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Final Fantasy Game Information This forum is for information on the FF games. Walkthroughs, screenshots, cheats and tips, game summaries ect.

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Re: FFVII Cheats and Tips

I put in a game shark code in once to play as sephiroth and all I got was two party members instead of three.
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Re: FFVII (PS1) Cheats and Tips

Originally Posted by Yggdrasill
Here is a list of all the cheats and tips I know for FFVII, (I did not copy and paste any of the information I post here)

Counter=Mime Trick:
This is probably the most damage dealing and most abusable trick in any Final Fantasy and here's how to do it, you'll need:

-Ultima Weapon
-Minerva Band or Imperial Guard
-7 Counter Materia
-7 Mime Materia (To get more; master a current Mime materia in your possession)
-Omnislash or KoTR (to make it effective)
First, connect all of the Counter and Mime materia's in the linked slots so they look like this 'Counter=Mime', once you've done that you're ready to do the trick.
Get into a battle and use Onmislash or KoTR as soon as the battle begins, after, just wait, as soon as the enemy attacks; you will counter by using Mime, meaning, you will use Omnislash/KoTR 7 times in a row, this is the most effective way to kill Emerald or Ruby.
NOTE: Do NOT use anything after the 7 Omnislashes, just wait for the enemy to attack so you can do it again.

Getting the "Master" Materia's:
A "master" materia is a materia you get which allows to use any command in that class, there are 3 Master Materia: Master Command, Magic and Summon and there are two ways to get them:
-Beat Emerald to get an item called "Earth Harp", take it to a guy in Kalm for him to reward you with one of the Master Materia's.
-Master every materia in that class and go to Cosmo Canyon, when there go to the place where Buganhagen showed you his "galaxy model" and where you also placed the 3 Huge materia, go up to the colour of the Materia which you've mastered and select "inspect the huge materia", it will reward you with the Master Materia for that class.

Quadra magic without a river chocobo:
There is a way to get the Quadra magic materia without the need of having to get a river Chocobo, here's how to do it:
Go to the south-western part of the world-map and you'll notice one of the secret caves, fly towards Mideel until you see a upraised piece of land; fly the highwind right on the corner of the up-raised piece of land (you should still be on the grass part) and land your ship but hold R1 as you're landing, the game will land with your ship but with it stuck in the land and with you able to walk right into the cave which you shouldn't have been able to enter without a River-Chocobo.

W-Item glitch:
Using this materia you can duplicate any item which you can use in battle, (including elixers!) here's how to do it:
First, equip the W-Item materia on any character and enter a battle, use the W-item materia and select and use the 1st item but for the 2nd item just pick the item and place the cursor on someone, press cancel, select the item again and press cancel again, keep doing this to have the item you keep trying to use duplicate by one.

Tons of AP trick:
When your party decides to split-up in the north-crater (right and left path) make sure Cloud goes along the left path, after you've gone left there is an area with an enemy called "Magic Pots" and to hurt them you need to feed them Elixers, (use the W-item trick to get a lot) feed them elixers until they die, Magic pots give 1000AP each. They are the best AP-giving enemy in the entire game!

Best places to Level-up: (Written by Doctor Faust )
The absolute two best places to level up, are the Northern Crater and the sunken plane (The Gelnika). The northern crater is the main choice, especially for AP (and getting the monster skill "Pandora's Box", but training at the Gelnika from levels 50 to at least 75 is best, you can be more confident about training in the final area. The way one trains is up to them, but the place they train at is what matters most. But even if you get stuck in a battle with extremely weak enemies, fight them anyway--any experience at all is just another step closer to reaching Lv. 99. Locating and having everyone's ultimate weapons helps out with training as well.
Note: The enemies in the 2nd room of the Gelnika (where it's zoomed in on Cloud at the beginning of the room) are the best enemies to battle against, you can get nearly 4,000 EXP a fight and they are the easiest enemies on the Gelnika.

How to Obtain Maximum Stats: (Written by Zeromus_X )

This trick involves Yuffie and the Conformer weapon (which can be found in the Gelnika). Have Yuffie use Morph with the Conformer equipped, best paired with Slash-All or Mega-All. The special damage formula of the Conformer will allow Yuffie to deal spectacular damage even with Morph, and with the above Materia combo, you can Morph several enemies at a time. Use this and Morph the enemies in the Gelnika to get every kind of Source item (the items that can increase your stats). With enough patience, it's possible to max out your characters stats!

