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Other Video Games Here you can find info on games that are not FF related. Post the games you want to talk about in here!

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Old 06-30-2008, 04:21 AM   #1
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Favorite Video Game

Yeah, a third/fourth one of these.

But hopefully, this won't hit the third/fourth page like the previous ones. XD

Question is a simple one. What's your favorite video game, and why?

And for those who don't have a favorite, probably have multiple favorites. That just means you have more explaining to do. <3
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Re: Favorite Video Game

I suppose by 'favorite game' you could argue that its the game that you think about playing the most you're at school/work and some random moment in time makes you think about a boss, or an enemy in that game and suddenly, you just RLY get this urge to play, or pwn, that boss or enemy or play through that part of really cool storyline. Amiright?

So - FF X, and FF 7 - both have really good, deep storylines and cool bosses and enemies and tactics to take them down. Sometimes random parts of my day will make me think of Cloud, or Tidus, or one of the PCs...just something completely random like Yuffie taking all of your materia in FF 7 when someone takes the last bit 'o something at work when you're looking for it. =_=
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Re: Favorite Video Game

You could define it any way.

Replay value, how it affected you (up at three in the morning killing ORCS. AMIRITE?), or other things.

I look at it as a factor of replay value. It has to be good to me if I'm willing to replay it a few times, and be fun at while it's at it.

I like Xenosaga. When I have nothing to do. Because I'll start a new game, after not playing it for so long, so it'll be all new to me. xD

Then again, I could go to sleep, wake up, and a scene could still be going on.


Vidya games are kind of like music, to me anyway. Some games are good at certain times, and when I feel like playing it. So I have a lot of favorites. D:
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Moogle Farmer
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Re: Favorite Video Game

My favourite video game is Final Fantasy 8. I can really relate to the plot.
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Re: Favorite Video Game

Another one of these 'clone' topics? =P

I've played a number of games on a regular, if not abnormally constant basis. Here they are;

-Xenosaga Episodes I-III *drools*

-ICO (played through it close to 50 times)

-Shadow of the Colossus *DROOLS*

-.hack series (I played those games obsessively)

-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (I played this game practically POSESSED)

-Final Fantasy VII (damn that gold chocobo/Ruby and Emerald WEAPON!!)

-Final Fantasy Tactics (the original)

-Final Fantasy IX (do I need to say why?)

So I guess those were the games I was MOST obsessed with, because of their replay value, and just because I LOVED them so much. These are the games I've hardly ever gotten tired of, and I'll probably always remember them well..
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Re: Favorite Video Game

This is gonna take a while for the amount of games I want to explain...

-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I think you all know why. It has been voted the BEST game ever, which I have no argument against. I even fullheartedly agree. This is the game I got up early during elementary school (I'm just a freshman now) to play, even after staying up pretty late playing it. Even during school I thought of it, or I drew the Triforce or something of the like.

-Final Fantasy VII. Voted second best, or something close. Obviously nearly everyone here will agree with me. Such a deep storyline, I was constantly thinking of Sephiroth, Cloud. Even after that, just recently, Advent Children made me replay it multiple times and it was still so interesting, I couldn't get enough. After that, even, Crisis Core was freaking awesome. It looked great and it went through Cloud's and Zack's, Zack's and Sephiroth's relationships so well.

-Final Fantasy IX. Not quite as great as its predecessor of previously, but still interesting enough so as to make me go through a couple playthoughs. Silence that recently was kind of crappy, but it couldn't really be helped.

-Final Fantasy X. Much better than the one immediately before. The voice gave extreme depth and shock to the game. The relationship between so many characters was interesting to learn and pretty weird once I fully understood it.

-Resident Evil 2. Though I wasn't able to play the original, I didn't hear many good things about it, so it wasn't too much of a letdown. This one, though, was very short in a speedrun and got my entire family interested. My dad and brother loved it quite a bit and I really liked to watch them play, even late at night when I nearly crapped myself.

-Metal Gear Solid. Yes, I do mean the entire series. Going in chronological order here. The original, though I never played Metal Gear, gave such a great introduction. All the cutscenes gave it such a rightly-deserved and all-too-often told feel of a controllable movie. The ending, and yes, I do mean the ending after the credits, was such a surprise and I played it over and over just for the story. I almost scare myself with my near-obsession over this game.

Another paragraph for the second one. At the beginning, another Metal Gear in the care of the American military kind of sucked balls. The fact that it got away just added to the fact. Bringing Raiden into the story, well let's just say that it could have been pulled off better. Especially as he begins to meet "Lieutenant Junior Grade Pliskin", it does not make him seem like a great intellect. Once again, after the credits and even before, it was embarassing to the next Snake to have to be told everything by a computer.

Ahh, finally to the third one. Now, it's just insulting to the gamer to have to be told everything in such a hand-holdy way. Once it got past that point, though, I had nothing bad to say about it other than the spotty controls and the part where just about the ENTIRE thing was told by Codec and cutscenes. I mean, one ends, you walk two feet and get ambushed by freaking "Handgun" Ocelot. Pretty cool to see how he got his name, but it still kind of sucked at the stiffness and the repetitiveness of certain things. Namely, CUREing. Not to mention Para-Medic and Major Zero, or Tom, or whatever his freaking name was.

Yes, I am moving away from the PlayStation games now. Still going, though.

