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The Story of Palis A continuing story of worlds trapped in war, where their only hope are Heroes from other worlds.

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Glenn caught Titania before she could run to her friend.

“He’s bleeding!” she yelled, struggling to free herself.

“Forgive me, but to intervene now would only be foolishness!” he exclaimed, gripping her arms so that she had to face him “Who knows what poisons their minds- they may see either of us as an enemy, and that will be the end.”

“But his arm! And Magus, too! They’re going to kill each other, Glenn!”

“I do not like it either! But running out there will not help anyone!” he insisted “Think for once! There is no way to help if we are dead.”

She stopped trying to run, and conceded defeat.

“What can we do, then? One of them will murder the other!” Her gaze darting back and forth between two, she pleaded with Glenn. Her voice cracked with exapseration.

Unsure of the answer himself, Glenn thought for what seemed like an eternity.

“…have you a spell?” he asked, finally.

“I could try to think of something, but it might take a while.”

“Try. I will do mine best to think of another way out. The situation does not look good, though…” Nervous and scared, he watched the scene in the clearing “…let us split up and watch from both sides. Remember to think before acting!

She nodded and the two parted ways, each going to opposite ends of the clearing; Glenn hiding behind Magus, and Titania behind Malice.

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The flames that usually eminated from Boiz's body intensified and grew. The sudden flare surprised Malice. There was an oddity about these flames though: they were filled with an outside element, a dark presence about them. Malice shook it off, returning his focus to the battle. He brushed off his vest of dirt, once again revealing the air insignia on his right breast, over his heart. He took stance and readied his daggers.

"Let's dance," he said determined, and shot forward upon the wind. He sliced forward, his daggers gliding smoothly through the air that seemed to part for his attack. Boiz nimbley dodged, jumping up and over Malice. When he looked backwards, Malice wasn't there.


Magus looked backwards towards what once stood Ozzie, but nothing was there.

What, he thought. Ozzie can't simply disappear.

He looked around, scanning the area, but to no avail. Frustrated, he swung madly his scythe, but as he did so, he was struck from behind by Ozzie's foot. This was an unorthodox move. Ozzie had always fought by staff, and never by hand or foot. He was a spellcaster, and he stayed true to his trade. Something wasn't right.

A pain shot through Magus' head again, but this time it was worse. Before him no longer stood Ozzie. Nothing stood in front of him. He still stared at the forest, though through a tainted universe. He saw the outline of the trees, but they were black. The sky was black, except for the ultraviolet light of the sun. The outlines of the trees were a static white. Magus gripped his head and tried to shake the thoughts from his head, turning his thoughts to Schala and his friends. That's when the oddities hit him.

The daggers.
The blue eyes.
The disappearing.

Was he fighting Malice?

No it couldn't be he thought, and the ominous black terrain once more became the dense green canopy of the trees.

"Now I will show you my real power," said the voice of Ozzie from the other side of the clearing. He spread his arms so they were 90 degrees from his body, a perfect symmetry. Magus noted as his clawed seemed to detatch themselves from his arms.

"Here we go," Ozzie said.


Malice prayed to the goddesss of the wind as he raised his daggers, pointing the blades outward. He summoned the guardian wind to aid him, and he threw his daggers forward with incredible speed. In the hands of the air the daggers flew hence, slashing at Boiz's side. Malice's hands, now outstreched forwards, turned inwards. With his palms facing up, he raised his hands at the wrist, and the daggers came to a complete stop. His hands parted to opposite sides of his body, and with it, the wind danced and the daggers parted. With a great fury, he waved his hands. The daggers danced to their conductor, and flew back and forth, slashing at Boiz at each pass. Malice waved his hands wildly as he lead his brutal symphony. Finally, he called forth his daggers, and with a stunning finale, they pierced his enemies sides one last time before returning to their master's hands. Boiz's limp figure collapsed to the ground.

Malice panted as he walked over to Boiz. Boiz looked up with terror in his eyes, a terror that Malice had never seen before. Fueled by the lust of battle, Malice smiled sadistically. He unsheathed a single dagger, and pointed it at Boiz's throat. Revenge was definately bittersweet.


Magus looked up at Ozzie as the pain flared through his sides. He rested himself on one arm, and though the pain was unbearable, he knew he must bear it. He couldn't die without saving Schala.

The pain of his side was suddenly pushed aside as the pain shot through his skull. Magus cursed at the timing, but it was cut short by another wave of pain. Magus looked up, and gasped. He stared into the eyes of Malice.

"No," Magus said weakly, staring at the framiliar dagger pointed at his throat. "Malice, please don't."

Malice looked down at him, expression unchanged. He pushed the dagger closer towards his friends throat. Though the comment from the villain was more of a plea for help than anything, Malice was fueled by revenge. He readied himself to strike.

At that point, enough was enough, and Titania stepped in.
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Her mind was flooded with choices, none of which she could make. Her decision torn between her two friends, she simply ran to where the fight had come to what might be a violent finale.

“Stop! Malice, stop!” she yelled, coming up behind him and pulling his arms back so that he could not use them.

Realizing that Magus might retaliate, Glenn followed suit and held down his friend.

“I’m so sorry!” she cried, keeping a tight grip on his arms so that he could not free himself. Internally, she thanked the eidolons for the melancholy injuries he had taken in.

“What are you doing?!” The Theiran yelled, trying to free himself. He twisted about, knowing that he still held his daggers, but thirsting for revenge.

“Back off, Slash!” Magus warned, ready to attack Glenn.

“Janus, you know not what you do!”

There was a loud bang as Magus’ fist met the side of the knight’s face.

“Magus, stop it!” Titania yelled, still trying to restrain the struggling Malice.

Angered and confused, Magus turned toward the girl and nearly caught her in a spell once more. Titania, realizing that she had turned Malice into an open target, pulled him quickly to the side and dodged the attack.

“Glenn, what should I do?” she screamed

The knight was too busy to answer. With all his strength, he jumped on his friend, attempting to bring him down. His efforts were in vain, and no sooner had he tried to stop the fight was he his with a dark spell.

“Janus! Janus!” he yelled, trying to calm down the angered man.

“Leave this to me, Glenn!” Malice yelled, struggling furiously to escape.