For reference, the following monsters in the Gelnika will Morph into the following Sources:

-Unknown: Power Source

-Unknown 2: Guard Source

-Unknown 3: Magic Source

-Poodler: Speed Source

-Bad Rap: Luck Source

Where to obtain the Enemy-skills: (In alphabetical order)
-Angel Wisper: Gotten from an enemy called "Pollensalta" in the Northern crater.
-Aqualung: Gotten from either Harpy in the Gold-saucer desert, Serpent in the Gelnika or Jenova*LIFE in the City of the ancients.
-Bad Breath: Obtained from Malboro on either Gaea's Cliffs or in the Northern Crater.
-Beta: Gotten from Midgar Zolom.
-Big Guard: Gotten from "beach plug" near Costa del sol. (using manipulate)
-Chocobuckle: Use L4 suicide on a Chocobo (the chocobo MUST be a level in multiple of 4).
-Death Force: (I'll have to find this out, it'll be put here soon)
-Death Sentence: Gotten from "Bound fat" in the Bone city.
-Dragon Force: Gotten from the "Dragon" enemies on Gaea's cliff or in the Northern crater.
-Flame-thrower: Gotten from the "Dragon" enemies in Nibelheim mountains or in the mythril mine.
-Frog Song: Gotten from "Toxic frog" in the City of the ancients.
-Goblin Punch: Gotten from the "Goblin" (on Goblin island).
-Laser: Gotten from the "Dragon" enemy in the Northern crater (using manipulate)
-L4 Suicide: Gotten from "Mu" (near the Chocobo farm).
-L5 Death: Gotten from "Parasite" in the Northern Crater.
-Magic Breath: Gotten from "Stilva" on Gaea's Cliff or "Parasite" in the Northern Crater.
-Magic Hammer: Gotten from "Razorweed" on the Western continent.
-Matra magic: Gotten from "Custom Sweeper" (near Midgar).
-Pandora's box: Gotten from "Dragon Zombie" in the Northern Crater.
-Shadow Flare: Gotten from Ultima-weapon upon kill.
-Trine: Gotten from "Materia Keeper" (Boss of Nibelheim Mountains) or Godo (Wutai)
-White-Wind: Gotten from "Wind-wing" (Whirl-wind maze) or Zemzelett in the Condor Mountains.
-??????- Gotten from either Behemoth or Jersey. (Sector 8 and Shinra mansion)

I'll update the thread once I can think of some more useful tricks.
Get Death Force from Adamantamai in Wutai Area (near beach), use Manipulate.

Laser is also available in Corel Prison desert, from the Death Claw and Bullmotor enemies.

Frog song can be acquired from ANY frog enemy. Including the ones near Gongaga.

Death Sentence is also learned from Gi Specter (Cosmo Canyon).
Shadow Flare can also be learned from Zombie Dragon (Crater).
I've never been able to get a blue dragon to use Dragon force on me at Gaea's cliff. They're unmanipulate-able and unconfuseable, IIRC.

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Re: FFVII Cheats and Tips

Hmm whats the gameshark code to play as Zack and Aeris (after she's dead)
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Re: FFVII Cheats and Tips

i find that gameshark will stuff the gameplay up...i dont use it
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Re: FFVII Cheats and Tips

Neither do I, but I just wanna know incase I wanna give it a try

Originally Posted by rissole25 View Post
My 1000th post was about you Leon
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Re: FFVII Cheats and Tips

ha, i wouldnt mind trying it....and actually using sephy instead of the comp
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Re: FFVII Cheats and Tips

Its safer to get a PS1 emulator and gameshark emulator to play with those things.
Debug room code for FFVII PAL is;
80099F2C 0041
8009ABF6 0041 (America)

Can't remember what room you go in to get Sephiroth though.

- If you don't steal the kids secret savings in Midgar he will give you a free Turbo Ether when he wakes up.
- Try using the machine in the Shinra tower inside the gym. Bang on it. Then when you come back later you can get some extra sources.
- If you click the item in Kalm that's out of reach enough times (I think it was five) you can get a bonus Elixir.
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Re: FFVII Cheats and Tips

i will keep remember the coming suggestions and would certainly incorporate them in my play from now .. appreciate the share
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