-Starcraft...One of my most-played PC favorites. The amazing nature of the gameplay and rivalry, and at some points cooperation, of the three races astounds me. The fact that they got into Raynor and Kerrigan's intimacy during that scale of a game was really interesting to dive into. The replay value has no value here. Battle.Net is so excellent to play on, either large-scale or 1v1, that I still play ELEVEN YEARS LATER. Not as often, of course, but now that I own my own copy and I don't have to rely on my brother's, well it's a lot easier. I can't freaking wait until it comes out this summer.

-Diablo. Yes, from Blizzard to Blizzard. This part covers the original. Here goes. From the lore to just the point-click gameplay, this is a game that I could - and I have done this multiple times - play through the night on over and over. I've brought the manual to school and read it instead of a novel, it's that cool. For this game to be honest, Battle.Net serves basically no purpose, seeing as how much those people cheat, and it's the exact same thing as single-player.

-Diablo II. Sweet, three Blizzards in a row. Yeah, I'm giving it it's own. This game was freaking beautiful, but sometimes I wish I could pause the voices instead of listening to two minutes of droning. One thing I liked about this one was the weather. In the original, it was all underground, but in this one you could really enjoy the environment. I still enjoyed killing Andariel multiple times over because I could never keep the game on a computer long enough, so I could never really finish up on this one. My latest try brought me to Act V (Lord of Destruction, the expansion), though I had to stop IMMEDIATELY at the beginning. Nothing really lost, though. I didn't get into it, so I know where to really begin paying attention. I cannot wait for the third.

-Baldur's Gate II: Shadow's of Amn. Dude, when I got this game from the library it scared me how similar it was to, well, I guess you could say it was a mixture of Diablo I and Starcraft, just quite a bit different. I've never really gotten too far, for the exact same reason as the previous game. Well, actually, I started to get bored because I couldn't really get away from the game and sometimes I had to make the conversations go in circles to get anywhere.

I think that's enough from the PC section. But yes, even more.

-Halo 3. Okay, I pretty much just jumped straight into this game without playing the two previous ones, to be honest. But I actually really enjoyed campaign and the Forge. I haven't gotten too much use out of Theater, but it's still good to know I can check for someone that cheats. IMO, I'm a pretty good player. I've beaten the game in two-player co-op Legendary Mode, 44/49 achievements, grade two colonel, la-de-dah.

-Assassin's Creed. I love this game. The storyline is a-freaking-mazing to follow, it's pretty fun going through the game and getting all the achievements (on the 360 here), especially since almost all of them are killing people. The gameplay is pretty intuitive. I especially love the little twist
"toward" the end. I have only one word to say against it: LOAD. I mean, you can run around and do some stuff, but it does get pretty crappy. I'm going to look at some more of the stuff UbiSoft Montreal has done.

-Mass Effect. I'm not much of a BioWare fan, but they've made a couple of true winners. I haven't even finished the game yet, but I've watched my friend a bit and I've made sure to go as completely through the game the first time as I possibly can. I've almost gotten the Paragon and Renegade achievements (75% each), I've gotten Completionist, it's actually pretty cool. My guy is totally badass, but he's got morals. Once I'm finished here, I'm actually gonna take another crack at that bad boy.

Yeah. I think I'm about finished. All of these games are my favorites for their own reasons, whether they be easy and fun to go over a couple of times, or hard and long and pleasurable to either watch cutscenes or play, I know plenty of people know what I'm takling about when I say that I've gotten my fill of these games, and then some, but my appetite just grows.

Alright, I'm finished ranting.

Yay, I broke 500
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Re: Favorite Video Game

ok no real order here, i guess they all tie for first

Starcraft: I have spent so many hours playing this online. I love all the different scenerios and custom maps people have made. Great single player campaign too

Warcraft 3: The online play = awesome.

Final Fantasy 6, 9, and 4: My favourite 3. Probably go in that order too. Ive played through these 3 heaps of time.

Chrono Trigger: Beautiful story, music, characters EVERYTHING is beautiful!

Half-Life 2 (and the episodes): Excellant gameplay. It made you solve those cool puzzles to advance, and of course, GRAVITY GUN!

Treasure of the Rudras: I love how it plays out in 3 scenarios and you can use any spell you hear or see.

Star wars Battlefront 1 & 2: I ROCKED at these games.

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Re: Favorite Video Game

Star Ocean: The Second Story (NOT the inferior PSP remake but the PS1 original)
This game has everything I can think of that an RPG fan would want including;

epic story easily as long as any FF (although it doesn't start of especially great it really gets going)
plenty of character development (PA system, yay!)
Multiple endings
choice of hero
good battle system (imo)
decent music
good characters
Voiced battles that are so bad that their good (?)

List goes on..there's a lot to this game and there's also a screen that lets you play back all the music and battle voices you've heard so far (I wish more RPG did that!). The other thing that seems interesting is that you can level up all the way to level 255 if you wish it but you can beat the end boss before you reach level 100 (unless you do the side-quest that unlocks his God mode).
This game has more hours of high quality RPG goodness that you can shake a stick at!
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Re: Favorite Video Game

i'm not the biggest fan of rpg coz they get me insanely addicted (same reason i like'em), but one of the early PSX games i enjoyed was Tomba!, if u dont know it, just dont look it up, believe me it's not really worth it -_-"""""
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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
This forum will never end. I has gone through some rough times lately, but it will never be shut down!!
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Re: Favorite Video Game

My all time favorite video game would have to go to Final Fantasy iX. That game is a true motivation in life for me.
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