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Final Fantasy Game Information This forum is for information on the FF games. Walkthroughs, screenshots, cheats and tips, game summaries ect.

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Spoiler-less FFT Guide for starters.

So you're new to FFT and find it hard? Here's some hints you may find useful.

FFT General Hints:

-Item is a God-send. Really. If winning a battle requires you to equip Item as a Secondary or Primary skillset on EVERY character you have, then so be it. It is a great crutch to use until you figure out how things actually work in the game - just make sure to unlock the Potion and Phoenix Down abilities.

-Black Magic is great offensive power early game. Level 1 Spells are ridiculously cheap, and level 2 spells lend themselves to killing stuff fast. Boost your magic damage with elemental rods [cast Ice with an Ice Rod equipped, for example], high Faith, and the Wizard Support ability Magic Attack UP

-Males have greater PA and HP, Females have better MA and MP. Thus, Males -> Fighters, Females -> Mages.

-The learning curve of this game is steep. Chances are, the 3rd or so plot battle is going to kick your butt all over the place. Be patient. The Tutorial, though sinfully boring, can actually be helpful - don't be afraid to use it in a bind. Once you get the basics down, however, the game gets much easier.

-Abilities > Levels. Leveling up will, on average, just grant you a few measly points of HP and MP - only every so often do you end up with a stat point. Your abilities are much more important.

-Don't trust the "Best Fit" option in stores. It simply equips the highest HP boosting armors and highest WP weapons. Some pieces of hats/clothing grant stat boosts, which are usually MORE than worth a few additional points of HP. Same goes for Robes and MP. Axes/Flails/Bags have huge WP, but deal random damage, and should be avoided. Just manually equip your characters, paying attention to stat boosts and such.

-Brave and Faith are important. Brave affects the trigger rate of your reaction ability (70 Brave == 70% chance of triggering Blade Grasp, for example) and higher brave raises the damage you do with Fists, Katanas and Knightswords.
Faith raises your Magic damage, and the chance of spells hitting your enemy. As a downside, higher faith raises the Magic Damage enemies inflict on YOU too.
It is adviced to lower Faith on pure Physical Characters, and raise Faith on Mages.
For each 4 points of Brave/Faith you raise in battle, 1 of them is permanent after battle.
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Re: Spoiler-less FFT Guide for starters.

Moved to Final Fantasy Game Information, as this is a faq.

And don't forget to give your item characters the innate skill 'Throw Item'.
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Old 05-25-2011, 04:55 AM   #3
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Re: Spoiler-less FFT Guide for starters.

sometimes play games like fft will be useful for us to relax, but one thing we should remember, don't be sunk in it, we are in a real life and real society. i think some rules are good to gamers, especially those people without self controlling ability
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Re: Spoiler-less FFT Guide for starters.


FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation), is the fast Fourier transform, discrete fast Fourier transform algorithm, which is the discrete Fourier transform of the odd, even, true, real and other properties of the discrete Fourier transform algorithm to improve access to of. Its Fourier transform theory, and no new

FFT algorithm Figure
Found, but in a computer system or the application of digital systems Discrete Fourier Transform, can be said that a big step.
Let x (n) for the complex sequence of N items from the DFT transform, either X (m) calculation requires N complex multiplications and complex additions N-1 times, and a complex multiplication is equal to four real multiplications and two real addition, a complex addition is equal to two real additions, even if a complex multiplication and one complex addition is defined as an "operator" (four real multiplications and four real additions), then find the complex sequence of N items X (m ), the N-point DFT transform N2 times about the need for operations. When N = 1024 points or more, the need for N2 = 1048576 time operations, the FFT, using the periodicity and symmetry of WN, to an N-item sequence (set N = 2k, k is a positive integer), divided into two N / 2 items in sequence, each N / 2 point DFT transform requires (N / 2) 2 operations a second, then the two operations N times N / 2 point DFT transform to form an N-point DFT transformation. After this transformation, the total number of operations becomes N 2 (N / 2) 2 = N N2 / 2. Continuing the above example, N = 1024, the total number of operations became 525 312 times, saving about 50% of the computation. And if we will this "one divides into two" thinking constantly proceed, until the group is divided into two hundred twenty-one DFT operation unit, the N point DFT transform need only Nlog2N time computing, N in 1024, the operation 10240 times the amount only is the previous 1% of the direct algorithm, the more points, the greater the computational savings, this is the superiority of the FFT.
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