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Final Fantasy: Persecution New Final Fantasy Based RPG Story. Open ended.

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Re: Chapter 1

Jayden and Clief looked around to find Kragen. He laughed but it seemed to echo around the whole arena.

"Jayden", said Clief. "Get to the ground".


"Just do it".

Jayden did as he was told. He got to the ground and looked up at Clief. Clief started conjuring multiple fire spells while spinning in a circle. The spinning started getting faster. The fire soon covered the arena except for one spot just next to them.

"Now Jayden", yelled Clief.

Jayden shot charged arrows at the blank spot. There was a cry when the arrows struck the air. Clief stopped spinning and Nari came out of the office.

"Nari, get Cato to shackle him down", yelled Jayden. "And to also get Clief far up in the air". Nari nodded and ran back inside.

"Into the air", asked Clief. "What for".

"Because", said Jayden. "We need to finish him now".

Jayden looked up into the air, soon followed by Clief. The golden arrows that Jayden had shot at the start of the match were coming towards them, but they were bigger and brighter then what they were before Jayden shot them.

They looked at each other and nodded before Jayden started moving towards Kragen. Clief saw the rocks imprison Kragen but before he could get ready to go up, the earth pushed up from underneath and sent him up. He grabbed onto the sides, noticing he could see dozens of towns all around him. He also noticed the large dark shadow around sea in the east.

"Could that be the new threat", he said to himself, but before he could think about it, the earth had left him and he seemed to be falling. He saw the golden arrows below him and dived towards them. After he was with the arrows, he felt stronger, like a new aura was with him. He took out the crystal sword and pointed it straight to the ground.


"Are you the new threat", asked Jayden. Kragen was trying to get out of his prison but every time he broke a rock pillar, a new one would replace it. He soon gave up. "Your not going to get out", said Jayden, now walking around him. Kragen laughed and laughed.
Jayden looked up to see that Clief was with the arrows, they were about twenty seconds from hitting Kragen. Jayden ran to a safe distance to get away from the impact. He stared at Clief now. He and the arrows seemed to be glowing red now. Suddenly, Kragen spoke.

"This isn't the end" he said, still laughing. "As long as Iris lives, the Sinistrals will keep on returning".

"What", said Jayden, but before he could ask more questions, Clief and the arrows hit Kragen. A white light enveloped the arena.

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