“Please, calm down!” Titania cried, her mind telling her to avoid Malice’s senseless daggers, her soul telling her to restrain him, and her heart telling her to keep him away from harm.

“What the hell are you doing?” he yelled, confused “Boiz is right there! Don’t you know what he’s done?”

“That’s not him!”

“I know it was him! We all know he did it! Now let go of me before I have to do something I don’t want to!”

What he said did no good, because she was sure his threats were empty.

“I can’t let you kill him! Malice, it’s not him! Listen to me, it’s not him!”

“What lies has he told you?” the Theiran yelled, finally freeing himself of her grip.

“Your daggers!” she screamed, clutching her hands, which ran with blood.

He shook his head, but was already approaching his enemy “I didn’t mean to! But I can’t deal with this right now. He’s here!
Glenn! Leave him to me!”

The knight did not hear him. His armour making a loud bang, he landed on his back, Magus having sent a swift spell at him.

“Janus, thou art mistaken!”

“Ha!” he replied “Stop talking in such poetic tones, and accept your doom!”

“Haven’t you taken enough life?” Malice’s fist met the back of Magus’ head and pushed him forward; before he could land, the wind caught his injured body and tossed him further.

Rising to his feet once more, the mage shot his opponent a condescending look “You challenge me on the circumstance of death!?” he laughed.

“Let’s finish this!” Around the Theiran, the air began to rise. Swirling forward in a horizontal whirlwind, the sudden burst of air hit Magus with such great force that he could hardly stay grounded. Struggling to make his way through the obstacle, the mage began to form his own dark spell. Spinning through the center of the vortex, the sudden pulse of dark energy moved through the wind, until suddenly both powers fell.

Stumbling for an immediate lack of energy, Malice hit the ground. “W-what sorcery is this?” he cried

Unknown to him, Magus had fallen to the same fate, and he clutched his head in pain “Are you afraid to fight fair?” he yelled, thinking his opponent had caused the effect.

The two struggled, but in less than a few moments, each fell unwillingly into a forced unconciousness.

“Glenn, are you alright?” Titania asked, as she let herself rest on the ground, clearly exhausted.

“I shall manage.” The knight muttered, “And you?”

“I’m fine.” She replied “Just a little bit of a cut.”

Raising his head, he stared at her hands “Luck seems to have been on your side. It is not deep. The pain is probably from the shock.”

“Right. I’ll heal it later.” She nodded “What will we do with these two. It is inevitable that they should awake.”

“We may only hope that they will see clearly when they rise.”

“And what about us? What if we start seeing each other as enemies?”

Glenn thought hard for a moment and stared at the unmoving bodies of his friends.

“We will separate them so that when they awake they do not see each other. If they are still under the illusion, we will be able to tell. If not, they can travel together once more.”

Titania nodded, and the two made their way to their respective friends.

“Meet back in this clearing soon if possible.” Glenn said.

With pain and effort, both managed to take the injured to separate spots in the wood.


“…what... ?” came the first word at sunrise.

Head pounding, Malice sat up and looked around. He found himself near the edge of a cliff, submerged in endless woodland- above him the forest rose high and the birds chirped; below him the ground was hard and dry. Between the miniature valleys of the cracked earth, ants crawled in and out of their homes like tiny armies, each with the same thought in their mind- protecting their queen and home. Malice watched the creatures for a while, until the sound of the chirping morning herald called his attention.

His weight resting heavily on the ground, he could not mustre the energy to stand. It was such a dominating feeling that had overcome him only a few hours before, that still it lingered over him like a hazy opressor. Obligated to remain where he was for lack of will to do otherwise, Malice turned to gaze upon the east where the sun rose. There he saw a solitary figure only a few metres from him, sitting and keeping some kind of guard. She did not face him and yet he knew who it was.

“What’s going on?” the Theiran asked.

“Last night you had a fight.” Titania answered, dryly, her voice falling quickly in the cold morning air.

His eyes turned down as he thought, Malice searched through the universe of memory which resided in his mind. Straining to find some thread of what had happened the night before, he was silent for some time.

“That's right, I fought...with Boiz…”

“No.” Titania corrected “With Magus.”

Malice shook his head “No. I was in the forest with him, and he had a…scythe?”

The memory shot through his mind like lightning, and he brought his hand up to his temple as if in pain.

“Something happened to you two yesterday. You were fighting each other."

“But I saw him.” Malice insisted, and rose.

“It was some kind of illusion.” She said “Only an illusion.”

“Then how…” he looked at his own injuries.

“Glenn and I had to break you two up.” She muttered, coldly.

Malice was quiet as he came up behind her, his memory slowly being lured out of hiding.

“Your hands?”

“They’re alright.” She answered, “Like Glenn said, it was just the shock that made it seem so painful.”

He shook his head “I didn’t mean to. I’m very sorry.”

“Don't worry about it." she shrugged "How is your arm?”

“It does not pain me so much anymore. Now it's simply a bother."

“That's good. It bled for quite a while last night, and didn't settle down until a few hours ago. You’re very lucky to be alive.”

He looked at the two bandages, one on his arm the other on his shoulder.

“Thank you.” He said, but his voice was hollow and it was clear his mind wandered.

There was silence, until finally Titania turned to face him.

“I’m sorry I’m not much to talk to. I’m just about ready to fall asleep.” She laughed “I couldn't rest last night for obvious reasons, and now it’s still impossible, because I’m not sure if you’re a figment that will throw me off a cliff in my sleep.”

“How can I prove I’m not?” he asked, smirking as he sat down once more.

“Don’t throw me off a cliff in my sleep.” She answered, her wit having dulled from lack of rest.

He smiled as she yawned, clearly amused by her inarticulate speech.

“How about we rest here for another few minutes?” he questioned, “I need to think some things through, and you can take a quick nap.”

She nodded “Don’t run off, though. You don’t know what strange condition you might fall under."

He smiled and turned away “Just go to sleep. I’ll wake you up when we have to leave.”

She gave him a thankful expression but then shook her head.

“I don’t need to sleep…”

“I have to think things through, you might as well…” He turned once more to look at her; she was out cold.

Malice smiled and turned to look off the cliff which he sat upon. To his disappointment, there was no way to see what lay ahead of them- the entire forest was flowing with fog.

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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

Nowhere, Never, The Darkness


Floating in the darkness.

