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Final Fantasy Game Information This forum is for information on the FF games. Walkthroughs, screenshots, cheats and tips, game summaries ect.

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FFXIII ~ selecting your Weapons guide

With so few weapons compared to other FF games and many of them being good it's sometimes a little tough to decide what weapon you want to upgrade, so I hope that this mini-guide will help you decide.

quick notes

- The guide isn't finished yet! Just a starting point for now.

- At the end of the day its really down to personal preference and what you plan on fighting since most the weapons are good, hope this helps all the same.

- in case you didn't already know, any weapon can become said characters ultimate weapon! The final upgrade for each of a characters weapons will share the same name, but will, of course, have different stats.
For example; Light's Gladius, Organyx and Hauteclaire weapons all transform into her Omega weapon, but with different stats.

- RAV uses both physical and magic attacks so it is preferable to have a weapon stronger in both of those stats, but they use many more magical attacks than physical so magic is more important.

- For now I will just explore the roles each character is likely to be spending the most time as.


As a COM..

There are three reasonable choices here; Gladius, Organyx, Hauteclaire.

Pros and cons;

~ Gladius has VERY high Str but low Magic (no special property).
~ Organyx has higher str and magic than any other weapon, but a very slow attack rate.
~ Hauteclaire has very high str and magic, but cannot inflict stagger.

As a RAV..

Pros and cons;

Edged Carbine, Organyx, Hauteclaire

~ Edged Carbine has very high magic, but low str and no special property.
~ Organyx has higher str and magic than any other weapon, but a very slow attack rate.
~ Hauteclaire has very high str and magic, but cannot inflict stagger.
~ Lionheart has Quick Stagger, but personally I'm not too keen on anything with low raw stats.
~ Axis Blade is VERY fast. So fast, in fact, that you will over-look its low stats.


As a RAV..

Aldebarans, Deneb Duellers. Both of these weapons have MASSIVE magic, but low STR. Aldebarans have higher magic, but a very slow attack.

Rigels is high in both stats, but cannot stagger. Vegas 42's are the second best all-rounders, but are pretty far behind Aldebarans, Deneb Duellers stat wise.

Spice Defenders have higher magic than the 42's, but are lower in strength, however these weapons extend buff duration.

As a COM..

Pleiaders Hi-Powers strength towers above the other weapons, but they lower your Max HP.


As a RAV..

Sacrificial Circle is Snow's best overall, but lowers his max HP.

Faymark has the highest Magic, but you will have to bare the burden of of Enfeeblement with this weapon equipped. However with this weapon Snow can synthesis his way to Ultimate Magic.

Wild Bear has much lower stats than the previously mentioned weapons, but is a better all-rounder than the others below the Sacrificial Circle and has no handicap.

As a COM..

Power circle is the clear winner here.



Hawkeye has now special property, but by far the highest magic. I've never noticed Hope use any physical attack after the start of the game as a RAV and the second best RAV weapon (Malphas) reduces his HP.


Hawkeye is also a good Medic weapon because of its high magic.

COM; Why would you make this kid a COM?



Pearlwing Staff has the highest magic, but no special property.
Tigerclaw is high in both stats, but is a very slow weapon.


Belladonna Wand is higher in magic, low in str yet lower in magic than both the previous weapons. Yet it is still to be considered because of its improved debuffing which helps apply the Death spell (very handy for endgame). Be sure to at least keep it in your inventory.



Dragoon Lance offers the highest str, but has Stifled Magic, yet this hardly matters as a COM far as I know.


Gae Bolg has pretty low stats, but works best as a SEN weapon due to its improved Counter.

Will add more detail to this later.

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Tip Daniels
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Re: FFXIII ~ selecting your Weapons guide

+1 good guide
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best weapons, ffxiii, selecting, weapons guide

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