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Serious Discussion and Debates For serious subjects. Curent events, news, religion, politics and science. As this is a debate forum posts in here MUST HAVE at least 20 words and be relevent to the discussion.

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Old 04-27-2007, 10:11 AM   #46
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Re: Cutting

Agreed It acctually is really good advice because it tells someone something to do, when their down and it provides enough comedy but not too much to cheer them up that acctually is something really good to say to someone whos depressed. ;wel for spec

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Re: Cutting

Yeah, well I know this girl that does it because she it bored. Or so she says. I am guessing that she does it because she doesn't get enough attention at home and is hoping that she can get it from people at school by doing so. But even if we do, she continues to do it. Not so much anymore, but you can see the scars.
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Re: Cutting

I was in the kitchen once with a knife in my hand. I didnt' have any problems or anything, I just looked at my wrist and pressed the knife against it and thought "I wonder what it's like to cut yourself? I didn't though, but I think it's dumb, and ugly. Instead of focusing your pain on your body, let us help! I would be more than glad to discuss any problems with you, I'm completely open minded (i'm gonna be a cop one day, I kinda hafta be!) Just let me know if you wanna talk or anything
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