Even now I feel the nothing creeping around me.

I hate this place more than is possible. I want nothing more than to escape and go back home...

What is this feeling? Remorse? Impossible! I am (Janus Zeal) Magus, lord of the Mystics! I will return home to (The Kingdom Of Zeal) my castle! I will summon Lavos to (get revenge) destroy everything and everyone!

If only they could see me now. Great Lord Magus. Missing his home. A failure. I miss the ones who cared about me. I miss (Schala) Ozzie most. Ozzie raised me to be the leader of the Mystics, only (The Gurus) Ozzie believed I could have more powerful magic than (my sister and mother) the other Mystics.

I don't care. I'll destroy all the worthless humans. I'll rip them apart. They'll feel pain. I'll get revenge on (Lavos) them!

Revenge for what? What did they ever do to me?

(They didn't do anything to you. The war with them was a cover.)


(A cover so you could destroy Lavos. Get revenge on him taking you away.)


(Taking you away from Schala.)



"Schala!" cried Janus.

(Don't worry, Janus. Everything will be alright.)

"B-b-but Schala... where'd she go...?"

"She came to Palis," answered Magus. "She came here and I followed her."

(That's right, Magus.)

"What-what's Palis?" asked the young boy.

"It's a place. A place far away, in another dimension," responded Magus. "Don't worry. She'll be safe."

"No she won't!" Janus's cry echoed throughout the nothingness. "She won't be okay! That monster's going to kill her!"

Magus shook his head. "No. No. NO! She's still alive. She has to be. That Lavos Spawn didn't kill her."

"Are you sure? Did you see her alive?" Janus whispered.

Magus shook his head, sinking to his knees. "No..."

(Pull yourself together! You can't have an identity crisis now! Not while your friends are relying on you!)

"How can you have an identity crisis? You're not even real," said Janus. "I'd never grow up to be something so mean, so blindly believing in something."

Magus looked up. "You have no idea, Janus. You have no idea what your future is like."

"Or maybe you've forgotten your past, Magus. Maybe you forgot what you used to be like and how they can never be connected."

(Come on! Fight back! You can do it!)

"They are connected. Important things can change a person, as long as one thing stays constant."

"Oh? What is that constant then, Magus?"

"Schala. I still want to save Schala. Even when I was Janus I'd never give up hope that she was going to live forever. Even Janus didn't think Schala would die."

"And you still uphold that belief?"

"Even beyond the end of time."


Palis, The Year 0 Aikia, Chimera Woods

Magus woke with a start. Glenn froze, sword ready in case Magus tried to hurt him again.

(Calm down, calm down. Hey, boys, guess who the prophet was?)


(No, silly, he wasn't me. He was the prince!)

Big Sis! You found us!

(Yeah, and I had one hell of a time trying to get that shadowy thing out of Magus's dreams. I sifted through his memories while I was in there, so I know his whole story.)

Yeah, nobody should mess with Big Sis when it comes to dreams!

Glenn glanced at the sword. "Care to introduce us?"

Oh! This's our big sister Doreen. We haven't seen her since Zeal fell!

Yeah, Masa! It's been a long time since we hung out with her!

(Well then, you two, feel like squeezing over a bit?)

The sword flew from Glenn's grasp, floating in the air. Suddenly the blade became thinner and more jagged, and...

...a second blade extended from the bottom of the hilt.

The now two-ended sword floated back into Glenn's hands.


Magus grinned. "Nice sword. Think you can handle it?"

Glenn twirled the Mastermune expertly. "I shall manage," he said, also smiling.

Palis, The Year 0 Aikia, Chimera Woods

In the darkness, a shadowy creature howled in rage over losing its hold over one of its prey. Angry, it focused more of its illusory powers on its remaining quarry.
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

((I didn't understand a damn word of that))
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

((Alright then, FFnut's Post For Dummies:

There are three... I dunno, shaved hamster essences or something. Their names are Masa, Mune, and Doreen. Masa and Mune were combined to form a legendary sword called the Masamune. Original, huh? The Masamune is Glenn's sword. Their big sister, Doreen, came to Palis. The name Doreen in Japanese is pronounced the same as "Dream", so Doreen has the ability to enter dreams. Magus was knocked out from Titania's spell, and Glenn was watching him. Phantasm also has the ability to enter dreams, according to Titania's post.

Magus was floating in the darkness of his dreams, where Phantasm was selectively eliminating some of his memories so that he'd forget exactly what his past was. Doreen showed up, looked at his real memories, and tried to help him remember. Eventually a discrepancy in his memories made him realize that what he was remembering was wrong. In a last ditch attempt to keep Magus from breaking away, Phantasm recreated Janus, a version of Magus... well, due to the time problems, let's just say ten years younger in chronological age. Magus and Janus converse for a bit, with Doreen trying to help him reassert himself. Basically, Phantasm was giving him an identity crisis. Magus manages to remember what made Janus into Magus, as they were both very different in many aspects, and he breaks free of Phantasm's spell.

After Magus breaks free, Doreen starts talking to Masa and Mune. Eventually she joins with the sword - see the post for the description of what it looks like now - and the sword is renamed the Mastermune.

And for future reference, Masa, Mune, and Doreen do NOT use quotation marks - Masa uses bold text, Mune uses underline, and Doreen uses parentheses.

Wow, this explanation is almost as long as the original post...))
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

Palis, The Year 0 Aikia, Chimera Woods

Malice sat down next to Titania's sleeping form. "Hey." He rubbed her shoulder slowly and stared into the fire. After a few minutes, he realized something was wrong. "Titania? You alright?" He shook her vigorously. "Are you okay? Wake up!" He shook her even harder, then looked up helplessly at the stars. "Please... get up..."

Palis, The Year 0 Aikia, Chimera Woods

Glenn dove through the woods with certainty, Magus following him.

"You're sure this is the right way?"

"Wouldst the Mastermune's empathies lie?"

"I guess not..."

They emerged into the clearing where Malice was over Titania's body. He looked up and drew his daggers.

Don't hurt him! He's Magus!

Malice blinked. "Wha...?"

Oh boy... what happened to her?

"Where are those voices coming from?"

"We'll tell you later. What's wrong with Titania?" asked Magus.

Malice just glared at him. "How do you know her name, Boiz? Been spying on me?"

