?”

“That is because she is being manipulated by Kain right now.” Syne said “Kain is controlling the memories that she can receive from her past. I don’t really know how I can stop it. But that is what is happening right now.”

Malice let out a sigh. “So she is not in the best frame of mind right now.”

“That’s what I know right now. I wouldn’t try telling her of this. Kain will loose his control soon; his mana power is very low. Out of all of the servants of Kani he had the least power in that area.”

Malice nodded.
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

The sun began to spill over the peaks of the eastern mountains, painting a stream of orange beneath an otherwise shady sky. The airship glided through the clouds with ease, and despite the looming danger, seemed peaceful.

Pale hands resting on the rail of the deck, Titania looked down at the rivers and lakes below. From in the clouds they seemed so insignificant.

So tiny.

And yet she knew that if you were walking through them, they would be almost impossibly complicated. Such were things. You live through them for an eternity, and then when they’re over, they seem all a moment. So fast.

So small.

She stared at the rings on her fingers -symbols of her life in Madain Sari. As the air chilled and thickened, she realized that she could no longer remember what it was they stood for. It was as if something had pushed the memories from her mind and now all that she had were these remnants of a moment gone by. Even the sunrise –once a sign of life and comfort- seemed hollow. There was some meaning in it she had lost, and though she struggled and grasped to remember, it tore away from her like a frightened bird.

“You’re such a fool…” she muttered to herself out loud, as she took off her rings and dropped them into her apron.

“You are.” Came a voice; it was Belial’s “And more than I thought. Since when does the priestess talk to herself?”

His tone always annoyed her and had a way of making her angry, yet she was not scared of him. In her mind, she had no reason to be.

“Since when? Since Spades couldn’t even be strong enough to rescue himself,” She muttered, a new bitterness in her voice “since he needed help from his friend.”

“The poor bastard didn’t rescue me.” Belial answered with an aggravatingly calm tone, obviously better at this game than his new opponent was “He came and got himself in trouble and I had to save his ass.”

Titania laughed, but it was not pleasant “And that’s why you were so dazed when you returned.”

“I was ‘dazed’ because I did all the work.” He answered.

“Fine.” She lied “I believe you. Now go off and let me be.”

This was too much. How could she think to be so dismissive of Belial? As soon as the words emerged from her mouth, she regretted them and prepared for any kind of pain that might result. Surprisingly, there was none.

Syne watched the conversation from where she sat, and finally turned away, making her way across the ship to where there was plenty of room.

When she had first come, it had seemed as if everyone knew more than her, but now that she had gained her footing, it became clear that she was the only one who understood. While they all smiled to each other and worked for whatever obscure goal it was that they had, they were all at the same time dying. It was as if she were on a ship of ghosts; a place full of hollow people who were crumbling into themselves while at the same time saying how great they felt. She wondered about this- how and when each of them had given up and retreated into an internal cave, shrinking away from the sunlight and withering away into corpses. How long had they hid themselves for? How long would it be until she did the same?

She drew her sword and swung it at an invisible creature, playing back the techniques in her head.

Step, swing, step, pull.

Step, swing, step, pull.

This way, she shut the world out for a time and lived for the pulse of her hands, the beat of her heart; this way she could hide and forget; this way, she too, gave up.


“What troubles thy mind, Malice?” asked Glenn as he climbed to the upper deck “Hast thine eyes not met the joy of sleep in these past hours?”


“Thou hast stirred for all the night, then?” Glenn remarked, taking a seat next to his companion “Fret not, if that is all that troubles thee. For we have all experienc’d such dilemma. It passes and should bring no burden beyond this day.”

“It is not unrest that bothers me, Glenn.” Malice answered, after some silence “Maybe I seem upset, but . I’m only just planning what we’re going to do when we arrive.”

“Ah, hast thou knowledge of the land, then?”

“…I do…” he said, sounding surprised by his own answer.

“Then it is best that you do plan. Shall I leave you?”

“If you’d like…” Malice answered.

Glenn rose and turned away “It is still dawn. Prithee, sleep now and later we shall all bear the load. Do not continue, else thou shall find thyself beneath the weight of anxiety.” He smiled and disappeared into the fleeting darkness.

For a moment Malice thought, but as he saw Belial cross the deck, he was reminded of the task at hand.

Titania turned and stared at him as he disappeared into his thoughts. She began to move toward the upper deck, but something stopped her; some force wrapped around her like a serpent, holding her back and whispering in her ear. As she stared upward, the ghostly stranger met her gaze with his hollow, glossy, tired eyes, making her realize how many miles and how many walls they had begun to build between them. It seemed that the same thoughts passed through both minds, though neither spoke and neither moved.
As the air fell cold in the orange sky, Titania turned to look off the deck, unable to watch any longer. To her, he had seemed so distant.

So small.

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