"Doreen, wanna wake him up?"

(Can't. He has to be sleeping for that to work.)

It's alright, me and Mune can do it!

Malice was knocked backwards in pain. "GAH!"

Mune, I meant wake him up!

I thought you meant put him to sleep!

"Wilt thou silence thyselves and snap him out of his illusions?"

Fine. Mune, let's do it!

The blades of the Mastermune began to glow and suddenly Boiz became Magus. Malice shook his head. "What the..."

(Oh no. This is bad.)

Magus rolled his eyes. "Perfect. What's bad?"

(The girl. She's not just sleeping. She's in some kind of memory-coma. I can't fix this. You guys have to.)

"What do we do?"

(Me, Masa, and Mune can teleport you all in. You have to find her amongst her vanishing memories and... I don't know, give them back to her.)


(Search me. Getting to her is the first thing. Once you're there you can figure out what you need to do.)

Alright, sis! We're ready!


The blades began to glow brightly. Soon everything grew dark around the three men. The next thing they could see was the mixed-up memories in Titania's mind.

((The Mastermune is still with them, so Masa, Mune, and Doreen can offer their advice should it be needed.))
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

They looked about them, and saw that they had entered the infinite. No matter which way they turned, nothing made sense and nothing ever ended. In every direction there were buildings, fields, winters, summers, all linked to each other like spiders’ webs, and yet all fading.

“Where are we?” Glenn asked, and his voice bounced off the non-existent walls.

Malice turned and looked in every direction “I don’t know…it looks like Madain Sari- but look, there’s Gracia…”

No sooner had he spoken, did the ground beneath them begin to shift and groan. Letting out a creaking cry, the walls of the ancient city crumbled and collapsed into rubble, sending up a cloud of smoky dust. Unmoved by the event, Magus moved toward the ruins and lifted some rock; no sooner had he touched it did it disintegrate and turn his fingers a muddy chalk.

“It looks like the same thing is happening to her. Only Doreen wasn’t here…”

“What do you mean?” Malice asked.

Magus did not answer “Come, we’ll have to find her first.”

Without another word, the mage turned and made his way down a random passage; the others followed. With each step, the smoothened ground sloped downward, and the air turned darker. They seemed to be walking on a road –one which was now covered in a thin layer of water. To the left were the ghostly ruined buildings of an ancient city and to the right were dismal versions of the fields and towns that they themselves remembered. As they came close to the edge of a raised street, they saw a city square with an old, stone fountain. Before they could explore further, there was an ear-piercing screech and suddenly the scene turned to an empty darkness.

Glenn turned to comment to his friend, when suddenly he looked alarmed “Malice!” he exclaimed.

“I know…we’ve got to look faster…” the Theiran replied.

“Indeed we do! Thy image fades!”

Confused, Malice looked at his hands; they were fading, and seemed almost ghost-like.

Magus shook his head “If this is happening to you, it will happen to us all. Come, let us hurry before she destroys us, too.”


“Us being here makes us part of her memory. Once she forgets us, we will disappear.” He turned and began to walk, but Malice stopped him.

“Wait!” he exclaimed, “We cannot keep on wandering aimlessly. There is not enough time! Besides, I think I can make a guess at where she is…”

“Even if you know, how will we find it?” Magus questioned, sceptically.

With a victorious smirk, Malice turned and pointed upward in the distance “The moon will guide us.”

Taking the lead, he made his way across the road, and began to climb up a dark hill.

“Hurry, we haven’t much time!” he cried back, and the others followed him.

At the top of the hill stood a house that would have been cheerful were it not for the darkness. With some effort, Malice climbed over the gate, which would not open, and pushed his way in through the door. Sure enough, on the opposite side of the room was another exit- one which led to a flight of redstone stairs.

The others followed him and soon they found themselves making their way down the most inconvenient set of stairs ever constructed. Winding back and forth, they followed the path until once more the ground began to shake. Picking up their speed, they hurried downward, reaching the shore of an ocean only to find that the motion was not caused by the destruction of the staircase; it was the footsteps of what stood behind them.

Letting out a growl, which made them turn with dread, Zera Shaal appeared, his prescence veiled in a heavy fog. With him came the memories of the storm. The sky bleeding crimson and the sea crashing violently, the monster seemed to them to be much larger than they had remembered.

“Let’s finish this quickly!” Malice yelled to the others, as he drew his daggers with his faded hands.

Its yellow eyes staring at its prey, the sleeper demon growled once more and prepared for battle.
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

************************************************** ***************
Titania's Mind, The Last Seventeen Years, Memoria

Glenn readied his double-bladed sword while Magus drew his scythe. A split second later all three of them were flat on their backs.

The sleeper howled its unearthly howl an began to charge again.

Reach for a dream, thought Magus. Reach for a dream of the gods. Grasp a memory of the cosmos and use it.

(Damn! What is this thing?)

"It's Zera-Shaal, a sleeper demon," said Magus. "You would've had fun playing with him, but Titania already killed it. This is just her memory of it."

(No, it's not that. It's the aura I'm getting from it. It's almost like it's not a real memory.)

The demon charged and knocked them all back. It screamed in agony as Glenn plunged one of the Mastermune's blades into its side.

A quick claw swipe later and Glenn was on the semi-ground next to Malice.

Malice struggled to stand up. "This... it's pretty strong for a memory..." His dagger fell through his fading hand. He looked at it, surprised. "Huh...?"

"The longer we stay here, the more we fade. We can't..." Another slam and Magus was smashed up on a wall covered with paintings of mythical creatures. Glenn soon joined him.

Malice glanced at the Eidolon Wall. How do I know what that's called? Enraged, he jumped on the sleeper and began to beat on its back with his gauntlets.

The sleeper tried to reach around, but couldn't. Soon its arm began to extend, a shadow reaching from the sleeper's claw.

C'mon, Glenn! Magus! Get up!

Glenn managed to prop himself up with the weapon. He looked at Magus, who was on the floor. "Art thou... wilt thou accompany myself into battle?"

Magus sat up groggily, shaking his head. "Look, we'd need Titania's help to take this thing out. There isn't much we can..." His fingers found a flute on the floor by the wall. He looked up, noticing the painting of the flaming bird glowing. This is it!

Magus hurled the tiny instrument at the huge beast. The spot where the flute touched it suddenly erupted in shadow. The flute soon faded, but the darkness continued to engulf the demon.

(That's the thing that was in your mind, Magus! That shadowy thing!)

Its disguise removed, the giant shadow began to try a new tactic. Shards of memories began to float around it. Soon the shadow had taken on the form of their old friend.

He flexed his muscles and drew his sword. The black armor he wore began to give off a deadly glow. "Never thought I'd see you guys on the other side of the battlefield," he said with a smirk.

Malice stepped back, and Magus dropped his scythe. "Nichi," they both whispered at the same time.

Glenn, however, gripped the Mastermune tightly. "Thou'rt nothing but a shadow of a memory. If they refuseth to harm thee, I wilt duel thee myself."
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

Magus and Malice watched from behind as Nichi’s shadowy figure rose tall before Glenn. With each step closer he seemed to grow; his yellow eyes flickered with the electricity of the storm. Raising the legendary sword that had doomed him, Nichi outstretched his chain-covered hand and signalled for his opponent to come. Feet apart and firmly on the ground, Glenn bent his knees and clenched the handle of The Mastermune. Seeing he was ready, the malevolent Nichi smiled; with a strike of violent lightning, it began.

Running quickly at his opponent, sword drawn and temper high, Glenn brought up his weapon. Using the weight to his advantage, he pushed it downward at Nichi- but the villain had anticipated the move and already brought up his own sword to catch the blow. With little effort, he twisted his blade and let Glenn’s slide unwillingly off. His opponent’s defense down, Nichi kicked him hard in the stomach; his boots were chain and metal. Hit by the heavy force, the knight bent over and nearly dropped his weapon. Swallowing hard, he brought up his gaze to plan his next attack; it was too late. As if it were a blade itself, Nichi rammed the golden hilt of his sword into the side of Glenn’s head. The Knight screamed and tried once more to fight, but it was in vain. Raising his sword high above his head, Nichi smiled at his helpless prey.

“You should have listened to the others.”

He plunged the sword into Glenn’s back.


The windows crashed and shattered, standing no chance against the violent winds. Barefoot, Titania ran through the home, her feet bleeding from the broken glass. Throwing open doors, she screamed for her parents, only to find every room empty and dark.

"Papa are you in here!?" She pushed open the entrance of his workshop, only to find his lifeless form on the now scarlet floor.

In shock, she covered her eyes stinging eyes. Turning and running in the other direction, she moved by compulsion to the backdoor which lay open. The lightning striking hard in the stormy sky, she hurried down the stone stairs; they crumbled behind her.


“You bastard!” Magus screamed at his old comrade as he watched him twist his blade further into the dead man’s back.

“He deserved it.” Nichi answered, coldly “He shouldn’t be here. None of you should.”

“Change your form, monster!” Malice demanded “You are not of her making, and you are not Nichi! Have you no dignity? Show yourself!”

Phantasm simply grinned “Her? Do you mean that thing up there?” He pointed to the stairs.

No sooner did they look did she disappear, only to be swept onto the shore before them, confused and in pain.

“Tania! Tania!” Nichi was gone and now a child was crying “Do you see these men? They’re the ones who’re doing this! They’ve killed your parents!”

The mage looked at the little boy and then at the others. She turned to the child, but as if to answer her question she suddenly found two knives in her hands. She looked at them, but did not move; her heart beat quickly and her mind ran. As it did, the storm grew more intense, and through it, Magus and Malice could feel her emotions.

“Please Tania, they’re going to kill me too!”

She shook her head, blankly “Run then! These men would hurt you. I don’t know why, but they seem-”

“You will not listen to me? Have you no idea who I am.” Suddenly the child’s voice echoed in a godly manner, and Titania was struck with flame. She screamed and when she looked up again it was the figure of a bird that stood before her.

“Kill them in my name!”

Catching her breath after the pain, she turned to the others; the air filled with hesitation and fear.

“That one first.” Fire swirled around the fading Malice as if to direct her.

She swallowed and did not move. Turning her gaze back to Phoenix, pleadingly, she cried “What harm has he done you? This man seems to be good natured!”

She was hit once more with flame “Do as I say and do not question my words!”

Screaming, she turned to look at Malice who already seemed ready to fight.


“Tania! Tania!” Nichi was gone and now a child was crying “Do you see these men? They’re the ones who’re doing this! They’ve killed your parents!”

Magus and Malice looked at each other, knowing what was about to happen.

“How long can you hold her off for?” Magus asked.

“With both of us alive? Not very long…”

“Try. I will retrieve Glenn. We don’t know if his death in this place is the same as a death in the outside world. Distract them both, and I will attempt to do this and destroy this monster before it can take another one of us.”

“Hurry. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up…”

“She doesn’t want to fight. Find a way to use that.”

The two turned to each other, both with a look of fear and hesitation. As the inevitability of battle came before them, the sky turned black, and the storm grew heavier.

Who are you? Malice heard her voice inside his head …I know we’ve met before

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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

************************************************** ***************
Titania's Mind, The Last Seventeen Years, Memoria

Magus stumbled through the ever-changing environment, looking for Glenn's fallen form.

(Magus! Hurry up! We're over here!)

"Yeah, yeah, speaking into my mind really helps me discern your location by following your voice, Doreen..." he muttered.

(Alright, fine. I'll tell you from here. Technically, the Mastermune didn't come into her memories - rather, a look-alike was created. We're able to track you guys from outside her while you thought we were in the weapon Glenn had. To bring the three of you in here, each one of us coded to one of you - we did it according to affinity to the sword. Since Malice has the least to do with the sword, and I'm the strongest, I coded to him. My power is what keeps him in here.)

"Okay, so how is this going to help me find Glenn in this?"

(Well, Mune's the weakest, so he's with Glenn. You don't really need to find Glenn to save him.)


I'm keeping Glenn in here. If I stop using my power, he'll get sent out fine.

(He's not entirely dead yet, but he's so close it makes almost no difference. We can't undo death in this place, but anything up to it we can get rid of.)

"Okay, so... Mune gives up and Glenn's free?"

Basically, yeah. And if I give up then you're gone, and if Doreen gives up then Malice is out too.

(This is a one-time thing though. We can't send you guys back in if we don't snap her out of it this time.)

"Glenn dies... or he can't help us. Alright. Mune, drop him."

Palis, The Year 0 Aikia, Chimera Woods

Glenn woke with a start next to Titania. He felt his wound... only there was none.

Yay Glenn! You're awake!

"Ugh... what hath occured?"

Well, you almost died but you didn't die and then I stopped using my power and you were okay and everyone else is still trying to help her!

"...Allow me to speaketh with Doreen," he murmured.

I can't, she's not here, she and Masa are still in the memory place with Magus and Malice trying to get the evil shadow thing out of her head and now she's turned all evil and trying to kill them!

Glenn sighed and lifted the sword from the ground. "Well, I doth suppose we shouldst await them."

Okay! That reminds me of this one time in Zeal when me and Masa were...

Glenn looked to the sky while Mune continued chattering. "Oh dearest God, striketh me down now..."
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

The sun rose and set, again. Brain started to get impatient with the rest of the group being gone so long, though he had no idea what he could do to help.

Brain sat looking down at the enterence of the cave.


The concentration brought about nothing new. He still felt weak and unable to find the power he was looking for. Belial and Osirus had already explained that they were higher species then the humans inside the Chimera Woods. So Brian felt powerless. Then a thought came into his mind. ‘The demon inside him needed him alive to continue living as well’.

The floorboards of the ship creaked.

Belial sneezed.

Then only the wind rushing past Brains head as he fell at full speed towards the ground.

Five thousand feet up and the only thing below him were rocks and trees. The world seemed to be getting bigger and bigger as he fell. Brian started to panic, so far nothing was trying to save him and he had been falling for a while. ‘Shit, I’m about to die’ he thought.

Blue sparks started to crackle around his Brian’s body as a great power formed within him.

A quite voice of a shy sounding girl spoke to him. “Brave, stupid but brave. For now I’ll lend you ten percent of my power. I hope you use it wisely.”

The wind got louder.

Osirus felt his hair stand on end.

A loud thunder blast could be heard for miles. Even inside the dream world Titania could hear its rumble.

Out of a small crater Brian came standing tall and smiling widely. Brain hurried inside the cavern. Not taking long to get into the Chimera woods. Looking around he could see footprints of where the others had been. Following them he got to a point were they had obviously split up. White wisps seemed to be everywhere in this place they all came after him with great hast and then would run away in the same kind of way.

After thinking a bit about what set of footprints to follow Brian decided to follow what he thought looked like Titania’s tracks.

(ooc Brain is immune to psychological magic, he wont fall into any sort of illusion.)
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

************************************************** ***************
Titania's Mind, The Last Seventeen Years, Memoria

Malice stared down at the young Titania with the child-Phoenix behind her.

(C'mon Malice. You have to have some sort of plan.)

The Theiran raised an eyebrow. "Who are you?"

(Let's just say I'm the reason you're in here, and you can save Titania. But you have to figure out how to save her on your own.)

"How? Phoenix saved her life twice, she'll only listen to it," he whispered.

(What about introducing some outside element? One that'll bring up residual memories?)

"What are you... UGH!"

Malice was slashed across the chest by the crying girl. Blood flowed freely from his new wound.


The adept felt the gash with one hand. "Huh... how...?"

Titania looked up at him, tears in her eyes. "YOU! Why... why did you..."

The voice of Phoenix grew louder. "KILL HIM NOW!"

(Magus said you had to use her unwillingness to fight against her! You can't die here!)

Malice looked into the small girl's eyes. "Why... why would you do this?"

Titania looked back. "B-b-because Phoenix s-s-s-said..."

Malice tried to stand up, but fell back down. "What did Phoenix say? Why would he want you to kill me?"

"You k-killed my mommy and daddy!"

"Do... do you really want to kill me?"

The girl looked at the ground. "Because..."

"FOR REVENGE!" Phoenix's voice echoed throughout the memory-world, as it shed its child form and became its true fiery splendor. "He killed your parents in cold blood, Tania! Do the same for him!"

"You can't prove it."

The flaming bird, the crying girl, and the wounded man all turned towards the source of the voice. Magus stepped out of the doorway (which quickly vanished) with his scythe in hand. He grinned.

"We didn't do it, Titania. Phoenix did."

The young girl turned to the bird with a confused look. "What?"

"Phoenix killed your parents," continued Magus, "and it tried to frame my friend here for it. It wants him dead for no crime, so it committed one to make you do it."

The bird's aura burned brighter. "If I wanted him dead, why wouldn't I do it myself then?"

Magus raised an eyebrow. "If you don't want him dead, why are you egging her on to finish him?"

"He committed an awful crime against this girl. It's only fitting that she dole out the punishment."

"Or maybe you can't do anything. Maybe you know that we won't kill her, because she's our friend. We wouldn't hurt her, past, present, or future. And you're trying to use that against us."

Ready, Magus!

The dark wizard grinned again. "Report, Masa."

This fiery bird is called Phoenix. Its feathers are known for their ability to call it for assistance in some cases.

"And in other cases?"

In other cases the feathers do the same thing the bird itself can do - bring people back to life.

Magus simply nodded.

The bird glared at him. "And the point of that was?"

Magus walked over to Titania and kneeled, so their eyes were on the same level. "Phoenix brings people back to life. Why didn't it bring your parents back?"

Titania turned, the knives Phoenix had given her still in her hands and dripping with Malice's blood. Why? Phoenix, why didn't you bring my parents back? Why can't you bring them back to life? Then I won't have to kill him. I don't want to. Her thoughts reverberated through the minds of all that were present.

"Titania, I saved your life," said Phoenix in a last ditch attempt to keep her on its side. "You couldn't possibly hurt the one that saved your life."

Magus smiled yet again. "Unless you're not the real Phoenix."

Three weapons slashed into Phoenix in rapid succession. The former two were Titania's knives. The latter one was a scythe.

Shadow flowed as blood from the great bird's wounds. It slowly turned its head. "Fine..." it rasped. "I needn't stay here any longer. You'll all fade as memories here." As if to emphasize this point, Malice's gauntlets fell off of his fading hands. "The memories will decay without my help now. I'll return to the waking world... goodbye, mortal meat-bags."

The bird faded into an indistinct shadow which soon vanished entirely. Magus turned to the Theiran. "Good luck, Malice. The dark thing's gone. You need to figure out a way to fix her memories." He looked to the sky. "Doreen, help him out. There's gotta be a way to replenish her memories."

Malice nodded, still clutching his chest. "Where are you going?"

"I've got a feeling that Glenn's going to need some help hunting a damned memory-killing shadow. Masa, take me out."

Aye aye, Magus!

Magus soon faded. Malice looked at the young girl, who was watching the point where Magus disappeared from.

(Well, Malice, looks like we have our work cut out for us. Any ideas?)

((This is to say nothing of the obvious overpoweredness of Brain there, but we'll worry about that later. I'm not sure how to get the memories out of Malice, but something's gotta work...))
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds


The world seemed all the emptier as Magus left.

I need to get her out now before I have to leave too…

Her eyes swelling with tears and her hands covered in silvery blood, Titania lay with her face upon the shore, angrily digging her knives into the sand. For a moment Malice watched, unsure of what to do. As he stood there, he observed that she was not a child at all, but rather the way she was they had first met- the day of Zera Shaal’s death. She’s changed so much he thought, and began to wonder about his own demeanor since he’d first come to Gracia.

Looking at his fading hands, he swallowed hard, and sat beside her, trying to be as calm as possible while the world fell around them.

“Your parents…?”

She looked up at him and nodded “I just saw my father on the floor…”

“Do you know about your mother?”

She shook her head “No. I was supposed to go out and find her, but the storm became too strong, and I just-”

“It will be alright. I’m sure she’s fine.” He spoke with the sweetness usually reserved for children.

“I don’t know what to do now.” She muttered, more to herself “Everything’s falling apart.”

“Well first of all…give me those knives…” He motioned for the objects, and she obeyed, sitting up and passing the weapons to him; they fell through his hands.

“Why is that happening to you?” she asked, as the blades hit the ground, their weight forcing the sand to shift to their form.

“It’s…it’s nothing. Don’t worry.”

“No, no…something’s wrong! And your chest! It’s bleeding…” for a moment she seemed unaware until finally it dawned on her “…I did that…”

“You thought that Phoenix was commanding you. I understand.” He tried to put a hand on her shoulder but his form was far from solid. Realizing the urgency, he moved the conversation “Listen, I know that this is hard, but you’re going to have to listen to me.”

Unsure, she looked at him, searching his eyes for anything suspicious; they were blue, she noted, and as she did so, the sea re-appeared.

“Fine…I’ll listen…” she said, still disturbed by the wound on his chest.

He was silent- that was as far as his plan had gotten.


“Look out!” she interrupted and pulled him back as a rock from the cliffs came tumbling down toward him.

“How did you-!?” He suddenly realized that his form had started to materialize again “…Titania, do you remember me?”

“How do you know my name?”

“It doesn’t matter! Do you remember me?” he repeated, a little louder.

She searched his face “I can’t remember ever meeting you.”

“But do you know me?”

“How can I know you if I've never met you?”

“Just pretend that doesn’t matter. Don’t try to make sense. Do you remember me?”

She looked once more at his eyes and as she did so, the ocean deepened in colour and calmed.

“I think you look familiar.”

He nodded, seeing she was beginning to recall him “And look!” he took her hands, moving them so her palms were face-up “Look at your hands! How did you get these cuts?”

She stared at them in confusion “I…I don’t know.”

“It was an accident.” He spoke rapidly, in a desperate attempt to make her remember before it was too late “Last night in the woods, Magus and I were fighting.”

Suddenly they were no longer on the shore of Madain Sari, but in the forest of Phantasm

“Yes, that’s right! This is it!” he exclaimed, pulling her to her feet “And do you remember this?”

He showed her the pendant, which hung off his neck.

“That’s from the High Priestess!” she cried, “How did you-?”

“You gave it to me. On the airship.”

“But I’ve never been on an airship…”

“Yes you have! With Magus and I- and Glenn, Belial, Osirus, and…that kid…Barn…I think…”

“I don’t know these people!” she cried.

“You do! You do! Remember when you first came to Palis and you met us all?”

“Palis? I don’t even know what you’re talking about!” she exclaimed, starting to get frustrated. She tried to leave, but he would not let her go.

“Listen to me!” he cried “You can’t leave and you have to listen or you’ll be lost here.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about and I don’t know who these people are! I don’t understand!” she yelled back at him.

As she spoke, the destruction became more intense, her memories shattering and collapsing into dust. The forest disappeared and the stormy shores returned. Above them, the sky grew more violent and the earth began to shift beneath their feet. Malice became more frantic.

“Listen!” he cried, “Try to remember- this place! Or some other place! Anywhere or anyone!”

“I’m trying!” she screamed, frustrated “Can’t you see I’m trying? I don’t know of anywhere else, and I don’t know you!”
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Re: Chapter 3: In The Clouds

(Malice, I'm sorry, but we're going to have to pull you out)

"What do you mean!?" he cried, looking around for the source of the voice, but knowing he would not be able to find it.

(You'll die in there unless we take you out. I'm sorry.)

Titania looked around, confusion and fear in her young eyes.

“Who is that? Who are you talking to?” exasperated and scared, she questioned him urgently but he did not answer.

“I can’t leave!” he cried.

(You’ll die- both of you)

Knowing he was powerless to stop the will of The Mastermune (at least from where he was), he turned to Titania, who now seemed so small amongst the apocalyptic backdrop.

“Listen to me, and listen carefully.” He said, and she made no effort to interrupt him “Remember. And when you do, find your way back to us. This isn’t the end and we’re not abandoning you.”

Though she did not know who he was, she was reluctant to let the last of the strangers leave. Unconsciously, she gripped his hands, making him realize he had not released her palms.

“I can’t stay here...” He said, knowing he had no choice.

(Malice, hurry it up)!

“…they won’t let me.”

She gave him one more pleading look, but he dropped his eyes, too ashamed to meet her gaze.

“Find your way back to us.” He repeated, and then was gone.

There was suddenly a void, and the voice that had distracted her had now left, letting the darkness become the reality once more. Numb from the swift meeting, she stood, frozen, on the shore as chaos closed in on her like a snake devouring a mouse.

She could not have cared less.

The people in her life had vanished from her memory, or had been killed in the storm, and now as she looked upon the endless ocean, to the unraveling of the universe, she could see only emptiness. Suddenly, the pain and anger of abandonment ripped through her body, and she collapsed to her knees, looking up toward the smoky sky.

“I give up!” she screamed, throwing her arms open to the storm “What more have you to take?”

The rain did not answer, but fell upon her hair and face, as if to torment her further; yet as the storm had grown, the wind had stopped and its awful howl did not burn her ears as it had before.

Soon the horizon gave way to the darkness, and as she stared upon her own doom, she screamed once more to the un-hearing heavens.

“Make me watch no longer!” her voice cracked with a burden of strain and sobs, and around her the still-existing cliffs bounced her voice back “Are you so cruel that you will make me watch? You took everything and now you make me watch?

Again there was no answer.

Rising to her feet, she stared out at the ominous sky, her small figure seeming a ridiculous opponent “Fine! If you won’t do it, then I will!”

Shedding her senses, she ran into the ocean, her feet pressing into the passive sand and piercing the clear waters, until finally she stood waist-deep in it.

For once in her life, she would not run, and she would not shrink behind the shadow of others for safety. She was no longer a child, clinging to the coat-tails of her father, never leaving the yard for fear of what others would say- of course: there were no more others. They were all dead.

Her very being burning with an unseen fire, she tilted her chin upward to look straight at the orange and gray monsters, which loomed menacingly in the sky. Rain splashing into the ocean and through her now fading body, she laughed, a moment of pure bliss having taken over all the fear. Finally she had proved them all wrong and now as she stood, waiting for death, she knew in her heart that she had done at least one thing right.

“You are nothing to me, Storm!” she screamed, victoriously, her voice still cracking “Take me now for all I care- I have beat you! I have lived, and you never will! I have lived

She laughed as the rain fell rhythmically upon her, now more like helpless music, than the terrifying wrath of heaven; she reveled in the coolness of its touch. Finally, as the sky seemed to burst in a fury of light and shadow, she was left alone without sight and without sound. There was nothing, and though her eyes were open, there was nothing to see.

I have lived…” she whispered, weakly, as the last of her consciousness washed away and she gave up her shallow breath to the cold, gluttonous sky. As her pale form sunk helplessly into the water, the world fell dark and all that was left was the gentle sound of the rolling waves.


“You had to make me leave?”

(I did. You would have died).

Malice was silent.

For a time no one said anything, until finally, there came the sound of footsteps along the cliffs.

“Is it back?” Malice muttered, sarcastically “Is it here to get the rest of us?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Was the only answer “And I’m a he. Not an it.”

“Oh. It’s you, Barn.”


There was no apology.

“Why is everyone so quiet?” the soldier asked, taking a seat “You think you’d be happier to see me.”

His joke seemed to make no impact.

“Where’s Belial?” Magus asked, seeing that no one else wanted to say anything “Shouldn’t Osirus and him be with you?”

“Of course they didn’t come.” Malice interrupted “They don’t care.”

“In so many words- yes. They don’t care.” Brian said, suddenly seeing the girl’s sleeping form “What happened to-”

“At the moment it is beyond our knowledge.” Glenn interjected, still rubbing the non-existent wound in his back “And we will not know until she wakes up, or…”

“…until she wakes up.” Magus finished his sentence “Malice, do you know of any way we can help from here?”

The Theiran raised his head and looked at his friend “If I did, I would be doing it right now.”

“She’s still breathing…” Brain commented, seeing her chest rise and fall.

Malice looked up once more, and sat next to her, deciding to try one more time to get through.

“Wake up…” he muttered “Please, wake up…”


Slowly, the waves swayed, invisible in the darkness of the abyss. And yet from it there seemed to have been spawned a new kind of light- one which was peaceful, serene, and gentle. Shakily like a new-born fawn, it crept across the moving ocean, lighting it up as it went.

Wake up.

Adrift in the ocean like shipwrecked wood, Titania raised her head, conscious for the first time in what was an eternity.

Are you lost?

She shook her head.

“I don’t need help.”

The voice seemed not to hear.

Are you hurt?

She did not answer.

Can you hear me?

“I can.”

Listen, and try to remember.

Her ears perked at the words, and she raised her head, but then let it fall again.

“I don’t need any help.”

It ignored her.

Do you remember your home?

She listened and said nothing.

The wood floors were so eaten by ants your father had to cover it in rugs. None of them matched.

A small, un-repressable smile tugged at her lips as she imagined the sight.

When you were small, you used to pretend that they were different kinds of wheat and pretend you ran a farm. Your mother told you not to day-dream, and your father told you to think better than farms.

Their voices, which now seemed so sweet in the cold of the night echoed through the sky and she found herself sitting on the floor of her home.

The other children would make fun of you because you had soot on your face from the ovens, and you did not want to ever go outside. They didn’t know why.

“I was ashamed!” she cried, as if in argument, though she knew by now that the voice could not hear her.

Do you remember your father? He used to tell you fairy tales, and make ones up about you. Do you remember your mother? She would bring home dinner from the sea and you would have to watch her. It made you sad to see her kill the fish..

The voice went on for some time, pulling up images and memories of safe places, of times of learning, and times of great importance. Finally, and with greater weight than the times before, it chided her with the memory of the storm.

When you were seventeen you were sent to find your mother, because it was storming out, but you stalled, and went with your friend instead. By the time you were done, it was too late. You ran to the Eidolon Wall but your mother wasn’t there. The city in ruins, you could not return and so you cried to Phoenix who brought you here.

She stood before the Eidolon Wall, it’s brick glowing red with the fire of a hundred generations. As she stared at the carvings and words of the ancients, suddenly her life came flowing back to her, as if it were there the whole time.

“I know what happens next…” she muttered, walking to the statue of Phoenix.

Though there was only blackness in the sky above, and the storm seemed not to come, she stood firm and looked at the effigy without fear and without regret.

“Send me home.” She said.


As if coming out of water, Titania opened her eyes and coughed, gasping for air and trying to sit up. She looked around her to see her friends, who had come near at the sight of movement. Overwhelmed with joy at the sight of their kind faces, she smiled at them, pulling them into a tight embrace.

“I remembered.” She whispered to Malice “And I found my way back.”

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